It Is OK

On Monday, I went to see  DR L.

I have known DR L for 30 years.

We talked about politics, weather, ART,

chronic hyperparathyroidism, breast cancer,

surviving breast cancer, diabetes,

the blues and anxiety.

He said that is was OK to be blue.

I have been exercising every day, eating well

and learning to manage diabetes.

{I HATE diabetes}

Larry has been my best supporter and partner

while figuring all this out. He is the best.

 DR L gave me a prescription.

One more pill to take, while this season of my life changes.

I am telling you this because, it is OK.

It is OK for you, me  and anyone we care about, to be blue.

And asking for help is OK.

I leave to walk 3 miles in an hour and it is a beautiful day today.

Remember, it is OK.

Love you.



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