Impossible To Forget

Photo: At the dining room table

It rained during the night and I did not sleep. I read the book on my Kindle and bought a new novel for when I finish the current book. The sun is out now. The dining room is a-glare with sun coming through the windows.


Photo: The odd dress

This past weekend, I had to go to the fabric shop. I accidently found this odd pattern. It is so odd, that I love it. The black fabric has gold, raised dots. I love that too. I will make the dress in all of the same fabric and with sleeves. It will be perfect for traveling. {imagine France, the dress, and with black tights and ballet flats. Perfection}

Photo: The beginning of my Halloween costume

The reason I went to the fabric store was to buy a pattern for my Halloween costume. Above is the pattern for my costume. Can you tell by that, what I will be dessed as?


Photo: View into the kitchen

I left the dish washer door open. Lately,I have been forgetting to empty it when it is clean, but if I leave the door open, It is impossible to forget.

I guess it is time to get busy.

Thank you for listening. XOX

Love you beyond the new fabric.


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