Instead Of A Frown

On Sunday, we had dinner and a movie.

I do not cook very much right now since I lost my appetite.

But, on Sunday I cooked…and we enjoyed the meal.

Pasta, with veggies, wheat bread and wine.

Our movie, was SUDDENLY.

We liked this old movie. It was very different from what we usually watch.

Today I read a blog that I like very much.

It was about change and how difficult  {and important} it is.

I wish that I wrote like that.

To write a blog about change, bravery

and accepting life with a smile instead of a frown.

Yes, well shoot me. I am grouchy today and  just cannot shake it.

Don’t you hate when that happens? A case of the grouchies….

Have a good day…..I hope you are smiling….

Love you.





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