I am not on Facebook any longer.

I am not on Facebook any longer.

There is not any one person or situation who upset me.

I am just tired.

I will write more about that later but…..

I find it interesting that some of my friends are upset at  me,

because I unfriended them. I did not unfriend YOU.

In essence I unfriended all of my friends


deleting my account.

Larry and I talked about it last night.

He said:

If my friends were good enough friends, they would understand.

If someone did not understand, they were not a real friend after all.


It is A beautiful Saturday.

Larry is watching Wimbledon.

I am dressing to go out…..

adventures await.

Love you beyond the moon.






3 thoughts on “I am not on Facebook any longer.

  1. Sandy

    I wish you nothing but peace and love
    Understand everything
    Keep your heart safe hold on to your
    Larry and life will end up where it is suppose to go!

    1. robin Post author

      Sandy, you are so kind. Thank you. We were at Firefly yesterday, thinking about you. I have a question…is the restaurant Marcus and Wildflower? OR is it just Wildflower now? Such an interesting concept…Are you still there, making people smile? XOXR


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