Holy Picnic Robin

Happy Good Friday.

It is a spectacular morning in Texas.

My heart is filled with…

I am not sure what it is filled with,

 I am content and joyful.


Last evening,

Larry and I bundled up a picnic

and went to the Dallas Arboretum.

A couple of thousand people, came also,

to see a James Taylor cover band .

After all that Champagne, it could have been the REAL JT.

We had a lovely evening, drinking Champagne


being together.


This week-end is packed with Easter awesomeness.

Be safe, be content and remember

He is Risen.

Much Easter love to you.


2 thoughts on “Holy Picnic Robin

  1. Rosemary Grossman

    Love the title of your blog today!!!
    Gave David (ntg) a giggle to start the day. Can’t tell you how happy I am to hear you sounding so well.
    Wishing you and family joyous, happy, heathy Easter!!
    Because the Grossman family has families observing more than one faith, We are celebrating “Eastover” 😄😘


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