Getting In Gear

Photo: Hiking Shipwreck Cliff~ Kaua’i

This morning, back in Texas, I walked my laps at the lake.

To be honest, I did not want to be doing it.

I was grouchy and tired,

while thinking about when I took my laps/miles in Poip’u.

Larry and I go to The Cottage each year and  miss it when we come home.

I am homesick and feel misplaced.


I better get my behind in gear….

this is a busy month and I must get ready for Camp Robi.

Today I will design  the Camp Robi t shirt.

I can just see you all smiling now.

I will finish the design, then take it to BIG FROG

and have three shirts made.

YES! I will have one made for Larry

…as he will be part of a few of our field trips.

I promise to share more later.

Please have a wonderful day

and let someone know how important they are to you.

Even at best, life is fragile and we take so much for granted.

YOU are important to me,

even when I am B-itchy and want to be at the beach

I love you beyond Shipwreck Beach.


PS: in the above photo, note a cave like hole in the side of the cliff.

I will share something about that tomorrow….XOX





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