From The Moment I Woke Up

Yesterday! I celebrated my last oncology appointment.

Dr S is my favorite Doc

and hugging him good bye was a milestone.

My Larry has taken such good care of me.

To be honest,

in these past 5 years a lot of merde has happened.

Things that happen in your life ,

you just want to hang your head and give up.

But between Larry and Dr S,

I wanted to do everything to get better.


We had tickets for a concert and picnic at the Arboretum yesterday.

Larry even had a cheese plate ready.

It was damp outside and gloomy…

honestly I just wanted to stay home.

So we had a picnic in bed.

Lets be honest,

there is something so special about Champagne in bed.

I made little grilled cheese sandwiches out of Hawaiian rolls


we had salad.

Larry made many toasts…and we smiled a lot.

Yesterday, I celebrated.

From the moment I woke, till I fell asleep last night.

It was my last day as a  cancer patient.

Now I am just like every other Paddington  Bear on the street.

Life is wonderful!

Love you.


6 thoughts on “From The Moment I Woke Up

  1. Sandy says:

    Congratulations Robin !
    I miss you two and send you nothing but peace and love!

    1. robin says:

      Sandy, we think of you often and send crushing hugs….XOX



  3. Bobbie & Bill says:

    God’s blesssings are filled with thankful, aren’t they?
    What wonderful news!!!!

    1. robin says:

      Bobbie, you and Bill are awesome and I thank you for such wonderful support during this time. XOX

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