Friday Musings

It is finally Friday.

My cold is still in control, I give it till Monday

then I will call Dr L. {sad face}

Larry is at meetings already


I must make brownies after I post this.

These are Larry’s favorite brownies.

Tonight we will have a picnic before the theater. {with brownies!}

We will see


This is a photo from the play….

whats your guess?

Lizzie or Jane?


I went to book club.

We had a wonderful lunch and great discussion.

It was my turn to pick out our next book

and I chose…..

Yes, I have read the book….it hits close to home.


I must away to make brownies.

Soon, I will be taking my annual, November blog break.

I am going to miss you guys.

Love you.



Full moon is tomorrow night.

The Frost Moon.




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