Five Words Needed

What happened? I am still behind! My time management skills have let me down this week,

Please forgive the short post today and over the next week. Camp Robi starts tomorrow….

PHOTO: Camp Rules are dusted off and ready!
Photo: Matilda’s Room is in ship shape condition
Photo: Each year Matilda memorizes a poem to recite. Larry has the poetry board ready!
Photo: Camp Robi 2019 t-shirt

2019 Camp Robi is almost here…..I would like to thank everyone for being so kind and interested…and I know that I owe a dozen thank you notes, my house is dusty, I must schedule the week out a bit better, but there is one thing that YOU could help me with.

I need five WORD OF THE DAY words……I would love any suggestions. They must be 8 year old ready and PG rated and placed in the comment section of this post! { I will not be checking Face Book} Thank you so much….

Love you beyond the movie PARENT TRAP! { the one with Haley Mills. It has the PERFECT camp in the movie}


7 thoughts on “Five Words Needed

  1. Judy says:


  2. Lisa Aven says:

    I love the poem! Bruce recites it occasionally!!
    How about Audacious???
    How fun!!! Enjoy your time with Matalida!!!

  3. Rosemary says:

    I’m looking out the window at all the plants I have to water and thinking about
    “Precipitation”. Have fun!!❤️

  4. Bobbie says:


  5. robin says:

    Thank you Bobbie…it is on the list!

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