Easter 2022

After Easter services at church yesterday, Larry and I hiked at a park in Sherman Texas, It was a beautiful day, filled with beauty and moments of reflection.

We walked over 2 1/5 miles and then were ready to start home and make Easter Dinner.

While I got dinner started, Larry went out to the back garden and planted Zinnias. Larry loves picking the zinnias to stick in a mason jar and use on the Sunday dinner table. He planted lots of seeds. I hope they thrive.

Easter dinner menu was, Lamb chops, roasted veggies and Magnum Ice-cream bars for dessert. Larry and I gave up ice-cream for Lent, and finally, yesterday we enjoyed one of our favorite treats.

Photo: Sunday dinner

Larry and I had a quiet, wonderful Easter. We talked to both Lauren and Jamison, and reflected on Easters past. I did not have a new dress for yesterday but I put a flower on my old dress. It made it new again.

Larry brought me flowers….beautiful flowers that we put on the dinner table and it is from this bouquet that I stole a carnation to put on my dress for church. I had the best day.

He Is Risen.

Love you beyond the moon.


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