Dressed For Yoga

I am dressed for yoga.

But before I leave, I must hop next door and feed Baxter.

Our Neighbor, Debbie, is at the hospital this morning.

{Baxter is Debbie’s sweet dog}

Debbie is being operated on for melanoma that has spread.

When she is recovered from surgery, she is looking at months of chemo,

First, may I ask for prayers? Debbie has such a long journey ahead.

Second, please go to the dermatologist for a check up.

I find myself  kind of down this morning.

Thank goodness I have yoga


Camp Robi tomorrow.

Ahhh diversions!

What would we be without them?


Here is something….for my diversion.

I made these years ago….and I am digging through all of my recipes

trying to find the directions.

I will be dreaming about these during yoga this morning.

Have a good day.

Love you beyond the moon.




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