Dear Amazon and Bon Amis

Dear Amazon and Friends,

Each Sunday, Larry and I have a special dinner and watch a movie. This Sunday, being Bastille Day, I have big plans. A great menu, one of Larry’s favorite movies and he ordered a French flag for the table!

The flag was to be delivered last night. When he checked around 9:30 pm, still no flag. This morning, when he got up, an email informed him that the flag was delivered and it had a photo! Guess what? NOT OUR HOUSE.

Then he tried to email you, Amazon. {There is no customer service email for Amazon} He is working today and really did not have time to talk …..but I found the customer service number for him. The call took about 25 min. The woman that he talked to put him on hold for awhile while she called the delivery company. Then when she returned, she told him to go down our street and look for the package. {and ask neighbors} That makes me laugh.

You know, when I mess things up, I fix it. When YOU mess things up, we must fix it?

Larry asked for a refund. So dear neighbor, who received a surprise French flag on your doorstep, enjoy! Bastille day is right around the corner.



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