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Sunday, Dinner and Movie.

Photo: Pink on the left is from Hanalei, as is Green. Pink is mine, Green is Larry’s and they watch over the kitchen.

Yesterday, I made Sunday dinner.

It has been awhile since I have felt like doing it


hope that going forward I am more consistent.

Larry helped me cook and we had the best time.

I made a pascade….a French goodie. {and it was delish}

Our dinner plates were full, but with clean, proteins.

Larry made the faites maison frites……they were amazing. Home made fries.

I made steak with maitre’d  butter and we had the pascade with dinner.

Our wine was a pleasant surprise.

The Bunny Malbec. LOVED it.

For dessert, I made homemade shot glasses out of dark chocolate.

Filled with chocolate mousse…was lovely.

Our movie was To Catch a Thief. Oldie but goodie


it always inspires me to make a vintage garment. {I have something planned!}

I have something planned…but must find the “right” fabric from Mood Fabrics in NYC.

Have a great day… often.

Love you beyond shopping for fabrics on the Internet.


Outside of Honolulu

I went far away but am home now.

While away, we smiled, laughed, exercised and created ART.

But…there is something  special about being home.

{my own bed being the best!}

I have 100 photos to share,


today jet lag is assaulting each of my senses,

so most of photos must wait…except one. Photo above was taken by me

outside of Honolulu a few weeks ago. I love the fog. {like my jet lag fog}

I wish you happy moments today.

Love you.







It Is OK

On Monday, I went to see  DR L.

I have known DR L for 30 years.

We talked about politics, weather, ART,

chronic hyperparathyroidism, breast cancer,

surviving breast cancer, diabetes,

the blues and anxiety.

He said that is was OK to be blue.

I have been exercising every day, eating well

and learning to manage diabetes.

{I HATE diabetes}

Larry has been my best supporter and partner

while figuring all this out. He is the best.

 DR L gave me a prescription.

One more pill to take, while this season of my life changes.

I am telling you this because, it is OK.

It is OK for you, me  and anyone we care about, to be blue.

And asking for help is OK.

I leave to walk 3 miles in an hour and it is a beautiful day today.

Remember, it is OK.

Love you.


In The Bag

On Saturday, we went to Matilda’s softball game.

We met her family there,

and Lauren gave us a bag that had goodies in it from a friend.

We had a good day, came home….

but today Lauren called me about the bag.

She asked if I found the bracelet in it.


She told me that Matilda had gotten me a bracelet

and it was in the “goodie Bag”.

{the bag went out in the trash}

I am heartbroken.

Why didn’t I look into the bag better?

You know, being a Grandmother is a rough job.

Photo: Matilda warming up for softball game

Love you.



New Procedure for Donation Quilt


Photo: Hand made quilt by me. Twin size. Titled Love & Joy

In an effort to get as much as I can for the donation quilt and understanding the limitation associated with the silent bid process, I have decided to raffle off the quilt.

I am going to offer a chance for the first 30 friends that donate $25.00 to MY Komen Race For The Cure.

This is My Komen Link!

The 5 of you that have already donated, already   have your name in the bowl.

That makes the odds of winning 1 in 30.

The drawing will be held the day before the Komen Race,

Friday, May 18th, 2018.

Miss Matilda Miller will draw the winner.

Please email me {} if you make a contribution and I will update the list until all 30  slots have been filled and I will put your name into the bowl.

Thank you for your support!



Valentine Weekend {#1}


Our weekend started on Friday.

We had a picnic at the  Meyerson Symphony Center

and then went to a concert.

Where the DSO performed  one of my Favorite symphonies.

Rachmaninoff No.2

It is my absolute favorite…

Please listen to the video above?

The video is not the Dallas Symphony.

{Larry bought the tickets 6 months ago}

Then on Sunday…we went to tea.

High tea at the Dallas Arboretum. It was perfect.

Photo: High Tea at the Dallas Arboretum

Photo: Larry gave me this perfect card and a gift card for a massage at my favorite spa!

Photo: Larry sipping tea while looking at the book I had made for him with the secret Paris Photos

Photo: The tea room was quiet on the bitter cold Dallas afternoon.

I had a wonderful weekend….

I hope that you did too.

Love you.