Book Club and Cheshire Cats

Photo: Lunch with Book Club

Yesterday, my book club met at a local tea room.

This group is made up some of  my

favorite ladies in the world.

We discussed the book, Howard’s End,

enjoyed a fabulous lunch


caught up on our summer adventures.

It was a lovely afternoon.


Larry and I walked 5 miles today at the lake this morning.

We were there before the sun rose

and while the mist rose from the water.

It gave me a creepy feeling. Halloweenish.

Next week is the marathon at The Dallas Arboretum.

We are ready.


I looked up from my work table a moment ago….


saw the Cheshire Cat in front of this quote taped to the  wall.

Is he agreeing with me


mocking me?

I guess it is all in my perspective.

Love you.


Just Thoughts Today

I am  tired.

Tired, emotionally and physically.

Feeling this way frustrates me.

I want to be energetic and happy.

But sometimes, God has a different plan.


Message to Karen {Susie}  : emailed  us.

Your birthday Champagne {from July 19th}

will soon be delivered.

Please forgive the delay. They said it was a weather hold.

{ I guess Champagne delivered in Atlanta in the summer, can be tricky?}


I have been trying to be positive and productive.

Even thinking about posting here on Blog,

makes me feel tired.  Blogging is my habit,

my morning ritual.

I wonder what my day would look like without it?

Photo: Heart shape leaf in Paris. I love this shot, it reminds me that we can find beauty anywhere.


My friend Rosemary had a birthday this week.

She is a charming person and a dear friend.

Happy Birthday Rosemary!


Larry is very busy,

he goes into his office, closes the door

and does not come out for hours.

I can hear loud conference calls

and the door remains closed.

I have to remind him to drink water


plan dinner so that he has to leave his office

to come sit with me for an hour

before he goes back to work.

I know.

He is a grown up and knows what is best for himself.

But I adore him so much….


It is past 6:00 am.

I am not exercising today.

Larry is already in his office and the house is quiet.

Friday has started….

Love you.


It Was Not A Pilgrimage At All

Last weekend, Larry and I  made arrangements

to go on  a pilgrimage of sorts.

We would fly to Pittsburgh to  take flowers

to my Grandparents {my Mothers parents} graves.

Then we would meet my cousin for dinner


the next day go visit my Mothers first cousin, Ruth.

That was the plan.


Friday morning.

At the cemetery, we found the area where

my grandparents were buried

but not the headstones.

The cemetery was in a disarray.

So many headstones were buried under inches of dirt.

We were there for hours but no luck finding them.

Photo: Cemetery in Pittsburgh

All the headstones are flat.

It was beautiful, but did not feel like a cemetery at all.


Friday night.

We met my cousin Kathy for dinner.

We barely knew each other as children

but have reconnected the past few years

{she is an amazing person}

Photo: Storms in Pittsburgh

I do not know how it happened,

but I did not take any pics at dinner.

We talked, caught up on “life” , enjoyed dinner

and then we were invited back to Kathy’s house

for dessert.

Photo: It looks like the camera setting was on fish eye, but I love this shot.

At dessert we met Violeta, Todd, Maya, Majandra and Joaquin.

{Kathy’s daughter, son in law, and grandchildren}

What a wonderful family.

The Children were charming and engaging.

Violeta and Todd….well what can  I say. So sweet, fun and kind.

It was such a nice evening, not a pilgrimage at all.

It was family.

Saying goodbye that evening was difficult.


On Saturday…..

Larry and I left the hotel to visit Ruth.

Ruth is my Mother’s first cousin.

I was so excited, we left about an hour {to} early .

When we arrived, Kathy was already there with Ruth.

Beautiful, charming Ruth.

I had visited this magnificent home as a child.

Memories flooded back.

Ruth looked as I remember her.

Sweet smile and twinkling eyes.

I wish my Mother had been with us for this lovely visit.

Photo: Ruth, Kathy and me.

It was the most amazing weekend.

Larry and I are already talking about going back, to find my grandparents.

And to visit,

Ruth, Kathy, Violeta, Todd and the adorable children.

The weekend was filled with family and joy.

It was not a pilgrimage at all.

Love you.



Her Birthday

My Mother died in 1995 , one week after her 70th birthday.

Today is her birthday and she would have been 93 years old.

I respect her.

I honor her


I miss her every day.

Photo: Mother with me {on the table} and Judi. 1955-Norristown, PA

I love you Mother.


Learning New Skills

Larry and I were teenagers when we met.

He is  my favorite person in the world.

He can do anything. Except cook.

It seems, as we are in the 4th quarter of our life,

we are doing comfort things.

Exercising, seeking out our good friends, eating clean

and learning new skills.

Larry has been cooking. {and we all know that is MY job}

Last week he offered to make Sunday dinner.

I asked if he was sure…..he said of course.

I adore a man with confidence.

He did such a good job….dinner was so good,

that I gobbled it down fast.

You would have thought I had been starving to death.

Menu: Burgers cooked on the grill

and corn on the cob.

Isn’t it ironic that our corn holders are piggies?

{because I ate like a pig}

The burgers were delish.

The picture says it all.


Our movie was As Good As It Gets.

You see, good friends of ours are talking about a holiday in Paris.

It seems that our paths will cross for a few days…and we have promised  a dinner.

Of course, they will come to dinner at our flat….

but dinner out, will be at one of Larry’s favorite restaurants.

Le Grand Colbert….it  is highlighted in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give.
That is what we watched….

It was a good evening.

PS: Our wine was FREAKSHOW.

Paired with burgers….perfection.

Je t’aime.


Abstract Highlights Painting Number 10

Time is speeding past  and

I am feeling the need to minimize.

In this process, I am selling many of my paintings.

Each week, I will highlight a painting.

IF you are interested, please email me

for price info and include the painting number.


ART Highlight Day

Painting Number 10

Photo: Painting number 10.  Oil on canvas by Tolbert. 16″ X 20″ without frame. 21″ X 25″ with frame.
Photo: Painting number 10

This is a difficult piece to photograph.

Texture reflects the light in wonderful ways.

I took it off the gallery wall to photograph it,


Larry informed me that he had missed it very much.

If interested or have any questions, please email me for price.

This is painting number 10.


     Have a wonderful day!

Love you.


Camp Robi Recap-The Last Day

We started talking about Camp Robi months ago.

This year, Matilda decided that she would like a sleep over camp…

for three nights {and four days}…and that is exactly what we did.

Re-cap last day, Thursday, day 4…….

Breakfast, yoga and

Photo: Angel food cake with bees made out of sugar.

we baked a cake.

{someone  wrote and asked me where I found the bees…

 on Amazon!}

Matilda had been sketching each morning of Camp-Robi


on this last day she painted what she had been sketching.

Photo: Matilda and watercolors.

Photo: Matilda’s watercolor pug

She painted a pug dog.

We were a bit quiet , knowing that tonight she would be back home.

We had plans to meet her parents at a French Cafe that we like…

and then go to the Rough-riders Baseball game.

We arrived at the cafe first…then her parents came.

She was happy to see them!

The baseball game was rained out…but we had a nice visit…..

I guess you can tell that I miss this happy face…..

AND today is her birthday!

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel. Make  Happy Memories!


It is Thursday but feels like Friday to me.

Happy Birthday to Karen-Susie. Your friendship is a gift to Larry and to me.

Have the BEST day! XOX

When I post this …I must then  work on a painting.

Have a wonderful day…. And birthday  Matilda and Karen!

Love you.