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Larry and I have been married, 40 years today.

I love My Larry. I love my life.

But, this has been the worst year of my life.

I thank  God every day, that Larry is my partner.

We can handle anything together.

Good or bad,

Larry has a way of helping me accept life

as we journey through.

Last Sunday, we were lucky enough

to visit the church where we were marred 40 years ago.

Richmond, VA~1977

It feels like yesterday.

Where has the time gone?


Photo taken at the Black Bass Hotel…by amber moralis


25th wedding ceremony, Cable Beach, Bahamas.


This is my favorite person in the world….

Happy Anniversary Larry.

Love you more than candy.




At Home In ~August

It is very early here at The Cottage.

It is raining and thunder is rattling the windows.

Our last two trips happened very close to each other.

London, home a couple of days, then off to Richmond, VA.

We are home now.

I have a bad cold.

So very glad to be home.

Being sick in your own bed is the best.

Love you.



London Town

I remember Mother always called London,

London Town.

I wonder why?

In London, our flat was a few blocks from Paddington Station.

I LOVE Paddington Station.

Such energy and  colors.

AND, they have the REAL Paddington Bear Shop there.

We went into the store…to buy Matilda a Paddington Bear.

{do you know that the original Paddington Bear is there in a case?

He is absolutely amazing}

In the photo above, the bear on the right

is the bear we bought for Matilda.

I love him so much and If Matilda does not like him…

he can come live here at the  cottage.

Do you know how people put items next to money

so we can judge the scale or size of the item….

We put Matilda’s Paddington next to a wine bottle.

He is a big guy..

{Tomorrow is the last Camp Robi day for 2017.

Paddington will go live with Matilda tomorrow.}

After a short rest,

Larry and I made our way  across town

to the Prince Of Wales Pub,

where we drank pints and watched people.

It was so much fun….and then

we walked  a few blocks to the theater

to see one of my favorite plays.


The people seated around us at the play were so kind,

Not WICKED at all..

It was midnight when we got home.

We snuggled in bed and talked about our day.

Love you beyond the moon.





A Crazy Summer Is A Good Thing

It is  an obnoxious  Tuesday morning in Texas.

The heat is rising from the street already


I have  fallen into the black hole of website design.

{I am sorry that I keep changing the site “look”}

I am going for a walk soon,

there are projects to finish,


clean clothes to put away.

I am feeling frustrated and anxious today.


do not know exactly why.

Life is good,

my daughters are happy

and Larry is excellent.

Something odd did happen this spring.

Perhaps it has happened to you at some point also?

An old friend {whom I moved away from}

Kept sending emails that I would not answer.

She wrote every week….for weeks.

I finally wrote her back, a short note, telling her that we were all fine.

Then…she never wrote back.

For three months…till yesterday.

{Larry suspects that she wants to travel with us

and that is a complete other story and NO WAY}

Whats up with that?

I believe that this summer is just plain kooky.

A crazy summer is a good thing….it keeps us occupied.

Love you more than candy.







Like Chocolate Cake


On Friday, Camp Robi  was amazing.

Matilda came over for the entire day


we had so much fun.

Camp Robi, activities were:

learning the parts of a sewing pattern


starting a needlepoint kit.

Then we went to lunch


took her home around 4:00.

It was the best  Robi Camp day ever.


For Sunday Dinner and Movie

I put salmon and asparagus in foil.

I added lemon, herbed butter


sealed them up.

I baked the packets at 400 degrees for 30 min.


I made rice and dinner turned out perfect.

We drank Storyteller white wine with dinner


I baked a cake for dessert.

The icing was amazing.

{look for the recipe soon}

What on earth is it about chocolate cake with awesome icing?

it tends to make everything better.

I hope your today is happy, like chocolate cake.

Love you.




Dressed For Yoga

I am dressed for yoga.

But before I leave, I must hop next door and feed Baxter.

Our Neighbor, Debbie, is at the hospital this morning.

{Baxter is Debbie’s sweet dog}

Debbie is being operated on for melanoma that has spread.

When she is recovered from surgery, she is looking at months of chemo,

First, may I ask for prayers? Debbie has such a long journey ahead.

Second, please go to the dermatologist for a check up.

I find myself  kind of down this morning.

Thank goodness I have yoga


Camp Robi tomorrow.

Ahhh diversions!

What would we be without them?


Here is something….for my diversion.

I made these years ago….and I am digging through all of my recipes

trying to find the directions.

I will be dreaming about these during yoga this morning.

Have a good day.

Love you beyond the moon.




Sharing Moments


On Saturday, we drove to Ft Worth {I LOVE Ft Worth}


went to the Kimbell ART Museum.

Larry and I have been wanting to see the Phillips Collection for months


 it was wonderful.

If you have a chance to see the exhibit before it goes….

please do it.

There are some very special pieces in the show.

{One Matisse, in particular,

that I have NEVER seen, anywhere before!}

I bought a magnet at the exhibit

and I bet you cannot guess which one is the new magnet.


I heard at car in front of The Cottage

It was about 10 after 7 am this morning….

and it was Animal Control!

The man, went to our new neighbors house, next door.

I peeked past the bitters bottles…but could not see anything.

I hope that no one was hurt. {dog bite?}


I had cherry pie for breakfast today.

I almost never have breakfast….but this was so good.


There is a photo that Matilda has not seen of herself….

and since her birthday pinata this weekend is a unicorn,

I will post the photo of baby Matilda

in Libby’s Unicorn costume…

Matilda, ma cherie,  I am sure that Libby did not mind 

you trying on the unnicorn hat.

besides, it makes me smile.

So dear ones.

On that happy pink unicorn note

I will wish you happy Tuesday.

Love you beyond the moon.


I am not on Facebook any longer.

I am not on Facebook any longer.

There is not any one person or situation who upset me.

I am just tired.

I will write more about that later but…..

I find it interesting that some of my friends are upset at  me,

because I unfriended them. I did not unfriend YOU.

In essence I unfriended all of my friends


deleting my account.

Larry and I talked about it last night.

He said:

If my friends were good enough friends, they would understand.

If someone did not understand, they were not a real friend after all.


It is A beautiful Saturday.

Larry is watching Wimbledon.

I am dressing to go out…..

adventures await.

Love you beyond the moon.






Bumps and Yoga

Today will be better than yesterday was.

I am certain.

We all go through “bumps” in our lives


I am convinced that  how we handle the “bumps”

is what this journey is all about.


Today I will start a new Yoga class.

It was a gift from Lars, Josh and Matilda.

I am rather nervous,

as this old body is tired.

See this picture?

My goal….this will be me in 6 months.

Oh go on and laugh, but I will do my best.


Love you,


Continued~Friday Camp Robi

Friday, Camp Robi Day was fantastic.



The word for the day was IMPOSTOR.


Camp counselor, Rosemary, sent a book from CA for Matilda.

We read it twice, as it was a huge hit!


After reading the book,

Matilda wrote a thank you note to wonderful Rosemary.



And then…..we put the note in the mail box!

There are just some days that are wonderful,

and this was one of them.

I LOVE Camp Robi days!

Love you.