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New Procedure for Donation Quilt


Photo: Hand made quilt by me. Twin size. Titled Love & Joy

In an effort to get as much as I can for the donation quilt and understanding the limitation associated with the silent bid process, I have decided to raffle off the quilt.

I am going to offer a chance for the first 30 friends that donate $25.00 to MY Komen Race For The Cure.

This is My Komen Link!

The 5 of you that have already donated, already   have your name in the bowl.

That makes the odds of winning 1 in 30.

The drawing will be held the day before the Komen Race,

Friday, May 18th, 2018.

Miss Matilda Miller will draw the winner.

Please email me {} if you make a contribution and I will update the list until all 30  slots have been filled and I will put your name into the bowl.

Thank you for your support!



Valentine Weekend {#1}


Our weekend started on Friday.

We had a picnic at the  Meyerson Symphony Center

and then went to a concert.

Where the DSO performed  one of my Favorite symphonies.

Rachmaninoff No.2

It is my absolute favorite…

Please listen to the video above?

The video is not the Dallas Symphony.

{Larry bought the tickets 6 months ago}

Then on Sunday…we went to tea.

High tea at the Dallas Arboretum. It was perfect.

Photo: High Tea at the Dallas Arboretum

Photo: Larry gave me this perfect card and a gift card for a massage at my favorite spa!

Photo: Larry sipping tea while looking at the book I had made for him with the secret Paris Photos

Photo: The tea room was quiet on the bitter cold Dallas afternoon.

I had a wonderful weekend….

I hope that you did too.

Love you.


The Less You Respond

Today’s post was wonderful.

It was filled with reflections on moments

of rudeness and people who are less than original.

I got a bit pissy and tangled up in the emotion of it

and then deleted it all.

Larry calls me a “TARGET” for people like that.

It hurts when people whom you considered friends

are throwing the darts.

I will post the  Internet images I got…with the artists permission of course.

I am happy and busy.

Life is filled with love, joy and ART.

Perhaps if you find your own love and joy,

you will not have to copy or be rude?

….just a thought.


Secret Paris Photos_2017

Photo: Paris 2017

One cold Paris day, Larry went in search of a

small stamp store he heard about.

I chose to sit quietly, read a magazine


take a few photos.

The photos below were from our walk home….

Photo: Tourists at Le Louvre

This is a popular pose at the Louvre….kind of silly…

Do you see Larry?

He is to the right in an overcoat.

I wonder what he took a picture of?


Photo: Selfie in Paris 2017

There should a law against people over 50 years old taking selfies.

{we were laughing so hard}


Photo: Glass of wine back at the apartment. 2017

When we got back to the apartment, we had a cheese plate and this wine.

{and watched France’s version of Big Brother on TV}


Love you.


Secret Paris Photos-2017


Photo: view from our living room window. Paris 2017

We have stayed in this apartment, in Paris, for many years.

Isn’t it amazing how we can

“feel at home”

so many places in the world?

{I cannot wait for our trip to Ireland}

Love you.


It is Flooding in Paris

Photo: Paris, November 2017

Today, friends in Paris are

telling us of flooding along the Seine River.

They are in our thoughts as the water

continues to rise and lively-hoods

are threatened.

{the Louvre is closed because of the water}

Puissiez-vous être en sécurité et Joy retours bien tôt.

Love You.



MY Moments

Yesterday, I had company before going

to the hospital for a test.

The Cottage was filled with positive

sounds and love.

{Larry was in his office,

and Matilda kept going back and whispering:

Are you soon done Pa?}

We cooked, played chess, knitted

and smiled.

Photo: Matilda made Lemon Bars

Photo: Matilda made Lemon Bars

Photo: Lunch

Photo: Larry’s lunch hour.

Larry on lunch hour, went to Country Burger

and got us burgers.

Matilda set the table

and made place cards.

She decorated the table with toys. {my Little pony’s}

Aren’t some moments totally amazing?

Honest. true and personal.

These are MY moments.

Love you.