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Daily posts

Calling Tim Gunn!

Yesterday was a pip.

I seemed to struggle with everything , all day long.

But today, I woke up with an amazing sense of calm.

I came into the studio and grabbed my camera,

hell bent on sharing the morning here, on ze blog

The coat I designed is completely finished.

Call Tim Gunn!


This morning, when I checked the patio….

The armadillo {who lives under our deck} has been dining on our begonias.

They look gross now and I will replace the plants

with something armadillos do not eat.

What don’t armadillos eat?


Talking about treats….

I found three of my favorite caramels on the kitchen counter.


I think that it might be time to sit down for a moment

and have a cup of tea.. wish you where here.


I have a yoga class this morning…


then a dinner date with My Larry tonight.

{ I wonder where he will take me?}

Have a lovely day.

Love you more than candy.


Sunday Dinner and Movie

Yesterday was Sunday Dinner and a movie.

Chicken thighs and rice with wine sauce and green peas.

Dessert was my creation,

little lemon pies with blueberries and whipped cream.

Pie crust in ramekins.

{baked early for convenience}


Lemon pudding


Blueberries on top of pudding.


Whipped cream…..

Oh, and our movie was Indiscreet.

I love this movie, so much

because I would love to live in the movie apartment

and  wear Ingrid Bergman’s clothes…..

In essence, this movie totally takes me away.

Isn’t that what a movie should do?


Larry and I had the best weekend.

It was filled with special family moments and many smiles.

Secret: I am kind of glad that it is Monday.

I love you more than candy.


More Than Candy

Last night, the family met for dinner at Pedro’s restaurant.

I cannot tell you how nice it was to celebrate this time

in my life with the people dearest to me.


We  all have things that happen in our lives,

That is just the way things are.

Perhaps we can try to think

of what the other person

might be going through.

Life is wonderful. Lets share our joy.

Love you more than candy.



Picky, Picky….


I found this photo today in my camera.

It was taken months ago and I do not remember it.

Toward the end of Libby’s life, she was picky.

She ate her dinner on a  china plate,

with a  paper towel under it.

She was such a great dog…I am missing her very much this week.

{Larry is out of town and I am quite alone}

Finding these photos are killing me….

Love you.


Happy 6th Birthday Matilda


In the past decade, I have had a few life changing moments.

Being disowned by  a parent,

having breast cancer,

losing a beloved canine companion.

But, with out a doubt, having granddaughter Matilda in our lives,

makes everything RIGHT…if you know what  I mean.

There is something about the continuation of life/generations

that reminds us that all of the other stuff in our lives,

 does not matter.

It does not matter at all.

So, here is to My Girl.

Today she turns 6 years old.

Happy Birthday Ma Cherie

4 days old, with Champagne. Photo by Larry


Thoughtful, curly headed angel…..look at her tiny feet!


This thoughtful girl is the definition of  all things good to me.

She is Love, family, Inspiration and joy

all wrapped into one sweet girl.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

May all your dreams come true.

Love you beyond the moon.



Button, Button


Yesterday, we celebrated a baby that is about to enter the world.

Lauren and Josh’s best friends moved here from CA


will welcome a daughter this month.

Photo below: Dima, her Mother and daughter, Lauren and Matilda

There were balloons and gifts…


Lemon raspberry cake….from…

Nothing Bundt Cakes

The big sister got a new sweater….. {yes, I knit it!}

Matilda got a huge tray of Kinder Eggs.

The celebration lunch went by so fast….

I watched Grandmothers, mothers and the little girls

rejoicing in the blessings that make up our lives.


My Larry is gone to meetings.

I will finish the 1960’s  Retro Coat I have been designing,

There is not much left to do…

sewing the lining inn…buttons and button holes.

I love picking out buttons for something I have made….

it means that the garment it almost complete.

Here’s to picking out buttons!

Love you.




Like Chocolate Cake


On Friday, Camp Robi  was amazing.

Matilda came over for the entire day


we had so much fun.

Camp Robi, activities were:

learning the parts of a sewing pattern


starting a needlepoint kit.

Then we went to lunch


took her home around 4:00.

It was the best  Robi Camp day ever.


For Sunday Dinner and Movie

I put salmon and asparagus in foil.

I added lemon, herbed butter


sealed them up.

I baked the packets at 400 degrees for 30 min.


I made rice and dinner turned out perfect.

We drank Storyteller white wine with dinner


I baked a cake for dessert.

The icing was amazing.

{look for the recipe soon}

What on earth is it about chocolate cake with awesome icing?

it tends to make everything better.

I hope your today is happy, like chocolate cake.

Love you.




Happy Bastille Day


It is Bastille Day!

Also known as….la Fete Nationale

To all of our friends and family in France,

please enjoy the holiday and remember how much we love you.

{We wish we were there for the parade}

Libby posed for this shot years ago


it is still a favorite  photo of mine.

Have a happy weekend dear friends…..

enjoy the moments.

Love you.




Dressed For Yoga

I am dressed for yoga.

But before I leave, I must hop next door and feed Baxter.

Our Neighbor, Debbie, is at the hospital this morning.

{Baxter is Debbie’s sweet dog}

Debbie is being operated on for melanoma that has spread.

When she is recovered from surgery, she is looking at months of chemo,

First, may I ask for prayers? Debbie has such a long journey ahead.

Second, please go to the dermatologist for a check up.

I find myself  kind of down this morning.

Thank goodness I have yoga


Camp Robi tomorrow.

Ahhh diversions!

What would we be without them?


Here is something….for my diversion.

I made these years ago….and I am digging through all of my recipes

trying to find the directions.

I will be dreaming about these during yoga this morning.

Have a good day.

Love you beyond the moon.