My Two Miles

Yesterday, Larry had a meeting in a city South of Dallas. I took a book and went with him. I used to always go with him on day trips. The pandemic changed how he conducts meetings now, so maybe I can go with him more often.

Photo: Dallas before the storm

On the way home, Larry asked if I wanted to stop at the Dallas Zoo (since we were passing) and walk my 2 miles. (I said YES!)

It was really nice, walking my miles, while passing (visiting) some of my favorite Dallas residents.

Photo: Mr Cheetah
Photo: Mr Porcupine
Photo: Miss Hippo
Photo: this chimp is named Ramona
Photo: Lacy The Giraffe

I enjoyed walking my two miles yesterday. It was very different than usual and quite fun.

Every week for the past 6 weeks, Larry has had a huge conference call every Wednesday (reviews). These calls have been for one of his favorite clients….and today is the very last one! I don’t know if he is happy or sad! He loves his job a lot.

It is raining again. I am ignoring the thunder.

Have a happy day! Love you beyond the moon.


Oh Pie!

Yesterday, I had the brilliant idea to bake a pie. I had all of the ingredients and it sounded like a nice project. Right?

Photo: Baking a pie

It was raining and thundering and I ignored the noise to make a pie. I made a Custard Pie. It is a recipe that I have been making for 40 years and don’t think that Chef Valentine has shared it…maybe I need to post that recipe?

I preheated the oven and prepped the custard. The pie went into the oven. This is where my problems started. The oven is to preheat at 450 degrees and put the pie into the oven. After 10 minutes at 450, I was to drop the temperature to 325. BUT I forgot to drop the temperature. The pie burned and it made the house smell awful. The pie was almost completely brown and I tossed it into the garbage.

I cannot imagine why I was so distracted. It is one of my favorite recipes and I know it by heart. I do feel a bit discouraged about it, even though I did make another pie later in the afternoon and it was perfect for dessert.


The past months, I have not been taking photos as I usually do. My MoJo is lost but I have been trying hard to get it back. On Sunday, Larry gave me an early birthday gift. A new point and shoot camera! (I have a big camera with great lenses, and my phone takes good photos…but this point and shoot is the perfect “middle” camera. It is the thinnest camera I have ever seen and fits almost anywhere.

Photo: The new camera

I am trying to post more photos on my flicker page…. Please take a peek?

I have been posting photos for such a long time and hope to become more consistent this summer. Yes, it is one of my summer goals. What do you have planned for the summer?

Please be happy today.

Love you beyond the moon.



The past weekend was wonderful. Larry and I did errands and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather! It was VERY windy here and the gusts blew over patio chairs and trees. ( no trees were blown over in our yard)

We had a taco picnic in the car at the lake on Saturday, because the wind was so strong…but it was fun. We turned on the car radio, classical station and ate tacos and salsa. It was romantic and fun.

On Sunday morning, Larry and I were greeters at church. I enjoyed it very much. Seeing everyone as they came to church and handing out palm leaves was extra special.

Yesterday before dinner Larry and I played a game of chess. (I talked about playing chess in the last post) Of course Larry won, I am so out of practice! But it was fun and challenging.

Photo: when we play chess, I am always the dark

When I was going through breast cancer the first time in 2012, I promised myself to learn to play chess and practice yoga. To be completely honest, I stayed with both of the activities until cancer #2. Then I stopped doing so many things. Chess and yoga included. I am trying to do better and get back to my old normal.

Last night, Sunday dinner and movie consisted of my super ham sandwich, fruit, Bugles snacks, French onion dip and for dessert, one of Larry’s favorites, eclairs.

Our movie was Hampstead.

Hampstead is a true story.

We liked the movie. The soundtrack was good and as always, Diane Keaton entertains. Sunday went very fast this week. Is it because it is Holy Week? I am not sure.

Please have a good, happy week this week. Stay safe if you are in the way of storms.

Love you beyond the moon. Me

A Game Of Chess

Last week I bought an African Violet plant for the dining room. Finally after so many years… I replaced the ones I gave away during a time of anger and self pity. (breast cancer treatments)

The new plant was in a cold green house and rather beat up. I transplanted her right away and now three days later, she is looking so much better.

Photo: A New African Violet

Yesterday, Larry and I spent the entire day together. The only thing I wanted to do, but did not do, was play a game a chess. Maybe today?

Love you beyond the moon.


Almost On His Head

It was beautiful in Texas yesterday. The leaves are slowly turning that wonderful spring green color and the wildflowers are sprouting. But it was so windy!

I went to the garden center for fertilizer and found the most wonderful plants. I was tempted to buy and resisted! The one thing I learned from Larry’s mother was….never plant anything until after Easter. She told me this in 1977 and it has been part of my spring planning since then. (it has always been accurate)

The wind gusts yesterday were very bad. They were rocking the trees all day and rattling the windows at times.

Larry was putting down the fertilizer yesterday around three in the afternoon. Between gusts of wind that is. Then he came in the house asking me to come see…..

Photo: Larry and the limb that almost got him. (the yard is recovering, ugly, from getting a new water line put in)

He said that he was putting the fertilizer down in the side garden, when the big pecan branch came down almost on his head. He was not hurt just mostly surprised and thankful that it did not hit him. I am thankful too.

It is beautiful again today. I think that while Larry is on his conference call this morning, I will take a health walk. I have walked at least 2 miles every day this week! That is a record since I had the flu last month. After the flu, I did not want to do anything!

Happy, Happy Friday.

Love you beyond the moon.


A Pink Mouse

Photo: Mouse pin cushion

Please forgive the bad photo, but I promise that this pin cushion is so cute! A mouse made out of batik fabric.

She measures about 3″ X 5″ and is ready to get to work. (a gift for a friend) It was fun making her and I think that I will make a few more of these. I always use 2 pin cushions. One at my ironing board and one at my sewing machine. ( It is because I am to lazy to walk back and forth from my work table to the ironing board)


Photo: Cork collection at Cappuccino’s Bistro

Last night, Larry took me out for dinner. I had a chicken Caesar Salad and he had chicken Marsala. We had wine and for dessert we had strawberry shortcake. Cappuccino’s is the name of the restaurant that we went to. It is one of our favorite dinner spots in town. Frank, the owner stayed open during the pandemic with limited seating. Larry and I went there often. During that awful time, it was wonderful having a great restaurant to go to and feel safe at.

The pandemic changed many things, but it did not change the kindness in people who are truly kind. They were kind before the pandemic, kind during and are still kind. I am honored to have a few kind people in my life…they are often a light in a difficult day.

I wish you a bright light in your day today. XOX

Love you beyond the moon.


Eyes, Whiskers And Tail

Yesterday was such a good day. I worked on a new project, I walked over 2 miles and I cooked breakfast for dinner. (I even read for a couple of hours!)

Larry came with me on my health walk at his lunch hour. We walked the “health walk” route in our neighborhood. The Day was sunny and warm and I loved my conversation with Larry. HIs perspective and opinion means so much to me.

Dinner last night was, breakfast. I made potato pancakes out of left over mashed potatoes, fried eggs and heated up left over brats from Sunday dinner. Larry always adds Sriracha to his eggs. (YUCK. Isn’t that like adding ketchup?) But, he loved the dinner and I did too.

The new project is a pin cushion. A mouse pin cushion… is only half complete because I really messed it up and had a morning DO-OVER. The do-over included a trip to Joann’s Fabrics that slowed me down tremendously but it was worth it. Look at the cute mouse!

Photo: Mouse Pin Cushion-half done

I must put on his eyes, whiskers, tail and fill him up with pin cushion filler. I will post a photo when he is done… he is so cute, I am pleased.

Have you heard of an App called FINCH? My daughter Jamison sent me the link and invitation for friendship. I like the app (it is a calming site) and Jamison is my only friend. If you by chance join, please let me know. I will send you my “friend” Link.

Happy Wednesday. Smile often today. You never know who is looking…..

Love you beyond the moon.


Snap Out Of It

I can hardly believe that it is April 5, 2022 already. Time is speeding by and It is now when we can make a difference. NOW. Our days have been changing since the vaccine. (at least for me it is) I am trying to start moving more and stay in a positive mood. Keeping busy is helping me very much. Larry is a positive soul and he is my champion. I love when he puts on his “Snap Out Of It” face. It helps me a lot. Do you remember? I LOVE this Mary Engelbreit print. It hung in my work room for years.

Yesterday, while I working at my desk, I found a show on Netflix and watched it for two hours while I worked. Then, last night I told Larry about it and showed him the show…and he laughed out loud. If you are having a bad day, this amazing show might help lift your spirits.

The show is called Old Enough and it is on Netflix.

Here at my desk, by my keyboard, a new project is started. I went to JoAnn’s fabrics and bought cheap fat quarters to give the project a “try”…I am not painting today…I am using textiles to make the project.

Fat quarters and pattern…if it turns out, I will post the pattern and information later.

Colors seem to bring me joy….all colors….I bought more fat quarters this morning.

I saw a pillow recently. It said: Never give up on the things that make you smile.

Creating and working with many different mediums makes me smile.

What makes YOU smile?

Love you beyond the moon.


The Menagerie

My life was a menagerie this past weekend. A plain old mess of a weekend. So much was going on, that I just had tp pace myself to stay calm. (and I did a good job, if I say so myself)

I am almost finished making #1- evening beach dress. It looks so cute on, but I am thinking that I will need to add a little shirt under it. Sleeveless is not good for women, who have had underarm, lymph nodes removed during beast cancer surgery. Under each of my arms I have a huge crescent scars, many inches long and not attractive at all. But the wonderful dress that I have made, lends itself to a skinny t shirt under. I am happy with it.

Photo: The Menagerie Wall (dress needs hemmed)

It was an extremely long weekend, ending with Sunday, dinner and a movie and then reflexology. Larry took good care of me this weekend….he is amazing.

I AM going to walk today. It will probably be my “health walk” in the neighborhood and not anything to long and taxing. My body and mind need to get outside…..every day and I have not been very good about exercise every day.

Please have a good day, filled with much movement and happy moments.

Love you beyond the moon.


Happy Birthday Lars

Today is my oldest daughter, Lauren’s birthday. This beautiful child taught me so much about being a mother and a person.

Lars is open, opinionated and kind. She is a great Mother and wife. I adore her organizational skills and how she approaches ART.

Photo: Baby Lauren. Yes, she was born with all of this hair. It was a nightmare. She had her first haircut at 6 months old.

Larry and I had many problems trying to have a baby, but with the right DR and the right meds, this sweet girl graced our lives. She was and is a joy.

Happy Birthday Lauren. Have a wonderful, wonderful day.

I love you beyond the moon.