The Cake Tastes Dreamy

Yesterday was wonderful. I had the chance to visit with a very dear friend while we had lunch. Our lunch was a picnic, at the lake. We had turkey sandwiches, crisps and Larry brought her Mallowmar cookies.

My friend, Nesli is from Istanbul. She has the best spirit…one of positive actions and open heart.

I promise that I am not saying that because she baked my favorite cake yesterday and brought some of it for Larry and myself.

Photo: Nesli’s cake

After surgery last year, Nesli brought me this same cake. I LOVE this cake. It is beautiful, and tastes dreamy. I know noting about the recipe…except that my friend shares the end result with us . Larry and I both love it.

Dear Nesli, thank you for my favorite cake. Larry and I are both enjoying it tremendously. Next time lets not wait so long to visit. I have missed you very much.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Love Is You

Yesterday was sunny and beautiful. It felt like spring instead of Autumn. The day was busy, as I finished Matilda’s portrait (I have not signed it yet) and worked on the top secret Christmas project. (to be revealed later)

Lauren and Matilda gave me the sweetest jar years ago. I got it out and I am using it every day. It is the LOVE IS YOU jar.

Photo: Love Jar

On small pieces of paper, I write things that I am thankful for…and drop them in. I have not re-read them yet. I wonder what my reacation will be, when I read them next year?

Today, since I finished a painting yesterday, I will start a new canvas. The process of painting is a good distraction for me. AND I have a few new dress patterns I would like to dive into and re-design. Larry and I are booked for Hawaii in the new year. We do not know if we will be able to go, but I will have a dozen new sun dresses just in case. FIngers crossed and spit into the wind.

It is time for me to get busy. Be happy, stay focused on the positive and I…..

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Proper Distractions

It is early this Wednesday morning. I hear the crows cawing while they get their fill of nuts from the old pecan tree. The crows are huge this year, the size of a Chihuahua dog.

Photo: Huge Crow eating pecans

Larry came out of his office and asked me if I heard the crows. They are that loud. He went out front and clapped his hands…they did not even move. They covered the pecan tree like in a scene from the movie The Birds. It is creepy.


Today I am struggling. Larry and I are supposed to be in France, on our annual holiday. Instead, I am sitting at my work table, in painting clothes, trying to distract myself by finishing a painting and making Christmas projects.

For many years, we stayed at our apartment (rented) on a street named Segur. The apartment has recently been sold and we hope to find a new situation soon, well AFTER coronavirus has a vaccine. I am looking forward to 2021 so much.

Photo: 1 Segur, Paris~ our old apartment

Photo: Hyacinth at Segur apartment

2021 will be amazing….maybe everything will look new? Perhaps our attitudes will be happier and life will be somewhat back to normal.

Enough of this daydreaming. It is time to get back to my proper distractions.

Sending crushing hugs.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Tea And A Friend

Photo: The old tea pot and my mug

One winter night

A friend dropped in.

We drank not wine but tea.

The kettle hissed,

The charcoal glowed,

A lucid moon shone outside.

The moon itself

Was nothing special—

But, oh, the plumb blossoms!

—Tu Xiao Shan


I am sorry to say, I did not have a friend over for tea yesterday, Larry and I had a quiet evening. After going to a DR’s appointment in the morning, exercising and working on a Christmas project in the afternoon, I felt tired. Really tired.

Perhaps you will have tea with a friend today? And talk of found days and special moments? Tea and a friend. It sounds dreamy doesn’t it?

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


The Cheese Board

Yesterday, I was working on a Christmas project. It is an easy project, but time consuming. While working I was watching a Hallmark movie, trying in earnest to get into the Christmas spirit…and Larry came to the workroom. He told me that dinner was ready!

Larry does not cook, but he had dinner ready. I was touched and hungry. He had made a cheese board and had a bottle of Champagne chilling. It was amazing and thoughtful. I love him so much. (Thank you Larry)

Photo:Sunday Cheese Board

At the garden shop yesterday, (Before the amazing dinner) Larry had to buy fresh mulch for the zen garden. While there, I saw a sweet little Airplane Plant/Spider plant. I bought it….and created, drum roll please……SPIDER MAN.

Photo: new plant in dining room

It was a beautiful weekend. The days have a way of sometimes speeding past or dragging along. I do not know which I like better. Happy Monday…the roller coaster continues.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Back To The Envelopes

I am addressing “Thankful Card” envelopes this morning. The cards will be mailed the weekend after Thanksgiving. from Texas. Not from France this year.

As I am addressing, a photo from last evening keeps coming to mind. I cannot resist any longer. I will post it now.

Larry took me to dinner in Dallas last night. We sat for a few hours, visiting and eating a marvelous dinner. For those few hours, I forgot all problems. It was wonderful.

Now, I will get back to my envelopes.

I wish you special moments today.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


One Of Those Days

Matilda, our granddaughter, spent the day with us. She had 4 teeth pulled the day before, so she came for quiet day. We walked, a couple of miles, watched a TV show on Netflix that she loves and wanted to introduce me to, she played on her tablet. We read and then Aunt Jamison came to visit her.

Photo: Matilda and Me
Photo: Matilda walked with us on our daily walk
Photo: we watched Pup Academy on Netflix. It is adorable!
Photo: Aunt Jimmers came for a short visit, and brought Matilda a milk shake

Larry and I drove Matilda home. She was exhausted. Then we came home to a quiet Cottage.

When we came home, I told Larry that one of his favorite shows had new episodes on Netflix. We got ready for bed and cuddled, watching Phil while we missed Matilda.

Larry and I have been watching Phil for two years now…it is a wonderful show and feeds into Larry’s foodservice personality completely.

I made it to another Friday. Yay.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Guest Poet/Blogger

Matilda Miller is at The Cottage visiting today. Poem by Matilda, photo by Robin

Within the green, lies a heart beating.

Beneath the grass is always heating.

True eyes see the honesty of the world.

The love of God is always swirled.

by Matilda Miller

Thanks for visiting!

Love you,


Rocky Road

The past couple of weeks, I have been painting every week-day morning. It is wonderful for my routine and helps me feel good accomplishing something ART-wise.

During “reading” time yesterday, my hour of reading extended a lot longer than I meant it to. I am reading FIFTY WORDS FOR RAIN. At first I thought I was not going to like the book, but changed my mind about 25 pages in and am taking my time reading it because I do not want to get to the end.

I have sneezed a few times this morning. Do you ever worry that if you sneeze, you might have coronavirus? I do…even though larry takes my temperature twice a day and I wear my mask all the time when I leave the house. (not to mention that I wash my hands 100 times a day)

I don’t know how I deserved it but, last night, while knitting and watching TV in bed, Larry brought me an ice cream cone. A rocky road ice cream cone.

I was thinking…Isn’t Rocky Road a wonderful name?

What is your favorite Ice cream? Does the name match the flavor?

I guess have to exercise today after eating that amazing ice cream cone.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


No Facebook

In May, 2020, I closed down my Facebook account. It is only deactivated (not deleted) because I have so many pictures on the site. I never open the site, in fact it is not even in my favorites on my laptop or phone.

Yesterday, I was contacted by a friend asking why I blocked her on Facebook. I did not block her. Wait, I guess I sort of blocked everybody. It occurred to me that some of my contacts might feel the same way.

I left Facebook seven months ago and at the same time, my Instagram account was hacked. I only have Instagram now, with a new account: robintolbert.pastelred is the new account. It is private and a request is needed to follow me.

Do you know what it means to leave Facebook? You lose touch with almost everyone. Even people who do not write emails are on Facebook. Even people who you thought were friends but have never missed you are on Facebook. It is such an interesting platform and I miss so many of my friends but it is best for me to just say no to Facebook.

I hope all of my Facebook friends are doing well and that they are happy…..

Love you beyond the moon and stars.