Oh, The Moments

Last evening, the Dallas Arboretum held a special event for members. It was a social distanced, trick or treat, dinner.

It was drizzly and 40 degrees outside and although the event was sold out, not many people were there. It was damp, cold and windy.

The gardens were EMPTY! It was wonderful. The Dallas Arboretum has one of the best Autumn displays in the country….and always so crowded that you cannot move. To be there alone, was a gift and so much fun. It was a perfect night to experience the pumpkins.

My glasses had fogged up and all above photos, taken on my big camera, were taken without my glasses on. (I don’t know why but I am proud of that)

Did you see a little zombie in a few of my photos? That is our favorite girl, Matilda. She had fun in the pumpkin village and she also trick or treated…..

…..and of course, I just enjoyed each and every moment.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Greeting Cards and Panini Sandwiches

Photo: The back patio

This is how the back patio looked yesterday. I am sorry to say, it looks exactly like this today but 20 degrees colder. The drafty Cottage is shouting WINTER……but it isn’t even Halloween yet. It must be time for me to get my Irish sweater out of the hope chest.

Yesterday, I put all projects aside and worked on holiday greeting cards. It kept me busy during the rainy day and it was fun. The cards are complete but now I have to address all of them. Oh Well. That can be fun too.

Photo: Time to address Holiday cards!

Last night I made panini sandwiches and butternut squash soup for dinner. I do not have an electric panini maker…I have this. It makes the best sandwiches (and steaks)

Photo: My panini maker, except, mine is white.
Photo: Panini

Sooo, yesterday I finished the cards and made panini. Today, even though it is disgusting and rainy outside… I will get a few other things complete. I HOPE!

I wish you a happy Autumn day wherever you might be. Please stay warm and happy.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


House Guest

Larry and I were lucky enough to have a guest this weekend.

Photo: Matilda and the neighborhood cat, RED

We picked Matilda up on Friday for a sleep over and brought her to The Cottage while Larry had a conference call. Well, maybe two conference calls. When he was finished, on his lunch hour, we went to the putt putt adventure game place. We played two (18 holes each!) games of Putt Putt. It was cold and windy. We were the only people there and we had the BEST time. Laughing, teasing and playing PUTT PUTT OF COURSE!

At one hole, Matilda got a hole in one. She was so happy she tried it again and it happened again! The I said that I would video her and she should try it one more time! How awesome would it be to get three in a row!!! She came lose on the third try but did not do it. I did take the video though. Find the link below.


We had a sit down dinner of steak, baked potatoes and broccoli. Dessert were macaroons and we all went back to the Big Bed and watched The Adams Family (the second movie) while we played chess.

After a good nights sleep, we just hung around the house (Matilda painted, Larry and I worked on Holiday cards) until, Larry could not stand it any longer, he needed out of the house! Soooooo we went to the park, walked around the lake and Matilda called and got permission from her Mother to play on the playground. She played for over an hour and was so happy. Because of Coronavirus, she had not played on a playground for 7 months. She was super tired and grinning.

We went to PF Chang for sushi and then we took that angel home.

Because the house was so empty without Matilda on Sunday, Larry and I felt a little down. We went to the market, and picked up a few things, made an early dinner and watched The White Cliffs Of Dover. I am sorry that I did not take any photos. The dinner was a dress rehearsal for Thanksgiving. Stay tuned!

A friend texted me last week and said, that she missed me writing The Blog. I had to tell her that I write almost every week day and try to post by 9 am. (I am super late this morning, sorry) Please know, that this blog/journal is for me. I have no expectations on who reads it. It is the beginning of my day, 5 days a week. I try to keep it clean and positive. I want to say a few ugly things about people who have done me wrong…..but what would that prove? That I can be as hateful as they are? So, nope.

Holidays are coming up. I am in remission, Larry loves his job. I am married to my favorite person in the world, Matilda comes and visits often and even though life is trying right now, I keep moving. One foot ahead of the other.

If you have anything personal to say to me , contact me at—> robin@robintolbert.com

I wish you a happy Halloween week……

Love you beyond the moon and stars,


Thyme For Baked Brie

Yesterday I said that I would share a (sweet) recipe today…but I changed my mind. I made an appetizer for Larry’s dinner last night…and could not wait to post it.

The Baked Brie


1 small round of your favorite brie

1 loaf of day old bread from the bakery

A few sprigs of thyme

Olive oil

minced garlic


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Place the cheese (still in rind, because the rind will hold the melted cheese in) onto a baking dish.

Place sprig of thyme on top and drizzle with olive oil.

Bake for 25-30 min

While the cheese is in the oven, make your crostini. I toasted the old bread. When it comes out of the toaster, I brush it with garlic olive oil and cut into individual pieces.

Bring the cheese out of the oven when it is time, and let it cool a few moments. Then cut the brie round down the middle and let the cheese run out. I do not eat the rind. Larry does.

To serve. take a piece of bread and using a knife, put a healthy amount of brie on it, top with mushrooms…..Perfection.

Last night I sauteed baby bella mushrooms in butter to place on top of the crostini and cheese. Next time, I will top the cheese with caramelized onions. Larry thinks that cherry tomatoes, sauteed would be good too.

It is finally Friday……keep smiling.

Love you.


The Holidays

It is almost Halloween. Larry and I have a few plans for next week and this year will be the most different Halloween ever!

Photo: Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday and holds many memories of special times for the Tolbert Family.

But….I have been working on our Christmas Holiday cards this week. Photos have been ordered and papers are bought. The design is almost decided and Larry is helping by hand printing an element for the card.(50 of them!!)

Photo: Elements for Holiday cards
Photo: These vintage stickers are perfection!

I am looking at the names on the “To Send” list right now. I call this the THANKFUL LIST. I am so thankful for these people in our lives. Sending a card this time of year lets your special friends know how important they are to you. The past few years Larry and I have received holiday cards that are photo cards, beautiful photos of families we love but…they are not even hand signed. (a pet peeve of mine) Don’t people know that they should at least hand sign a greeting card?

This morning, I am baking goodies for the freezer….and working on the Holiday cards. If this new tester recipe turns out well, I will post it here tomorrow….and it is a HOLIDAY goodie. For the freezer!

Be happy. I know it is difficult to smile these days…. but this too shall pass. (Larry says that almost every day to me)

Love you beyond the stars, the moon and holiday goodies,



Yesterday the tree guys ( a complete team) came and worked on our old pecan tree. It was a huge job and they did great cleaning it up.

It was one year ago that a tornado twisted the tree into our house and now, after yesterday, the tree is well on its way to being happy again.

The huge dead limb was brought down and the tree was trimmed up.

Photo: The pecan tree and The Cottage

The pecan tree and I will never be the same after the tornado. Perhaps as time goes by, everyone will find peace in their hearts.

Larry is working in his office working. I am in the studio, sitting here in my searssucker robe, struggling to start my day. I have a few things weighing heaving on my heart. What do you do when you have worries? My devotional this morning ended with a prayer for PEACE.

The Prayer was based on the scripture John 16:33. It reminded me that so many people, have given up so much for me. Why is it that I am more angry about being disrespected by two people, than I am humbled by the many people who have been loving and supportive of me during this difficult time? It is unfair of me I know. Please think good thoughts for me as i negotiate my way through this. Thank you so much.

It is a sunny day and I will work on this years holidays cards! They will be very different this season…….I am excited to put them together.

Thank you for taking time to read blog. I send love and hugs…..

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Old Friends and Tree Limbs

About two months ago, I received mail from a person I considered a good friend. It started with …. Hi, I hope that you and Larry are doing well. The rest of the mail was about her.

The list of her woes was lengthy. While I was reading it, I was thinking that all of us are going through unthinkable things right now. I hope she does ok and feels more positive soon.

She ended the mail, in essence, saying that she did not want to be friends with me any longer. (I wondered what I did???)

I was crushed. To be honest, I am still crushed. I hope that she is feeling better and living a life that is best for her.


Last year, after the huge tree limb came through the roof….and the tree guys came to get the limb out of the house, they told us that one of the tree limbs, facing the street was dead, it is a big one too. With all of the damage in Dallas/Plano, they did not have time to remove it then.

Larry and I forgot all about that old dead limb. Till last week. Today the tree guys are back. I just peeked at them at the door. You cannot imagine how creepy it is to see them out there again.

The sound of the chain saw is disturbing me. Larry just walked through my studio, and grimaced. It makes me feel sick. Last year was so traumatic. Maybe I should go dump a few friends? (I would never do that)

Love you beyond the stars and moon.


Over The Weekend

On Friday night, Larry took me out to dinner. We shared a bottle of wine, chatted with a few new friends, then Chef came by to check on us and our lovely dinner.

Larry and I had a lot to talk about.

Earlier in the day, we had gone to the Dallas Arboretum for our Christmas photo shoot. It was quite a decision picking out this years picture for our greeting card! (but we did it)

Saturday found us day tripping to Austin. (I loved being captive in the car with Larry for hours) I am needlepointing a Christmas stocking for Jared and needed wool for the project. My favorite Needlepoint Shop is in Austin.

While in Austin, Larry and I met Rosemary’s (one of my favorite people in the world) Daughter for brunch. We went to a beautiful estate, had brunch while peacocks strolled around our table.

Photo: Inside the main house
Photo: looking out onto the porch

Brunch was in the garden…the food was perfect. Whitney, Rosemary’s daughter gave me roses and we visited for a couple of hours. The roses are special memories of the day.

Photo: Roses from Whitney

On Sunday, (it was a very warm day) we did the chores that we avoided all weekend and decided that we had eaten such huge meals over the weekend and would go to the local dairy, sit at a booth and have little burgers, with salads and come home. It was exactly what we did.

Larry set up the sprinkler in the back garden. He came in and I snuggled into his arms. We watched one of our favorite Neil Simon plays/movies. (we have seen this play and movie many times. It is a production that Larry truly laughs out loud at.) This is one of our “comfort movies”…….

So. Another weekend for the books. I enjoyed this weekend very much. We kept busy and positive. The one thing wrong with a weekend like this one past…. It is a huge let down when it is over.

Love you beyond the stars and moon.


Finding Treasures and Skipping Stones

A few weeks ago, Larry and I went digging in a creek where old artifacts were buried. I had never done anything like this before and it was relaxing, in the strangest way. I think that Larry and Matilda liked it better than I did.

Photo: Steven, my walking stick and Larry

It was tricky getting down to the creek, but once down there, it was like another world.

Photo: Matilda and Larry

These two had a fabulous time, finding treasures and skipping stones. That was my favorite part of the adventure. Watching Matilda and Larry having fun.

Please have a wonderful day. Stay safe and healthy.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


A New Day

I have good news. Jamison (is my daughter, for those of you who do not know) has gone back to work today.

This morning, there was a text from Jami on my phone. It was a simple picture and the caption read: My desk this morning!

Photo: Jamison’s welcome back desk decorations

I think that this made her very happy. She has missed her department and the very special people she works with.

Jamison and her husband had Covid 19 the beginning of July. ( Jami also has underlying health issues) Covid is not a joke. The two of them were very ill. Jared recovered well, but Jami turned into what is called a “long hauler”. Her struggle to recover has been awful. Even now she gets infusions at the hospital.

Today she starts back at work! She was so happy to see her desk and be around the amazing people at Southwest Airlines.

Larry and I have watched Jami and Jared suffer with Covid 19. It is not a joke.(I cannot say it enough) It does not have a mysterious medicine to cure it. Being wise about it and avoiding it, is the best way to deal with it.

Please be safe, wear your mask and stay positive.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.