Hello Kaua’i

We spent 10 days on Kaua’i. Staying in Poip’u (south shore) to be exact. Before we arrived, we promised each other that we would do all of our favorite things while visiting and we started right away.

When arriving on the island, we drove straight to one of our favorite shave ice places. Jo Jo’s Shave Ice. That is the first thing that we did. Our suitcases were in the car and we were dressed for travel, not the island. The Waimea location was the first location and it has so much character and we could not wait to go, sit outside, enjoy a shave ice and say… Hello Kaua’i.

Photo: Jo Jo’s Shave Ice

Look at these three kiddos enjoying their shave ice. I think that this is one of my favorite shots from the trip. The boy in the middle has a spoon hanging out of his mouth. Classic.

I am missing the sea and the spirit of the island. I am missing being alone with Larry and knowing that we had so much time to go on adventures.

Reality is here and vacation is over. Today I must make my appointment for an October Mammogram. When you have had breast cancer a couple of times, they like you to plan your appointments a year ahead. BUT….I become terrified, so I do it on Robin Time and today is the day.

What will YOU do today? Something that you have put off? Something fun or just make your way through the day with a smile? Whatever it is, just be happy.

Love you beyond the moon.


The Passing Of The Flag

Each year, when Larry and I go to Kaua’i, we celebrate what we call, The Passing Of The Flag.

Photo: 2022 flag

We hike a moderate trail in the canyon and at the top there is a lean-to where we tack a new American flag and a note. The note invites a Veteran or anyone who would like to pass the flag to a Veteran, to take the flag.

We pass this flag in honor of my beloved Uncle, Bruce who was a Marine and served in the Korean War. After The Uncle died, we started what we call, The Passing The Flag, while on Kauai.

This year while away on vacation, I fell. My left leg is a bit messed up right now and I was unable to hike while on the Island. Larry and I had to revert to plan B.

One night, we had reservations at Tidepools, a wonderful restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Poip’u. Upon arriving we noticed a man in the lobby selling jewelry. He was around 90 years old and wore a Navy Veteran hat. At dinner, we decided that this gentleman is who we would pass the flag along to…..

Photo; Dinner at Tidepools. Grand Hyatt, Poip’u

A day later, the flag was passed to the Veteran in honor of Bruce Stevenson, my Uncle. It is always greatly sentimental for me and wonderful at the same time.

I miss my Uncle and this way, we can do something to honor him yearly.

Love you beyond the moon.


A Few Good Blogs

I am SO frustrated! In the past months, I have been looking for a few good blogs to follow. You know what I am looking for, don’t you?

Here is the directory I have been sifting through. It is unreal!


I want just a sweet blog to follow. One that might inspire me, teach me and spirit me along. COVID-19 has changed all blogging.

Most blogs now, want to instruct you, preach to you and sometimes even scold you. Where have the blogs of pre-pandemic gone? Wait, I do not want to know.

In every post here, should I be teaching you something? Scolding you? Telling you about my daughters? Sharing my personal struggles or instructing you on how to be a better person? Do you read blogs like that?

I am going to be 68 years old next month. I am a working ARTist, mom, been married for 45 years and love my daughters to a fault. My blogging goal has been only to post about YESTERDAY, in a format that will live in the void after I die so my family can tap into my vision once and awhile. ( I wish that I had something like this of my mother’s to tap into and feel her spirit)

Perhaps this frustration is on me. Maybe I am slowing down and so is my blog? My days might not be as full as they once were. (they sure feel full) When we are younger, our days are vibrant but as we age, the edges become slightly blurry and not viewed at warp speed.

No, that’s not it. I refuse to give into anything other than the status quo.

Thank you for listening to my rant today. If I find any good blogs, I promise to share, if you do likewise.

Love you beyond the moon.


Two Appointments

My mother always told the story about being a young girl and going to the DR or dentist. If she behaved, her mother would take her to the ice-cream parlor for a malted milkshake. I have never had a malted and had to look up exactly what it was…. It sounds good!

Popularized in the 1920s, malts or malted milkshakes are simply classic milkshakes with the addition of malted milk powder. They’re neither thicker than classic milkshakes nor healthier, but they certainly have a characteristic nutty, extra milky flavor that’s addictive.

As mother got older she liked hot fudge sundaes best. We would often join her (and Norman) for ice-cream when Lauren and Jami were little. She would most often get a hot fudge sundae. I love that we had such wonderful moments with her.

Yesterday, I had 2 appointments. Seeing Drs back to back is not my idea of a fun day. Larry said, I think that you need a hot fudge sundae. That is exactly what we did. We had ice cream for dessert. We go to a little place on the West side of Plano, Handels Ice Cream and it is wonderful. Of course Larry got his favorite black raspberry cone and I got mothers favorite. A hot fudge sundae.

This morning, I was thinking about yesterday and how thoughtful it was for Larry to take me for ice cream…and was remembering Mother. It made the day very special.

What do you do to turn a day around? You can always go out for ice cream.

Love you beyond the moon.


Practicing Love

This is the first blog post of May 2022. I LOVE May. It is a beautiful month filled with new green leaves on trees and happy activities as we get ready for summer. It will be a beautiful spring…

I am having major problems with jet lag right now. Traveling far away is worth it…. BUT I sleep for two hours and then I am awake for two more. This goes on all night long. The good news is, I get to hear all of the world’s news during my awake time. Last night’s news was grim.

I am especially sad about Naomi Judd. (may she rest in peace) Neither Larry or I are country music fans, but what a wonderful woman Naomi Judd was. Of course I have never met her, but have you ever noticed, that kind people cannot hide exactly how kind they truly are? I suppose that nasty people cannot hide what kind of people they are either…

I hope that today brings spring joy into everyone’s hearts. to practice love, is a joy to give and to receive.

Love you beyond the moon.


Jiggety Jig

Do you remember the old children’s poem, To Market, To Market? And it ends with ….home again, home again, jiggety jig? I just cannot get the poem out of my mind today.

I am sitting at my desk, hot chocolate and devotionals at my side. I will enjoy chocolate and do my reading after I say hello here. I have missed the daily blog.

Larry and I are home from spending ten days on the island of Kaua’i. Over the years it has become our home away from home. (and arrangements have been made for our ashes to be scattered there, at a certain location, when the time comes.) Is that to much information? Lets blame the jet lag. Sorry.

We had a lovely trip away. Larry did not let his work interrupt him once. The days were wonderful…balancing the art of resting and keeping busy. The perfect vacation.

Each morning we sat on the lanai and watched the sun rise and in the evenings we would meet on the lanai again to watch the sun set. Between sun events, we went on adventures.

We had the best holiday and we are glad to be home. I have about 80 photos and will share them later…for now, I just wanted to say say hello and that I missed you. Oh maybe one photo? I am always inspired by the beauty of Kaua’i….i hope that you can see it in my photos.

Photo: Kilauea Lighthouse, Kaua’i

Have a wonderful day.

Love you beyond the moon.


Taking The Time

Hi everyone. Happy Tuesday. About two weeks ago, I stopped posting a link to this blog on Facebook and Instagram. I also closed down one half of my Facebook and Instagram accounts. It was time to step back and I hope that no ones feelings are hurt. I feel somewhat free as it is amazing how hurtful and time consuming social media can be.

I have also been trying to post daily on FlickR. It helps me very much to focus on at least one new photo a day. The feeling is wonderful…getting that one shot that makes me smile. Here is the link to my FlickR account. https://www.flickr.com/photos/pastelginger/ There are over 6,000 photos. Perhaps a few of them will lighten your day.

So many of my friends are struggling right now. Please check on your friends. It is easy to underestimate how important a real HELLO means to someone. (or a real handwritten note)

I am taking a break from the blog this week. I will be back next week, rested and ready to tackle everything that life can throw at me.

Photo: Amboise, France photo by robin

Till then, be happy. Love you beyond the moon.


Easter 2022

After Easter services at church yesterday, Larry and I hiked at a park in Sherman Texas, It was a beautiful day, filled with beauty and moments of reflection.

We walked over 2 1/5 miles and then were ready to start home and make Easter Dinner.

While I got dinner started, Larry went out to the back garden and planted Zinnias. Larry loves picking the zinnias to stick in a mason jar and use on the Sunday dinner table. He planted lots of seeds. I hope they thrive.

Easter dinner menu was, Lamb chops, roasted veggies and Magnum Ice-cream bars for dessert. Larry and I gave up ice-cream for Lent, and finally, yesterday we enjoyed one of our favorite treats.

Photo: Sunday dinner

Larry and I had a quiet, wonderful Easter. We talked to both Lauren and Jamison, and reflected on Easters past. I did not have a new dress for yesterday but I put a flower on my old dress. It made it new again.

Larry brought me flowers….beautiful flowers that we put on the dinner table and it is from this bouquet that I stole a carnation to put on my dress for church. I had the best day.

He Is Risen.

Love you beyond the moon.


Reading Matilda’s Book

This week, I finished a book that I was reading and going through old files on my ancient laptop. Trying to save special moments and delete so much junk that I have saved over the years became overwhelming, till I found found this shot.

Photo: Two of my favorite people. Matilda and Larry

I put my organizing things away …. and discovered that I did not have anything to read. So, I picked up the book that we bought for Matilda. It is called Counting By 7s. It is a youth book and it was wonderful. 378 pages of heartfelt events and emotion. I found this book in the youth section of Barns and Noble Booksellers, but I think that everyone should read it. Mostly adults.

It is easy to forget how children think and feel. This book reminds me of so many feelings and I cried. (a few times) Holly Goldberg Sloan is the author and I am so glad that I read Counting by 7s.

If you are 12 or 82, please put this on your reading list. It will help you remember how it felt to be 12 years old again.

Love you beyond the moon.