A Charming Thanksgiving

Photo: Thanksgiving 2018

On the way to Thanksgiving dinner, in the taxi, I pulled my phone out and checked messages.  

It was on my Facebook, that I saw an unfortunate posting from a friend.

It is there and then,  that I deleted my account.

{I will always remember deleting my account.

Please find me on Instagram!}

We have been to le Grand Colbert before.

It is charming, light, happy and the food is delicious.

Photo: Inside le Grand Colbert

Larry and I ended up having the best Thanksgiving dinner ever.

{and I did not have to prepare it}

PHOTO: My roasted chicken.

My chicken half was brought to me, in a lovely copper pan….

I cut pieces off for my plate as I enjoyed the dinner.

Larry had the duck and perhaps we enjoyed our selves to much.

PHOTO: Larry’s duck and our wine….

No. One can never enjoy himself to much, oui?

After dinner, our waiter helped me on with my coat


the manager kissed my hand as we left the restaurant.

It was a charming Thanksgiving evening.

Please do not anyone’s selfish motives ruin your sunny attitude.

Life is to short for that.

Merde. Now I am homesick for  Pareeeee

Love you.


The Music Box

One cold winter, Larry bought  me a sweet gift.

It was when Lauren lived in California


Jami was active duty Air Force, far away.

I was missing them very much and felt quite alone.

The Music Box was a gift of love.

I think of that time each year when Larry brings out the box.

But this year is different…

The music and skaters, make me feel nostalgic and quiet.

The box is one of very few decorations we put out now

and it is the most important.

Things are always changing


many things stay the same…

The one thing  I would like,

is to feel the same way about Christmas

that I felt when my Girls were young.

That’s  all.

Love you,


Moments To Remember

Larry and I have a good friend who lives in Paris.

We have known his family for 20 years


they own the BEST Italian Bistro at Place de Republic.

Bruno helps at the Bistro


also works at The Opera house.

This year while in Paris, Bruno invited us to an event.

Photo: Larry and Bruno solving mystery at Palais Garnier~Opera House

It was a fun event and we had to solve the mystery

by finding clues at certain locations in the Palais Garnier.

Photo: Clues to the mystery


Photo: Discovering the answers.


Photo: A sunny Sunday morning. Opera Garnier~Paris

Next year we will go to an opera , till then, I have the best memories.

{my favorite opera is La Travitia. I asked Bruno to “order it up”….he laughed.}

Love you.


The Red Silk Thread

Yesterday I had a bla day.

Larry had meetings that went late

and although I had many things to do,

I just sat at my work table, knitting and watching Netflix.

{do you know who Monty Don is?

his current gardening series is now on Netflix!}


today I have made a list.

It is my “Today List”

A friend who had cancer  once told me,

If you write a list each day,

of the things that you would like to accomplish

and check off  what you do get done,

Photo: The list is on there, somewhere!

you will be pleased with yourself,

even if you do only one thing on the list.

Photo: Formal skirt and top await hemming….

Today there is mail to write,

and a formal to finish.

I must hem the skirt and top with temperamental

red silk thread that knots and tangles easily

if you even look at it with a frown!

There are four miles to walk and

someones {Larry} birthday gifts to wrap.

I started knitting a sweater while in France


would like to have it finished

for a holiday brunch on the 22nd of Dec.

The list is full of creative things…

YES! I can get it knocked out…

Dear wonderful Readers.

what is on your list today?

Love you beyond that crazy red silk thread.


Yes, I Cried Too

First of all, I would like to thank Lauren Miller

for making Word Press my

number one blog once again.

{she FIXED IT!!!}

I am so happy. WP is  my favorite!!!!


In the past weeks, strange little things have been happening.

Larry chuckles and says: You just have jet lag.

Today, my phone was a bit stubborn.

I left it at my work table while I took a bath

and when I returned,

it had gone into airplane  mode on its own. {how? why?}

I then had to find a recipe at the shelves,

when I returned and opened  my phone

….Sweet Mitzu’s face was on the screen. {how? Why?}

Photo: Mitzu was Matilda, Lauren & Josh’s pug dog. She has been gone 2 1/2 years now.


When Lauren called on her way to Target….

she told me that this morning,

Matilda was  missing Mitzu very badly.

{she cried while on the way to school}

When I told her about Mitzu’s  photo,

she was surprised….like I was.

How wonderful is it that funny little things happen during our day?

Things that remind us, inspire us, support us and most of all, send us love?

Can you hear me sigh?

I loved Mitzu Pug Dog. I miss her very much.

Yes. I cried too.

Love you.


Brain Or Heart?

He bought me PJ’s.

They are cuddly and cute,

but most of all they are warm.

Photo: New Pajamas-for me! Do you see the heart? {Nordstrom}

Where in our brain or heart, is thoughtfulness located?

Why are some  people more thoughtful than others?

I am married to a selfless, thoughtful man.

I want to be more like him.

Is there someone special in your life

who you would like to be more like?

Have you told them?

Love you.


What About You?

Larry and I talked about yesterdays blog ….


I thought it would be best if I shared a little bit about myself,

a few things that I believe make me who I am.


Portrait by Granddaughter Matilda

I married the love of my life in 1977.

I am 64 years old, love my age and life.

I was sexually attacked one year and one month after I married Larry.

I am the middle of three daughters.

I have two daughters and one granddaughter.

I am a Christian and each morning, I read a devotional.

I consider myself an ARTist because I sell my paintings.

My Mothers death was a profound time in my life.

My father disinherited me, saying that I did not RSVP a party in time.

My Sisters are not in my life. {See above}

My Larry is my best friend and love.

I most likely will never own another dog.

My celebrity crush is Van Morrison.

My favorite song {one of 4 favorites} is Celtic New Year

Link to Celtic New Year

It makes me happy to be creative.

Rude people make me very angry.

I am a breast cancer survivor.

Please do not assume  we are friends. {I learned a lot from my sisters}

I have the BEST friends in the world and they know who they are.

I love my simple life.

I love my family.

I believe that if you smile, just smile, you can touch someones soul.

I think that I am about finished.

What about you? What makes you, you?

Love you.


To Know You

Photo: 6 of my 75 Bitters Bottles. Do you know I collect bitters bottles?

I am always ashamed at what I do not know about someone.

Being an empathetic person has always been a goal….

but I am ashamed to admit that

my energy sometimes over-rules my

“getting to know you” gene.


I was texting with a friend last week

and learned something about her I had never known.

{and I have known her for over ten years}

I felt ashamed and made a promise to myself

that in the future,

I will be more observant and listen better.

Is there  something about you that people do not know?

No deep, dark secret, just a sweet fact that makes you who you are?

Love you.


Dear Karen~ Oh, The Gift

Dear Karen.

Larry ran across the parking lot

waving the gift and yelling: Stop! Stop!

But, you  and John were gone.

I am so sorry that I forgot all about it.

Photo: Karen’s Gift

I was thinking about our dinner with you and John

and it certainly was a gift to us.

Did the visit go fast or was it my imagination?

Do you know what else was a gift?


Photo: Mandarin Orange cake

I am off to the Mailing Room to mail your gift!

Love you.



The Visitor

Photo: Sunrise At the Lake.  Exercising.

On warm mornings at the lake,

I concentrate on walking very fast.

Some mornings, on the West side of the lake,

between two trees,

hundreds of dragonflies fly above my head.


 I always stop to watch their dance.

I have never seen so many dragonflies in one place before


this has happened about 4 different times over the summer.

Please don’t give me a scientific explanation,

a friend sent this to me. This is what I believe….

I wonder who visited me  this summer?

What do YOU believe?

Love you.