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After A Year

Yesterday, I got out my big camera.

It has not been used since Libby Pug Dog passed away.

We could not find the battery charger…for awhile that is


camera was dead as a door nail.

I updated all things with camera and new lap top and brought it back to life.

This is the first shot I took with camera after one year of rest.

I did not edit the shot,


it makes me smile.

At least I smiled yesterday, yes?

Have a happy Sunday.

Love you.



Camp Robi, A Bubble and The Beach

It is that time of year again.

 is being planned.

Matilda had suggestions…and she wrote them down.

I honestly cannot tell you how much I love this note from her.

This year, instead of once a week camp, it will be sleep-over camp

Matilda felt that 3 nights away from her parents  would be enough,

so, that is what we will do.

I am making the schedule now….


I would like to thank everyone

for sharing their “bubble” words with me yesterday.

I send crushing hugs to  who need them…

and thanks to the ones who shared positive, words of hope and love.


It is a hot Friday morning in Texas.

and to be honest, I am dreading each hot, blasted day of this summer.

I want to be at the beach and that is no lie.

Photo: I took this shot one night while having a picnic with a friend. It rained off and on, the pizza and salad tasting better with each drop of rain.

Larry and I have to go to Austin soon


I am making a dress for dinner out with people. You know, WORK people.

Guess I best get busy.

Have a good weekend….

Love you.


Tea Wisdom

I would like to thank all of the readers who commented on yesterdays post.

The comments were mostly about the immigrant children separated from parents,

claiming that  God does not “have it” covered.

I had to delete most of the  comments. I am sorry.

This blog is just my journal. That is all.

My politics and many opinions are not shared here.

If I am deeply troubled I do not share that either.

It is just my spot to ponder, rejoice, smile  and share.

My journal.

“Tea Wisdom”

Tea beckons us to enjoy quality time

with friends and loved ones


especially to rediscover the ART

of relaxed conversation.

~Dorothea Johnson~


Love you beyond my favorite tea cup.



The Guy Upstairs

Yesterday  was an amazing day.

Fathers Day 2018!

Larry heard from both of his daughters early in the morning.

We exercised then got cleaned up for church.

(Church was wonderful with a visiting minister from Belfast,  NI)

We came home…and I made a squash casserole.

Photo: Thank you Aggie for the wonderful JP casserole! (a birthday gift)

My new dish was perfect for the squash.


I loved yesterday. Larry is the most wonderful man and deserves being recognized for it.

He has been supportive and loving over these past difficult years.

His kind spirit inspires me every day


I am honored to be spending my life with him.

I hope that you all had a good Fathers day


that the Father in your life was happy.


It is very cloudy today.


I walked almost 4 miles and now the laundry is spinning.

I keep thinking about yesterdays sermon at church:

“Thy Will Be Done”

Guess I have nothing to worry about,

The Guy upstairs has this.

Yes, go on and smile……

Love you.


Happy Fathers Day

Fathers Day is this Sunday.

I have  many thoughts about the day.

I can never remember

my father ever saying I love you to me.

It was a difficult relationship, and life was OK.

 I thought it was normal for all fathers

to be rude and non loving……

On a sweeter note,

I am married to the BEST father and husband in the world.

{ perhaps that was the trade off?}

Larry, My Larry.

Husband, Father and Grandfather.

Joy of my life and the center of my world.

Every day I thank God for you.

Happy Fathers Day my love.

I love you beyond the moon.


The Bluebird Of Happiness

Photo: from Internet

I saw a bird like this at the park this  morning.

I was there for one hour, exercising.

I was there with Marines, Nannys and a zillion kiddos,

The bird was my favorite part of the morning.

The Marines were exercising like crazy…and running, not jogging, RUNNING.

The Nannys were visiting with each other as their charges abused the  park wildlife.

The blue-bird appeared on a sign post and looked very hard at me.

Isn’t it funny, how something like that,

 in such a fleeting moment of your day

can make the other “stuff” leave your mind?

It is a beautiful day today!

Love you.


At Shipwrecks Beach, Kaua’i

Last week, Larry and I took one of our favorite hikes.

It is along the cliffs at Shipwrecks on Kaua’i and is very beautiful.

After our hike, we found a log and sat.

Larry, not being one who sits  still for any length of time, was antsy.

I said : If I was braver, I would find my way to that cave  in the cliff.

He said: what cave?

I pointed, and off he went. {men}

Here he is making his way to the cave in the cliff.

I was kind of scared for him and jealous.

I was more jealous after he made it to the cave

Just look at him waving. Show off.

I could not resist a close up…..When he came back to where I was sitting,

I asked him what the cave was like?

He said that it was sandy and had a nice view.

I think that next year, I will plan a picnic in that cave.

Imagine that.

And he can take MY picture while I am in the cave.


Thank you for all of the kind birthday wishes.

It has been a wonderful birthday!

Love you.


Getting In Gear

Photo: Hiking Shipwreck Cliff~ Kaua’i

This morning, back in Texas, I walked my laps at the lake.

To be honest, I did not want to be doing it.

I was grouchy and tired,

while thinking about when I took my laps/miles in Poip’u.

Larry and I go to The Cottage each year and  miss it when we come home.

I am homesick and feel misplaced.


I better get my behind in gear….

this is a busy month and I must get ready for Camp Robi.

Today I will design  the Camp Robi t shirt.

I can just see you all smiling now.

I will finish the design, then take it to BIG FROG

and have three shirts made.

YES! I will have one made for Larry

…as he will be part of a few of our field trips.

I promise to share more later.

Please have a wonderful day

and let someone know how important they are to you.

Even at best, life is fragile and we take so much for granted.

YOU are important to me,

even when I am B-itchy and want to be at the beach

I love you beyond Shipwreck Beach.


PS: in the above photo, note a cave like hole in the side of the cliff.

I will share something about that tomorrow….XOX