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Daily posts

Brand New

Thank you.

So many messages and love sent to Larry and me yesterday.

Larry did wonderful.

Surgery went well


Dr M said that everything looked great.

Last evening,

Larry felt well enough to go to Matilda’s softball game.

{it lasts 1 hour}

Today is a brand new, cancer free day.

Thank You God.

Love you.


Melanoma Is An Ugly Word


Photo: Matilda and Larry

It is almost 6:00 am.

Larry and I are dressed and ready to go.

Today he will have skin cancer surgery,

for an early stage melanoma that will be removed


lots of extra cells taken for biopsy.

Larry is definitely a child of the ’60-70’s.

Sunburns, tan and no SPF.

Now, Larry is a Man, Father, Grandfather of the 2000’s.

He is being pro-active and accountable.

I cannot tell you how attractive that is.

Melanoma is an ugly word, don’t you think?

Please take care of you for the people who love you.

It means the world.

Love you beyond the stitches.


Donation Quilt Update

To have a chance to win this hand-made quilt, {Made by me}

go to the Komen website below

and donate at least $25.00 (or more!)

then please email me {Komen informs me too}


I will put your name on the Roll Call and your name in the bowl.



Robin’s Komen Donation

Out of 30 available. 12 spots left.

Drawing will be May 18th, 2018. Friday

Thank you to the wonderful people who have donated so far!


Lisa A

Dima K

Karen C

Rosemary G

Kim & Gordon

Amanda C

Leslie M

Judy D

Lauren H

Denise P

Megan K

Michael K

Linda P

Rita L


Lynn S

Lorie B

Dwight and Betty H

Only 12 spots are left…please consider being part of this wonderful group of supporters.

Or you might want to join us for  the 5K?

Matilda and Lauren are designing the TEAM BELIEVE shirts this year!

If have any questions,email me.

Have the best day….

love you.


I Left Six Behind

Last night, we met friends for dinner at an Italian Bistro

where we brought our own wine.

The restaurant was busy, filled with people and music.

We visited and laughed….

and ate.

I had the ravioli and a salad.

It is wonderful sharing a meal with friends after a busy day.

What did you do last evening?

Love you.



I ate only 1 roll and left 6 behind.



Go On Drinking Tea

I smile, of course,

and go on drinking tea,

“yet with these April sunsets, that somehow recall

my buried life and Paris in the Spring,

I feel immeasurably at peace and find the world

to be wonderful and youthful, after all.”



Photo: The scarf/shawl I am working on.

Sometimes, you have to sit very still


let life happen around you.

Love you.


In The Balance

What an interesting weekend it was.

Cold weather interfered with well laid plans.

On Saturday,

we ended up at the movies to see a comedy,

with Donald Sutherland.

Photo: At my desk, titled: In The Balance

The movie was  Leisure Seekers.

It is NOT a comedy. Not at all.

Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland are favorites of ours,

the acting was perfect….but the story …..well, not a comedy.

I wish we had investigated more about it before we went…

Yesterday, we went to church,

{and met the most wonderful Reverend

who was a substitute this weekend}

Then off to Dallas, Children’s Theater

to see the play,

Legend of The Bluebonnet.

{with Matilda, Lauren & Josh}

It was such a good production. It had heart.

We came home to Sunday Dinner and Movie.

Pizza, salad and bread. {we even had wine}

We did not watch a movie completely through…

so it does not count.

Last week, I received some wonderful messages.

From wonderful people.

To those of you who reached out and touched me…merci.

Life is a sensitive balance


as we journey forward, we must keep that balance .

We all lose the balance at times….

and that is ok…it happens to all of us.

We must just keep smiling and keep going.

Insert smiley face here!

Love you.


Beyond The Happy

It is Friday and I am feeling  really down.

So, in combat with the blues, today I will knit a scarf.

Using the beautiful blue yarn that I bought in France.

When it is finished, I will sew pearls on it.

Perhaps I will make a dress to match.

Happy Friday.

Love you beyond all things that make us happy.



Lauren’s Birthday and Other Random Thoughts

Photo: Ramen noodles for dinner

Yesterday was my oldest Daughters birthday.

She is a wonderful person, an amazing mother & wife and an artist.

I found myself  thinking back over the years….

Where did the time go?

I am not quite sure where the time went,

but what a wonderful journey it has been.

I am thankful every day for my life and the people who are part of it.

Last night, I made ramen bowls for dinner.

Larry and I sat, talking about the day and Lauren’s birthday.

It was a perfect Monday.

Love you.


Looking Back on Easter Weekend

On Saturday morning,

we went to Matilda’s first softball game.

Her team won.


On Saturday night, we Celebrated Lauren’s birthday with SUSHI!


On Sunday we went to church, took a drive


went to Easter dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.

We sat over wine and a fabulous dinner,

Talking about the weekend and how blessed we are.

I even splurged and had a piece of cake for dessert.

We came home, and I was miserable because I had eaten to much food.

We watched Jesus Christ Superstar



It was a weekend to remember.

Easter 2018.

Love you.


For Spring


Photo: Easter 1987. Lauren left-Jamison right

It has been a lovely week.

The world is preparing for Spring


washing off the winter blues.

Little girls are in sweet dresses

and hunting for colored eggs filled with candy.

The sun is staying high in the sky till late in the evening


irises in the garden are preparing to bloom.

The world is preparing for Spring.

Have a wonderful Easter.

Love you.