A Moment In Time

A month ago, when I was feeling pretty low…I started getting letters and cards in the mail. Many, many cards! It was sweet, thoughtful and overwhelming. I loved that people took the time to share a moment in time with me.

A few of the letters were from people I did not know. One, was from the Mother of a friend of Lauren’s. Her name is Hazel. Hazel, has been fighting ovarian cancer and she is in remission! { I love that word!} And…Hazel has become a friend of mine. Our friendship started by writing texts almost daily and now we have marathon phone calls once or twice a week.

Hazel, has been fighting cancer, is a master quilt maker and loves her children/grandchildren very much. See? We have a lot in common.

Yesterday during one of our wonderful visits…Hazel mentioned that she had made masks with fabric she had at the house. She made as many as she could {17 I think} and then made arrangements to deliver them to the pediatric office where her grandchildren go. I am in awe of her. What a lovely, thoughtful thing for her to do.

She sent me a picture after our visit and I had asked her if I could share the story and photo. She said of course.

Photo: Pediatric Office wearing Hazel’s masks

Hazel and I have never met in person. I hope that when the quarantine is over, she and I can have a chat in person.

Photo: painting drying in front of Matilda’s doll house.

I finished a painting yesterday. It is titled Hazel’s Bouquet…..fitting, don’t you agree?

May your today be filled with special people, and special moments…..

That is what matters most of all, right?

Love you beyond the moon.


Once And Awhile

I love alone time. It makes me happy to paint, work on a project that will soon be a gift {right now it is a sweater} read and just BE.

Larry is super busy in his home office. Calls coming in all day and problems to be worked out. I personally think that he loves being so busy and that is good.

We have not been anywhere, so there are no adventures to share…and my opinion is not worth much, so I will refrain from sharing.

There is so much happening in the world that my heart feels broken at times. How do you feel about your life in the time of COVID 19?

Photo: Painting,
Photo: Red The Cat

We have a new neighborhood cat. He is young and spunky. Some of the people on the street call him RED. He lives two streets away and his family says that he just will not stay home. He is on our street a lot. He is a little “off”, but he is sweet and cute. I am not a cat person, but I can be a cat person for 10 minutes a week. Once and awhile.

On Netflix, I am watching the Tiger King while I am working at my work table….I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Love you beyond the moon.


Just Keeping Busy

Photo: Larry and Robin

Yesterday, Larry and I drove to Matilda’s house. Our plan was to walk, but we could not walk together or touch {Quarantine} ….we walked on opposite sides of the street. It was odd, but we were together for about one hour.

We came straight home, of course, where I prepared Sunday Dinner and a Movie. Our Menu included pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad and watermelon. For dessert I made blueberry cobbler. We were going to watch Jo Jo Rabbit, but another movie was on, a movie that I love…so we watched that instead. It was Move Over Darling, with Doris Day. It was a perfect choice for yesterday.

Photo: Dinner
Photo: Dessert
Photo: Sunday’s Feature Film

After dinner, around 6:00 pm, I had my weekly reflexology appointment. It was heavenly.

My only source of daily news is via text from Jamison and Jared, {both Jamison and Jared have service jobs and are still out working} seeing Lauren, Josh and Matilda 6′ away, for an hour at the most and the national news. Larry and I are doing ok. Larry is working non stop to help keep his clients in business and I am just keeping busy.

Life is crazy right now. I am not quite sure how we got to this place, but I know that God is near… I pray for strength and grace as I strive to accept His plan.

I wish strength and grace for you also.

Love you beyond the moon.


All You Need Is Love

Last night I was having a sweet text conversation with Jamison. We only talked about “fun” things and had the best visit.

Then, near the end of the conversation, we talked about her wedding. It took place a long time ago and was one of the most romantic family moments I have ever been to in my life.

I never felt like it was my place to post anything about that special day, until last night, Jami said, You know Mom, you are welcome to share whatever you want to.

I woke up today, thinking about what she said…..


Jami and Jared were nervous, Jared’s family was happy and fun. I was the wedding planner-photographer and Larry kept everything organized as a true OCD father of the bride should.

It was a rainy Texas day. Fog hung in the sky while Larry and I picked up flowers from the flower shop and a cake from the bakery.

We all arrived around the same time. I helped dress Jamison, Johnny { Jared’s father} and Larry kept Jared occupied while Jared’s nephew, Kamdin kept us all smiling. Julie, Jared’s Mother kept track of gifts, jewelry, something old., something new, something borrowed, something blue.

It was one of the most romantic weddings that I have ever been to. It was loving and spontaneous. Family surrounded Jami and Jared as they started a new chapter on their journey. Each and every one of us in attendance that day, were filled with an unconditional love that only comes during such special time in our lives.

Photo: Jared and Jamison
Photo: Family
Photo: Walking to the wedding lunch after the ceremony
Photo: A toast
Photo: Jared and Larry’s cuff-links
Photo: Untitled, because it is so moving

As I am sharing these moments and the photos, my heart is full. Each moment will live in my heart, even if I did not have pictures to remember them by.

Jami and Jared are blessed. They are blessed to have each other and we are blessed to have them in our lives.

All you need is love….



Life in the time of Coronavirus is surprisingly calm and the days are wonderfully versatile.

My moments at The Cottage are content. The patio door is open and birds are singing away. It feels like spring.

Yesterday, Larry and I walked 3.5 miles at his lunch hour. We talked about what is happening in the world and why I quit Face Book and Instagram. He understood and agreed completely.

A few times yesterday, I picked up my phone to check FB and IG. I felt like an idiot. My accounts are gone and there was nothing to look at. But I checked anyway. I wonder if I will check again today?

Two people read Blog yesterday. TWO. I have a hit meter on the account and it records the number of and the city where people visit from. On Tuesday, my last day on FB, a friend on FB contacted me, saying how much she liked the post that day. The funny thing is, she never visited the blog that day at all. You know, it is funny…..

If I do not post the blog “LINK” on Face Book and Instagram to make it easy for people to visit, they don’t visit. The good part of that is, the people who truly care will visit. I love that term. TRULY CARE.

Last night, Larry and I ordered dinner from our favorite Italian restaurant in Dallas. We picked it up, brought it home, where we picnicked in bed and watched David Muir. {our favorite news-anchor-man} The wine was spectacular, thank you Larry…and my day ended on the sweetest note.

Photo: Picnic in bed

Please have a happy day. Truly care about the people in your life. You might not know what they are going through…smile when you do not want to. No one, I promise you, NO ONE wants to hear your troubles. They have enough of their own….

Love you BEYOND the moon……



Yesterday was eye opening. Wait. Maybe the last two weeks were what helped me realize what was happening in my world. I have been gradually sad and anxious and could not find anything to to help make it better. { I am not on any medications. Smile, organic is best}

The coronavirus is spreading and we are all a bit on edge about it. Larry and I are in The Cottage, safe and happy. We take a walk every day, three miles and Larry is working from his office here. Larry is happy.

This situation did not hit me till yesterday. I did not buy extra food or toilet paper in the past weeks. It was just life as normal for me. How has this been for you? Are you prepared? Are you happy?

I have cleaned out my Facebook and IG accounts and do not know when I will be back. I just cannot do that now….so, if you notice I have unfriended people or vanished, deleted or blocked…it is ok to be angry at me. We all do what we have to do. Right? I refuse to use a social media platform to express my heart.

My work table is cluttered with prep for painting. I have plans for the next few weeks…to keep busy and happy. This blog is where I share. Just here. {Larry said he sometimes reads Blog to see how I am feeling. I love him so much.}

Below, please find a Francis Cabrel song. The title is Dur Comme Fer….translated it means, tough boy or strong person. I love the song. Please listen?

I am here. Just here, being content.

I read once: You have to be at your strongest when you are feeling your weakest……

Love you beyond that beautiful moon!


Tuesday’s Picture

Do you know the game you play when you close your eyes and point at a word in a book? OR perhaps point at a place on a map? I played that game today, with my photo files. This is the photo that showed up.

Photo: Kaua’i 2019

With Larry’s boogie board for our table…and snack foods galore, one evening, we picnicked with friends (we love you Lori & Bill) on the beach.

I hope you are well. Prayers for health, and calm days.

Love you beyond the moon.


Sunday, Dinner And A Movie In The Time Of Coronavirus

I seem to be behind in everything this morning. There is no particular reason, just a wee bit off.

Yesterday, was…different. No church, not much of anything. We did take an hour drive and saw Matilda through her porch window. We left a bag of goodies on their porch and a huge pot of herbs with a little gnome in the soil. I loved it so much I should have kept it!

We came home and Larry worked the rest of the afternoon and evening. With everything going on in our world, the restaurant industry has taken a huge hit. Larry works for a wonderful company and they are supporting their clients very well.

Because we had things in the freezer, Sunday, dinner and a movie was still on!

For dinner we had chicken Parmesan, new potatoes and green beans. I made a batch of brownies for dessert.

Photo: Sunday Dinner and Movie
Photo: Chicken Parmesan, new potatoes and green beans
Photo: Table view ……

My favorite Shakespeare play/movie is The Taming Of The Shrew. I love it soooo much…..and many years ago, Larry bought the movie for me. It has been awhile but yesterday, that was our movie during dinner. It was pefection!

Photo: The Taming Of The Shrew {the best version is with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton}

We made it through yesterday just fine. Lets see what today holds…

Larry and I wish you all well.

Love you beyond the moon.


YouTube? Robin?

Yesterday I made two videos. It is something that I am uncomfortable with…but I managed the process. It took me forever and about 15 “takes”, you have to have a sense of humor about these things.

For many years, my students have asked me to create something like this. Something that they could reference at home.

What happened yesterday was, I made a YouTube Channel. It is a channel teaching knitting. Basic Knitting With Robin.

Link below…..


Please email me if you have questions, suggestions or praise.

I pray that you are well, happy and filled with a positive spirit that is contagious.

Love you beyond knitting needles.