Camp Robi Week One

We had the best weekend…

starting with Camp Robi on Friday.

Matilda got her hair cut at the Salon.

Amanda is our Hair ARTist…

and we have known her since she was a teenager.

{and is an amazing person with a huge heart}

After the hair cut

Camper, Matilda needed food.

Chik Fil A was the perfect lunch.

Then, as per schedule, we went to a  Butterfly house.

It was amazing…and Ma Cherie is a Butterfly tamer!

{she knows so much about the timeline of a butterfly}

After what seems hours in the hot butterfly house,

Matilda played on the playground


bought candy, better known as survivor food.

It was a perfect Camp Robi Day


It was a rainy holiday weekend in Texas.

Larry bought me a…swan.

If we had a family crest, it would have a swan on it.


Sunday, Dinner and Movie

Taco Bueno and The Longest Day.

We first saw

The Longest Day while in Normandy years ago.

I think that it is my favorite “war” movie.

Have you ever seen it?

Have a blessed Memorial Day.

Love you.



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