Book Club and Cheshire Cats

Photo: Lunch with Book Club

Yesterday, my book club met at a local tea room.

This group is made up some of  my

favorite ladies in the world.

We discussed the book, Howard’s End,

enjoyed a fabulous lunch


caught up on our summer adventures.

It was a lovely afternoon.


Larry and I walked 5 miles today at the lake this morning.

We were there before the sun rose

and while the mist rose from the water.

It gave me a creepy feeling. Halloweenish.

Next week is the marathon at The Dallas Arboretum.

We are ready.


I looked up from my work table a moment ago….


saw the Cheshire Cat in front of this quote taped to the  wall.

Is he agreeing with me


mocking me?

I guess it is all in my perspective.

Love you.


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