Matilda, Sunday Dinner And Movie

On Saturday, we picked Matilda up at her house and brought her to The Cottage for a sleep over. It was a wonderful day with her.

Photo: Matilda at Krispy Kream
Photo: Matilda at the archery range
Photo: Matilda building a volcano
Photo: Matilda gave me a flower
Photo: Matilda at lunch

After a morning filled with breakfast, archery, and making a volcano, she put her bathing suit on and swam for an hour at the Rec Center in-door pool. She went down the indoor slide 36 times! {that means she went up the steps 36 times too.} We came home and dressed for dinner. Matilda requested P F Chang…….it was such a good day.

On Sunday Matilda and Larry played Ping Pong, tried to set off the volcano and the we had dinner and movie before we took her home….

Photo: Matilda drinks sprite in her special glass.
Photo: Sunday dinner and movie. Hot dogs, sprite and our movie was the new: Little Women.

I cannot tell you how wonderful having Matilda here was for me. For some reason, I have been struggling a lot. The flu did not help matters at all and I could not exercise last week. Matilda is so positive and happy. I adore my time with her. {did I tell you that we played Monopoly Cheaters in The Big Bed on Saturday night? We laughed so hard!!!}

I hope that you had a good weekend. I heard from so many of you and appreciate your kind words about my bad week last week. Thank you for sharing my moments….

Love you.


The Unfortunate Incident At Book Club

This week, Larry and I were in Las Vegas. The International Pizza Expo was in full swing and we hosted a dinner for clients of Larry’s. We flew home early yesterday morning. Larry had to work. I had my bi-monthly Book Club. {Larry dropped me off at the restaurant for book club on the way home from the airport}

This is one of the two book groups I belong to. The ladies are smart, lovely, kind and they choose the best books ever.

The book we were discussing this month was Ten Years Gone. We met for lunch at Cindis Deli. I had not eaten since dinner the night before in Vegas. The food at the deli is wonderful….

I ordered Eggs Benedict and scarfed them down while I visited with ladies, hearing all the news since I had seen them last.

After lunch, we started the discussion of our book. Sandy had chosen the book and she lead the discussion. I started feeling sick…..

I excused myself and went to the rest rooms….and the ladies room was locked. The mens room was locked too. I was sick and desperate. I stood outside the locked doors when it happened. Yup. I got very sick. All over the place. I ran out of the restaurant, glad that I had already paid for the eggs that I was losing at that very moment.

I found Larry and then a towel in the trunk of the car. He went in to get my book and phone from the table in the restaurant. It felt like forever. He came back to the car and while we sped home, my gag reflex on HIGH, he told me that he found the table with the ladies just fine. He told them what happened. {I am very mortified. Did the restaurant clean up the hall?}

Larry said: When he was leaving he heard one of the ladies say, I had not even noticed that she had not returned…..

I think it really hurt my feelings because I was so sick. Our next meeting is in May. I get to pick the book and restaurant.

There are black circles under my eyes. I am tired and my tummy hurts a little, but I have not gotten sick today. Things are looking up, but I don’t know what to do with this feeling of mortification…..

Love you.


About Friends

Last night I had the honor to text message/visit with two of my favorite friends.

They will know who they are when they read this…Thank you for listening. Thank you for being such a good friend.

Love you.


Moments At Barns and Noble

The other day, I was coming down with the flu. I did not know it yet, but I felt crappy. Larry and I had to pick up a gift from Barnes and Noble, so we went out into the rainy day….and we went to the book store.

Larry said: I will drop you off at the door and go park.

I said: Thank you. I will be at the magazine department.

Larry said: Love you! See you in a minute.

I went inside. Feeling light headed, I went to the magazine department, looking for a particular ART magazine.

I looked around, not seeing anything that appealed….then I saw Larry outside headed for the door. As he came in, I expected him to come over to the magazine area, but no.

He headed straight for the 50%OFF NEW RELEASE books and a lady that was standing there looking at the books. Granted, he only saw her from the back. {And she was dumpy! Sorry lady but comb your hair} I watched as he went up behind her, kind of close and was talking to her.

I knew that he thought that she was me and I honestly hoped that he would not rub her back or anything like that and that she would not slap him.

After a moment, I walked closer.

I said: Hi Larry

He then realized that the other lady was not me. You should have seen his face. His red, blushing face.

{this same thing happened years ago at the library, but the lady was sitting with her back to him, he walked up and rubbed her shoulders}

Fast forward to today. I just told Larry that I was blogging about “The Other Woman.”

Larry said: I am glad that I could amuse you.

Oh don’t let him fool us, he is laughing too.

I love moments at the book store.

Love you.


The Flu, Sunday Dinner & Movie and Me

It was a long weekend. I have the flu, my head was foggy and my body ached. Larry took good care of me. To be honest, I still feel really sick today.

Photo: My favorite flowers

We had Sunday dinner and movie. Larry pulled down spaghetti sauce from the freezer, bought raviolis at the market.

Photo: Larry loves Ravioli and meatballs in my homemade sauce.

I made garlic bread and salads.

Photo: Sunday Wine

Our movie was Dear Brigitte. A few weeks ago, Larry asked about this old favorite of ours. We watched it yesterday. It was awesome.

Photo: Sunday Movie

I am glad that the weekend is over but Sunday was really nice.

Have a happy, healthy day.

Love you.


The Oatmeal Cookie Recipe~ Chef Valentine

Bobbie S. This recipe is for you!



1 cup raisins

Amaretto liqueur

1 small Ball jar


1 stick butter, soft

3/4 cup dark brown sugar

1/2 cup granulated sugar

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vinalla

1 1/2 cup flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon salt

3 cups oats


Three days before making cookies. Place 1 cup raisins in ball jar. Cover with Amaretto Liqueur. Place in fridge till time to bake cookies.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Drain raisins. Put aside.

In large bowl, cream butter and sugars till creamy.

Add eggs and vanilla. Combine well.

In another bowl, add flour, baking soda, cinnamon and salt. Mix well.

Add flour mixture to butter mixture. Mix well.

Add raisins and oats. Mix well.

Using a 1 1/2″cookie scoop, drop onto cookie sheet. {un-greased}

Bake about 10 min till light golden brown.

Cool a couple of min before removing from cookie sheet.

Cool completely on wire rack.

Photo: Raisins soaking up Amaretto Liqueur

Enjoy the goodness.

Q & A

Oh my goodness! I loved all of your comments yesterday. Your thoughtful words made me smile. Merci beaucoup. After reading all of your comments, I thought, if I invited each of you who commented to a dinner party, you would get along so well. Perhaps I should start planning something?

About a journal. Yesterday, I took pictures after so many texts, mails and comments. Please, never hesitate to ask me anything!

Photo: This is my journal. The Wave. design

My journal has a refill. I won this journal winning a game of chess. It is by Oberon.

Photo: Inside the journal.

Inside the journal, I glue things, above are place cards that Matilda made when we had a dinner at The Cottage for her parents. The fortunes were from our dinner the night before at PF Changs.

Photo: My journal is a mess. but it is MY mess!
Photo: These are my journal markers.

My daughter Lauren got me hooked on these particular markers. I only use these and I travel with them also, so I can journal far away from home. {if you journal far away from home, don’t forget a glue stick. I am always gluing things in my journal}

Photo: My favorite brand
Photo: My agenda/planner by Oberon Designs

The planner above is where I keep everything. EVERYTHING. The Mont Blanc pen {above} was a gift from Larry last year while in France.

Photo: The inside of my agenda.

The above photo is the inside of my planner with…”The Pen” …..this is the scary pen. It has a real sapphire in it. I have had it for many years but has had only one refill. I do not use it often.

Have I answered all the questions? Wait! Just one more….Bobbie ……Of course I will share the oatmeal recipe with you. I have a secret part to the recipe but what the heck!!!! I will try to post it for you tomorrow…

Have a happy, happy Friday.

Love you beyond all Oberon Designs


A Simple Little Blog

This is a simple blog. It is my journal {I DO have a handwritten journal}, my coffee {I don’t drink coffee}, my cigarette {I don’t smoke} and my breakfast {I don’t eat breakfast}.

It must frustrate some people {huge web masters, etc} that I am happy with my simple little blog.

Yesterday in my mail, there was a note from someone promising to get thousands of hits for me, upgraded format and ads. They promised success.

I was thinking about that last night. What truly is success? How can someone who has never met me, know what success means to me?

The only thing that I would like is….more comments. I have asked before but my sweet readers are the quiet sort. It is true, I love hearing your thoughts here. In the comment section. Where we can all read the opinions as long as Blog lives. This morning, I was looking on line and look what I found.

How creepy is that? At least it confirms that others like comments too! I am not crazy!

Love you.


About Tuesday

I seemed to struggle all day yesterday. I struggled making a quilt square. I struggled exercising. I struggled planning a meal and I missed Libby.

We have to have the bad days so that we can appreciate the good ones. Once I embroidered a sampler that said that, it was a prayer. For Larry. I wonder where it is?

Photo: Pug quilt square

Lauren gave me a quilt pattern for Christmas. Yesterday I started making it. I ripped out so many seams….today I will try it again. At least I got one block made.

Photo: The Pug Quilt Square

Last night before dinner, Larry and I went to the archery range. We shot for about an hour. Then we went to Snappy Salads for dinner.

Photo: The target behind Larry is an Olympic target. Oh if only it could talk.

I have much to learn about shooting, but it is an intriguing sport and I like it a lot.

I am off to make another Pug quilt square. Please have the best day you can.

Love you.


Birthdays and Windy Weather

Lew lives next door. Debbie, his sweet daughter lives there too. They are the sweetest neighbors you could ever ask for. Yesterday was Lew’s Birthday. He is in his 8th decade of life. How wonderful is that?

I baked birthday treats for him. Oatmeal cookies and little candies.

Photo: Oatmeal cookies
Photo: Rolo candies

Larry and I delivered them early. We wanted to be the first ones to say, Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was a sunny, windy day in Texas. On Larry’s lunch hour, he walked laps at the lake with me. The wind resistance {45 MPH} made the walk difficult, but I needed that blast of air in my face.

Love you beyond Rolo candies {and that is saying a lot!}.


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