Four Days Until Raffle For A Cure

In four days, all the names of Team Believe 2019 members and their respective numbers of chances, will be in a bowl. (But you still have time to be part of the fun!) From there one name will be picked out and that will be this years winner of a $100.00 dollar gift card from Williams Sonoma and a hand embroidered dish towel. If you would like to find out more about the give away, please go to this link:

I would like to thank everyone involved in my annual efforts to support early detection. You all mean the world to me.

Love you.


Raffle in FIVE days!

Photo: Team Believe 2019

There are five days to enter the Team Believe Raffle. The winner will receive a had embroidered dish towel and a $100.00 gift card to Williams Sonoma.

The donations go to Komen Race For The Cure. Larry and I support early detection, and by donationg to Komen, that is what you will be doing too.

To donate, please go to my Komen page:

To read more about the raffle and prizes gp to my survivor page:

If you have any questions please email me at

Thank you to my dear friends and supporters. You mean the world to me.

Love you.


Six Days To Go!

There are 6 days till the Team Believe Raffle drawing!

Did you know that….  A woman has about a one in eight chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, according to the National Cancer Institute. 

If you would like to enter the raffle {Please!!} go to this link:

If you would like to go directly to my Komen page Go to this link;

Please know how much I appreciate the love, prayers and support for early detection. Each day this week, I will be posting a fact about breast cancer. The TEAM BELIEVE Raffle is this Saturday, May 11. The Komen walk is on May 18th, You still have time to get in on the fun!

If you have any questions, please email me at

Have a wonderful Monday! XOX

Love you.


Roses and Split Pea Soup

Photo: Rose from the garden

The kitchen smells like roses…..the first cut rose from our rose bush is making its existence known. When we lived in Memphis, I had roses in the garden…in Texas, they are more difficult to grow. Fingers crossed for this new rose bush! {the bloom is in a little jar}

Photo: Carrots for the split pea soup

The veggies are chopped and in the Crock Pot …….It is soup night at The Cottage and I wish that you could smell what is cooking. {would you like the recipe?}

Please forgive the short post? I feel tired and frustrated. Today is soup day and I have a lovely sketch on canvas that I wanted to start painting. My body is screaming for exercise and it looks like rain. Again.

I hope that you have the best day and weekend.

Love you.


Some Favorites From The New Camera

While in London, Larry and I enjoyed just being together. He had given me a new camera before this trip and it was fun using a new lens. I will post a few shots today….just because I adore so many of the photos.

Photo: Our room faced Hyde Park

Photo: We sat for a long time at the Round Pond. The swans were fabulous and people watching, the best.

Photo: Beauty personified.

Photo: We had lunch at Diana’s Playground. We sat at the cafe outside the gates.

Photo: Best lunch ever near Diana’s Playground

Photo: A friend told me about “The Daisy Books” Matilda loves them. We found a bookstore and bought her three of them.

Photo: This is the first, the original Paddington Bear. He lives at Paddington Station.

Photo: We took a short trip up the road.

Photo: Paddington statue watches the trains come and go.

Photo: We saw WICKED {again!!}

Photo: We had tea…..

Photo: Portobello Market was crazy. To many people to shop.

Photo: Diana’s Garden at Kensington Palace..
A woman came up to me crying. She asked if I would take her picture.
I said of course, and asked if she needed a hug.. She said no, but said, I once had what you have as she nodded to Larry.
Larry and I have talked about that woman often. She lost a love and was retracing footsteps.
I wish she had let me hug her.

Happy National Day of prayer….
“Prayer should be the key of the day and the lock of the night.”~George Herbert~

Love You.


Home Again

Just like one of my favorite Carol King songs, I am Home Again.

I listened to the song this morning and it made me cry. When I was 16 I saw carol King sing this song in person, in Raleigh, North Carolina. At the time, I needed this song. It was MY song. Our Family moved every two years and I needed a HOME.

Larry gave me the HOME I needed. He gave my daughters roots and a sense of community.

This past weekend, My Larry look me away for a few days. 4 to be exact. We went to London. We had a wonderful time. So wonderful, that I don’t have the words to express my heart.

But. I am HOME AGAIN. The Cottage is warm and comforting. My days continue, but with a slightly different perspective. I will share more later….till then…please know that I missed posting on the blog for the past week. I missed your comments and kindness. I missed my daughters and sweet Matilda. It is wonderful to be HOME AGAIN

Photo: A Windy day in London

Please have a day filled with love and joy. Life is our sweet journey. Making it happy and positive is why we are here.

I love you.



It is a beautiful day to explore life, love


why you are alive.

Please be kind to each other.

{because if you are not kind, what is the point?}

Love you. Me.

Sweet Memories

Photo: A shelf in the work room.

I have a head ache this morning. My desk is quiet. Projects are complete. Larry is in Dallas meeting with clients. I finished reading the book club, book. {The Southerners by Edna Lee} The garbage men are out front making a ruckus and the light on my phone is blinking like crazy.

I am day dreamy and sluggish. My attention span is zero. The book shelves by my desk have grabbed my attention. One shelf in particular. The photo is a dog, a dog angel and Eiffel Towers. This was my childhood dog. Lancelot was his name because Mother adored the play Camelot. He was adopted as a puppy in Raleigh North Carolina. {1963-64?} It was around Easter-time after church because I remember my younger sister getting dog poop on her good shoes the day we brought him home. He passed away the year that I married Larry. This is the last photo taken of him in 1977. I still miss his sweet character.

Yesterday Larry and I went to Matilda’s softball game . We went early and took a picnic. The 7-8 year old girls are so much fun to watch. They know the game and try so hard. The game ended in a tie. 11-11.

A few of you, have much going on in your lives. Forgive me for not writing you personal notes…but know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

It is Tuesday! I am saying bye for now and off to get some things done. {and maybe walk a few miles?}

Love you beyond all sweet memories.


Unicorns And Gargoyles

Photo: Dedo

Little Dedo is, according to an old story, is a small gargoyle with pointy ears and human-like feet who lives on the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral. When the cathedral was built in 1160, a nun from a tiny convent in Provence disliked the menacing gargoyles that were being placed on top of the building as reminders of the nature of sin and evil. As the daughter of a stone cutter, she had learned the tools of the trade and decided to put them to good use. One day, she disguised herself as a workman, gained entrance to the work site and quickly carved the sculpture from a small block before placing it on the highest roof. The gargoyle remained undiscovered for centuries until a small boy, lost in the labyrinthine roof, stumbled off a ledge and rolled down into the lap of the gargoyle. Since its rediscovery, the creature has been affectionately known as Little Dedo, the gargoyle with the crossed toes. In response, some parents keep a statue of this gargoyle around their house in the hope that it will protect their children.

.Larry and I were introduced to the story of Dedo about 12 years ago and bought a replica of the gargoyle {while in Paris} who sits in our fireplace. He has been part of our every day for a very long time.

This weekend, we went to Scarborough Fair, a Renaissance fair in central Texas It is always interesting at a Ren-Fest, and this year was no exception for we found a Dedo! {and brought him home!}

Photo: The Unicorn

We saw Unicorns and found Dedo! He was a long way from France and we brought him home for the Zen Garden. How can life get any better?

I wish you a day filled with Unicorns and Gargoyles.

Happy Monday.

Love you.


It’s All In The Lighting

Photo: The First Photo taken with the new camera

Larry Said: It is time that you have a new camera. The camera you are using, limits you and is sub-par. Then he said: Happy Early Birthday!

The pin cushion above was given to me years ago by Lauren. The lighting makes me smile…not to mention, the subject is perfection.

Merci beaucoup Larry Ray.

Love you.


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