Camp Robi Week One

We had the best weekend…

starting with Camp Robi on Friday.

Matilda got her hair cut at the Salon.

Amanda is our Hair ARTist…

and we have known her since she was a teenager.

{and is an amazing person with a huge heart}

After the hair cut

Camper, Matilda needed food.

Chik Fil A was the perfect lunch.

Then, as per schedule, we went to a  Butterfly house.

It was amazing…and Ma Cherie is a Butterfly tamer!

{she knows so much about the timeline of a butterfly}

After what seems hours in the hot butterfly house,

Matilda played on the playground


bought candy, better known as survivor food.

It was a perfect Camp Robi Day


It was a rainy holiday weekend in Texas.

Larry bought me a…swan.

If we had a family crest, it would have a swan on it.


Sunday, Dinner and Movie

Taco Bueno and The Longest Day.

We first saw

The Longest Day while in Normandy years ago.

I think that it is my favorite “war” movie.

Have you ever seen it?

Have a blessed Memorial Day.

Love you.



Billl Murray Where Are You?


is my favorite camp of all time.

{from the movie Meatballs with Bill Murray}

Coming in, at a close second is


Today is our first day of camp


will meet every Friday this summer.


well, maybe a little bit.

Our Itinerary is printed


excitement is in the air.

Let the summer begin!

Only one thing would make Camp R better….


{i heard he was here in Dallas!}

He is the consummate camp counselor,

but have no fear…..ROBI is here.

Corny but true.

Stay tuned, updates weekly.

Love you,


The Box

Late yesterday afternoon the doorbell rang,

Larry said, when he opened the door no one was there,

but there was a gift bag.

Inside the bag was a card with a poem

and a box.

We opened the gift together.

And cried.

Debbie, our wonderful next door neighbor

rang the doorbell and left the bag.

She told me that she was crying too.

How awesome is it,

when your friend  knows exactly how you feel?

Thank you Debbie.

This special gift makes me smile.

Through the tears of course.


I am trying……

Love you.


Exotic Breezes

On Monday, I drove to San Antonio with My Larry.

Larry was meeting with corporate clients

and I tagged along.

I read, knit and play on my tablet

while he

is on the phone, his lap top and at meetings.

On Monday night, we met friends for dinner.

{and they brought their daughters!}

Meet Miss Ella.

She is so sweet and we decided that we were best friends now.

She had the ability to cheer me up without even trying.

{Thanks Ella <3 }

Here is Ella with little sister, Caroline.

Brittany {A Paris Girl} and Eric have the sweetest girls.

The six of us had dinner,

talked forever and  I even played

Yup, you guessed it…..Barbie.

I loved Monday night.

The warn exotic breezes of San Antonio.

Good friends.

Sweet children

it was a lovely evening.


I am home now, at my work table


there is a pork shoulder in the C. Pot.

Life just keeps going forward doesn’t it?

In its wonderful, consistent way,

our days fill with beauty and  love

without even asking for it.

I have a dozen things to work on today

so I’d best get busy.

{ as Matilda would  say:

I’m going to just jump in and do my best!}

Please have a beautiful day.

Love you.


A Paris Girl In San Antonio

Imagine, 2009 Paris.

American Thanksgiving.

A small restaurant in  the 3rd Arrondissement owned by good friends.


a small group meeting to celebrate the joy in our lives.

Joseph and his Mother were there.

Cousin Amber was studying in Rome at the time

and she brought two friends to celebrate the holiday

in Paris with us.

I know this because….My Larry keeps BOOKS.

They are filled  with wine labels of the wine we had,

photos of friends


notes about the moments shared.

I have broken into the secret vault to show you….

what else can I call them, but the sacred journals?

I am just joking, My Larry calls them the wine journals.

{the first one dates back to 1997}


Last night Larry and I had dinner with one of The Paris Girls.

Brittany and her husband now live in San Antonio.

We met them for dinner and met their daughters.

It was the first time, since Paris, that we have seen her


how absolutely wonderful to was to see a Paris Girl for dinner again.

In the photo above, Thanksgiving In Paris,

from the left:

Jackie {Joseph’s Mom} Joseph, Libby {a Paris girl}

Brittany {a Paris Girl} Amber {my cousin}

Me and Larry.

Fast forward to 2017

Thank you Brittany for bringing your family to meet us.

Dinner was wonderful.

When can we get Amber and her family to Texas

for a reunion?

Love you.



Chocolate Love Loaf~Chef Valentine

 Last week, I found a recipe.

It is like cake, but like a quick bread too.

The recipe was in an old church cookbook from Half Price Books.

I tweaked it a bit….and Larry changed the name of it.

{say it in your best Barry White voice}

Chocolate Loveeee Loaf

 1 1/2 cups mini semi sweet chocolate chips {divided}

1/2 cup butter-softened.

2/3 cups brown sugar

2 1/2 cups all purpose flour

2 eggs

1 1/2 cups unsweetened applesauce

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon salt


1/2 cup mini semisweet chocolate chips

1 Tablespoon butter

 3 Tablespoons Half and Half

1/2 cup confectioners sugar

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract


Grease and flour 2 loaf pans {medium pans}

Preheat oven to 350

Melt 1 cup chocolate chips- set aside to cool

Cream soft butter and brown sugar till fluffy

Add eggs and cooled chocolate

Mix well

Add applesauce and vanilla

COMBINE- flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt

Add to cream mixture

Stir  in 1/2 cup non melted chips

bake for 40 min

Take out. Let cook for 20-30 min

make glaze.


Melt 1/2 cup of mini chips and 1 Tablespoon butter together

Stir in  half and half

Remove from heat. stir in confectioners sugar and vanilla.

drizzle over Chocolate Love Loaf


We enjoyed one loaf then sliced and froze the second loaf.

I call this…

Larry’s Chocolate LOVEEEEE Loaf.

Till next time,


Give Me The Sun

My Sunday morning Is rainy.

Mornings like this remind me of France.

Rainy mornings there are wonderful.

This photo was taken at The Rodin.

Rainy Paris and me….in the gardens at Rodin.

The Rodin is across the street from our apartment.

I love being so close to this museum…but I might drive Larry crazy about it.

To be honest, I am so glad to be at our rainy Cottage today.

On Friday night, Larry took me to a baseball game.

We drank beer and enjoyed being away at a rainy baseball game.

On Saturday we celebrated the birthday of Lauren and Josh’s best friend Dima.

Matilda  hugged Ayah {Ayah is Dima’s daughter} as we waited for  lunch.

Oh, LUNCH! It was the most amazing array of Mediterranean food.

Dima introduced us to so much deliciousness.


It has stopped raining but is very damp outside.

The garden is thriving from the rain.

I think that  I might be enjoying these rainy days….

but I must be honest….give me the sun!

What about you? Sun or rain?

Happy Sunday either way.

Love you beyond the moon.



Last night, we had a loud thunderstorm.

It was so loud that it woke Larry and me up.

We listened to the rain and turned on an old French movie.

{Bell de jour}

The movie was over around 2:30 am

and I feel asleep in Larry’s arms.

This morning, I woke up,

listened to the news while still in bed,

then hid my face in my pillows.

Pippa got married.

I am so happy that she found her forever….

but merde,

do we have to be informed about  every moment of her day?

I dislike weddings with every inch of my being.

I dislike them,

I resent the game that major players of a wedding play.

I cannot stand the the absolute tragedy a wedding can turn into.

I  hate the price of things for weddings.

Please do not get me wrong.

I LOVE love.

I have been in love, with the same man  for 42 years.

There is no doubt about love.

It is what you do with that love that matters.

If you love someone enough,

that is all that matters.

I do not go to weddings anymore


send gifts.
{ we send presents later to the couple}

I want to shout my feelings from the rooftops.

But, alas, I am a mother.

I am so filled with anger,




and  I am

amazed at the lack of caring some people have.

Love is fragile.

How on earth can anyone take one moment of love for granted?

Love is something to celebrate  and to enjoy with family and friends.

Love hidden is not true love.

Love hidden is not true love.



 It is quiet in the house today.

I have been making paper, which is not exciting in the least….

but BOO, my new gnome, is keeping an EYE on things.

Ironic isn’t  it?

Keeping a covered eye on my progress.

Boo, is a gift from Rosemary and David.

Rosemary is a dear, sweet friend

who seems to know when I need a smile.

Don’t you love friends like that?

Rosemary is a gem.


I sit at my work table with my lap top

to post entries on the blog.

I face South East

and this is what I face.

It is a small hand-made corner cabinet

that we bought in Memphis, in 1980.

It is a good example of Folk Art and I love it.

Libby now, resides on the top shelf.

Her ashes are elsewhere for the moment,

but this is her spot for now.


I wish you a happy, wonderful weekend


may all your moments be happy ones.

Keep a covered eye on things for me!

Love you.


Paris and London Love

On Sunday, for Mothers day,

we had perfect seats at the play,

The Little Mermaid.

Matilda was on the first row with her Mother.

Larry, Jamison and I sat on the second row.

We were so close to the actors,

that I often forgot

that I was at a performance.

It was the best Mothers Day ever.


Last evening, Larry brought in the mail.

Lots of ads, one note from a friend


a package.

A package from a  sweet friend far away.

I opened the package to find

a scarf that is amazing.

{Paris & London love}

The note was filled with all things I needed to hear

{thank you Kim….you are the best}


I cried.

Isn’t life interesting?

I get my life in order,

ending 5 years of breast cancer treatment, check ups and meds,

Larry is in a job he adores,


my ART is better than ever.

I personally think

that God lets me know who is in charge.

{and it isn’t me}

Life is interesting…and wonderful.

Love you.