Photo: Remember Motto

Larry and I bought this while we were in New Hope, PA .

It was hidden in a corner at the Scottish shop

in front of the Bucks County Playhouse.

 I love what it says….

but it makes me wonder if I have/am doing a good job?

Are we being kind to each other

and are we making every moment count?

I am glad that it is Thursday.

Love you.


In Our Own Way

On the evening of the Oscar awards,

Larry and I celebrated in our own way.

Photo: Oscar evening cheese plate

It was nice.

We chatted, watched the awards show…and enjoyed dinner.

It was a special break in these crazy winter days.


This past month, I have been struggling with the side effects of my new medicines.

Larry has been wonderful.

He is supportive, positive, cheerful and keeps my mind busy.

What would I do without him?


I just finished 5 years  of breast cancer treatments

and now,

now I am so angry that I have to deal with diabetes.

So mad.

Medicine every day, finger picks daily too.

Not to mention  worrying about  food intake and foot problems.

Larry is my hero. I love him more every day.

Larry, when you read this today,

know that I appreciate you with all of my heart

and that I apologise for being angry right now.

I will get over it soon. Promise.

Love you beyond the moon.


Stitches and Waves

Photo: Love and joy

Yesterday, I spent the day working on the raffle quilt.

I am hand quilting it, with gentle stitches and waves.

{it is a twin size quilt}

My house is a mess.

Music is loud


my fingers are becoming raw and tired.

Raffle tickets are being filled out and put into the bowl.

Photo: Raffle bowl

There are 21 tickets left.

Good luck to everyone who is participating


thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Link to “RULES” of the raffle page

Love you.


New Procedure for Donation Quilt


Photo: Hand made quilt by me. Twin size. Titled Love & Joy

In an effort to get as much as I can for the donation quilt and understanding the limitation associated with the silent bid process, I have decided to raffle off the quilt.

I am going to offer a chance for the first 30 friends that donate $25.00 to MY Komen Race For The Cure.

This is My Komen Link!

The 5 of you that have already donated, already   have your name in the bowl.

That makes the odds of winning 1 in 30.

The drawing will be held the day before the Komen Race,

Friday, May 18th, 2018.

Miss Matilda Miller will draw the winner.

Please email me {} if you make a contribution and I will update the list until all 30  slots have been filled and I will put your name into the bowl.

Thank you for your support!



Heading North

Yesterday I headed North during a storm.

I was frightened and amazed at the same time

Photo: Driving North from Dallas in a storm

The beauty and complete  power of the storms



Sometimes it is good to be reminded that we

need to slow down, appreciate the beauty


tell the people around us that we  love them.

Love you.


Simple Pleasures


When we are in Paris, I love walking through the Tuileries Garden.

Sometimes we have a picnic or just sit

and visit, while people watching.

 Photo: A new garden planter
Photo: New garden planter

This past weekend, we went to the garden center

and I saw this planter.

I fell in love instantly.

{she is much like the statues in Paris!}

She is on the dining room table right now

while I decide where to put her on the patio.


I am so glad that it is Wednesday.

Half of this week is over.

On Saturday, we are having two

of our favorite people over for dinner.

I am enjoying creating a menu…..

Simple pleasures, oui?

I wish you a nice day, filled with moments of joy.

Love you.


The Meaning of My Quilt


Photo: My favorite quilt design, Mariners Compass. I made this by hand, 20 years ago.

“Mariner’s Compass is the name quilters use to refer to star designs that radiate from the center of a circle as opposed to the star designs that grow from a square, like Ohio Star or Sawtooth Star. If you are going to call your design a Mariner’s Compass it should probably have 16 or 32 points like the compass card on a magnetic compass or a map.

It’s not surprising that the Mariner’s Compass pattern is one of the earliest quilt patterns. The design is a very old one. Before the compass was available early mariners depended on a wind chart called the wind rose. Though not always reliable it was the best that could be done before the magnetic compass came into use in the late 13th century.

For some time after sailors still depended on the winds, as they didn’t completely trust the magnetic compass. During this time the wind rose gradually evolved into the compass rose on nautical maps. The compass rose continued to be a useful decorative feature on charts and maps for the next few centuries. It’s likely that quilters were inspired by the varied designs used to depict the compass rose over time. The first known quilt to use the Mariner’s Compass design was made in 1726 in England.

As I  am working on  my current quilt,”Love & Joy”

I reflect on the meanings of these quilts and the love that goes into them… I need strength and direction…..

I am struggling today,

and will walk my laps either at the lake or the Rec Center if it is raining.

My playlist is ready…

Love you.



Sunday, Dinner and Movie

It is a foggy Monday Morning.

I have been tired and sad.

Such is life, oui?

Yesterday, Larry took me to the Dallas Arboretum for an “airing”…..

It was perfection.

We came home and I made dinner.

Whole roasted chicken, rice, salad and cake for dessert

Photo: Half chicken and rice
Photo: Salad
Photo: Angel Food cake and strawberries

The movie for Sunday was PICNIC.

A 1955 classic.


I would like to thank the awesome people who

have donated to Komen Race For The Cure in my name.

I will be writing to you personally, but till then,

I send crushing hugs.

I am honored to be remembered  in such a way.

Love you,




Off To The Gym

I am sad that Valentines Day is over.

Since Larry and I celebrate for a week,

It is just now hitting me that

it is over.


Last night, Chef Valentine was in the kitchen.

Dinner was amazing.

Stuffed acorn squash and grapes.

It was delicious.

Confession: I ate a little piece of chocolate cake for dessert.

It was a SLIVER.

After such a good meal, how could a little cake hurt?

This morning, when pricked my finger, used the diabetic monitor,

my numbers were back in the danger zone!


I have to say bye now…..I am off to the gym.

Gotta work off that cake.

I have come to the conclusion, that growing old sucks.

Love you.