Lauren’s Birthday and Other Random Thoughts

Photo: Ramen noodles for dinner

Yesterday was my oldest Daughters birthday.

She is a wonderful person, an amazing mother & wife and an artist.

I found myself  thinking back over the years….

Where did the time go?

I am not quite sure where the time went,

but what a wonderful journey it has been.

I am thankful every day for my life and the people who are part of it.

Last night, I made ramen bowls for dinner.

Larry and I sat, talking about the day and Lauren’s birthday.

It was a perfect Monday.

Love you.


Looking Back on Easter Weekend

On Saturday morning,

we went to Matilda’s first softball game.

Her team won.


On Saturday night, we Celebrated Lauren’s birthday with SUSHI!


On Sunday we went to church, took a drive


went to Easter dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.

We sat over wine and a fabulous dinner,

Talking about the weekend and how blessed we are.

I even splurged and had a piece of cake for dessert.

We came home, and I was miserable because I had eaten to much food.

We watched Jesus Christ Superstar



It was a weekend to remember.

Easter 2018.

Love you.


For Spring


Photo: Easter 1987. Lauren left-Jamison right

It has been a lovely week.

The world is preparing for Spring


washing off the winter blues.

Little girls are in sweet dresses

and hunting for colored eggs filled with candy.

The sun is staying high in the sky till late in the evening


irises in the garden are preparing to bloom.

The world is preparing for Spring.

Have a wonderful Easter.

Love you.


Beyond The Pigeon

Photo: Groucho Bird in Paris

This is one of my all-time favorite Paris shots.

There is one focal point,

but with a dozen other things happening around it.

{the weather, the traffic, the Eiffel}

Just like in life.

Yesterday, My Larry and I were talking about that.

We tend to notice the main thing about people,

but honestly, let other “friend” things slide.

{we  never know what things someone is going through}

It upsets me, thinking that maybe a  friend needed  me,

and I never noticed that they were sad, mad, upset or just tired.

I promise to pay attention better,

but you are always welcome to send me an SOS.

There are times when I need a friend too….

so I understand.

It is time to look past the pigeon and notice the world around him.

Love you beyond the moon.


Lo And Behold

This morning, I would like to thank all of  you.

You left messages here, on Face Book, texted me…

and remembered me in your prayers.

I loved reading messages filled with so much love and care.

Thank you, so much.

Yesterday, I got much done.

Photo: Favorite tea, movie and knitting

I watched The Little Prince, enjoyed tea

and knitted on a project that needs completed.


Photo: Plant, Chocolate Soldier

The plant, in the kitchen is blooming.

It was dormant all winter and was boring.

{almost to the point of giving it away}

But, lo and behold….a lovely red-ish flower appeared,

Small pleasures.

Love you.


Not There Yet

You are pardoned today.

I am not going to torture you with

how much I am missing my Libby-Pug Dog.

It is surprising how much I still grieve for her.

Aren’t  I to be recovering from her death by now?

I know that she helped me  through breast cancer

and various family things….

but, gosh.

Today the air is thick with rain

and bad storms are expected.

 I honestly thought to myself:

Libby needs out before the rain starts.

So many friends  have suggested a new puppy

but I am not there yet.


Thank you lovely readers.

Reading a sad blog is always a drag

and your patience is appreciated.

{perhaps I did torture you after all. Sorry}


The back patio door is open

and I can smell the rain approaching.

Love you.


Happy Monday Morning

Photo: Photos in restaurant. San Antonio, Texas

Larry and I spent a couple of days in San Antonio.

We drove down and brilliant me

took new meds before we left

and was sick all 5 hours down there.

{but I got over the reaction fast}

He had meetings and I played.

Then we had dinner with friends.

Driving home, I wanted to shop at Burberry


Larry was sweet enough to stop and shop.


There are only 16 spaces left
for the quilt. Thank you to all who donated!!!
Info below

Thank you to….Lauren Miller Photography! She photographed The Komen Donation quilt today! (it is a twin size quilt) If you are interested in a raffle ticket, go to this web site:…

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Thank you everyone who has been part of this journey.

I love you beyond the moon.


Tea Moment

Respectfully preparing tea and partaking of it

mindfully creates heart-to-heart conviviality,

a way to go beyond this world and enter a world apart.

No pleasure is simpler,

no luxury cheaper,

no consciousness-altering agent more benign.

~James Norwood Pratt~

Love you.



Last week, during spring break,

Matilda came to town for a hair cut with Miss Amanda.

She arrived at The Cottage with a drawing for the fridge

saying that she wanted her hair cut like the picture.

Photo: Self portrait of Matilda with new hair cut

I am not sure if you can see her hair,

but is is almost exactly like the picture that she drew.

Photo: Matilda with hair cut off.

My Granddaughter is brilliant.

You know that I am smiling.

Love you.