Happy Friday!


I went  to book club.


It was a lovely lunch, with wonderful ladies.

Conversation was lively


the food was delicious.


This morning, I slept in.

And…..I made the funkiest stack of pancakes.

I ate almost 1/2 of the stack.

They were not so good. {Bisquick mix. BLA!}

It is a beautiful morning


I must work on Jamison’s coat.

{it is progressing well!}

Photo: Jami’s coat and lining.

and tonight I have a dinner date with the man.

I think that I love Fridays.

Tonight is Twelfth Night.

That always makes me smile.

Maybe I will buy a Kings Cake for dessert tonight?

Time for me to get busy.

Love you beyond the moon.


Busy Hands…..

For Christmas this year

I made many of the gifts we gave.

I designed and executed a sweater for Matilda.

It was so much fun to make,

Yesterday, she invited me to meet her

at a Mall in Frisco, Texas.

AND there she was, in her sweater!

She  was so cute about it


I could  not help being happy to see her in it.


Photo: detail of sweater design


Photo: we had lunch at PDQ. here we are waiting for lunch

 Christmas is not over


I have two gifts that I am still working on.

Thank you, patient family members…

Soon. Soon! I promise.


Photo: Custom coat for Jamison. She picked out the materials before Christmas.

Today, I will work on Jamison’s coat in the morning.

I will work on Josh’s sweater in the afternoon.

And for dinner we will have street tacos.

Great plan, yes? {happy face}

Happy New Year!

Love you beyond the moon.



It is January 2nd.

I am honestly happy in my heart.

Today started with the first day

of a sketching challenge.

I am so rusty, but I loved it!

No, you cannot see my sketch yet

{it is not very good}

but I know that each day with practice,

my lines and shading will return.

What will you do to stretch your talents?

Please try something?

Just for me?

Let me know what you are doing.

Love you.


No Comments on Face Book


I am so excited for this coming year.

So many projects and  ideas

to bring to reality!


After I post an entry here, on the blog,

I add the link  for it to Face Book. Just a link.

This is just a reminder,

Please add your comments HERE

on the blog. {not Face Book}

I will not be on Face Book to read your comments.

I will not be on Face Book to read your comments.

Your kind comments will not appear right away,

I approve each one for now.

Please know that I love hearing from you all.



Larry and I had a wonderful New Years Eve.

I will post more about it {and our wonderful dinner}  later

because today, I am working.

Have a lovely  first day of 2018.

Love you.



As I prepare for 2018, I reflect on this past year.

It was great and awful

and  is ending on a funky note.

photo: I bring a leaf home from France each year. This year, I brought two.

So much kindness has been shown to Larry and I this year,

it takes my breath away.

I have ALWAYS said:

People treat you the way they feel about you.

Thank you for that.

You know who you are, who have touched our hearts

We are better people for knowing you.

As I think about this….

to the people who have been

rude, snide, argumentative and  disrespectful.

I forgive you.

I am sorry that you have such a hard heart….

I really have nothing to say to you, sorry.

Ready for a confession?

I have been resisting these donuts for 24 hours.

Stand back….I am headed to the kitchen right now….

Love you for taking the time to read my words.


Sweet Moments

photo: Matilda in Broken Bow, OK

On Christmas Eve, we all took a drive.

The winter country was beautiful to me.

Matilda  Loved it.

She  has a  spirit of kindness and gentle ways.


Yesterday while Larry worked,

I cooked,  did laundry and cleaned.

At his lunch hour we took a drive.

{it was kind of awesome}

Then we came home to his phone ringing off the hook.

{restaurant people are very busy this week each year}

But last night we celebrated.

photo: Holidays at Home. Prime rib, mashed potatoes, green beans

He opened the wine I gave him for his birthday.

A movie was on, but we chatted so much

that we did not watch it.

Then I opened my gifts from Santa.

photo: Santa’s gift. A scarf and a new pen!

It was a perfect evening.

Thank you Larry for being my ROCK.

Thank you Santa……you spoil me.

Love you.


Torn Wrapping Paper

My Larry and  I went far away for Christmas.

It was beautiful.

And Santa remembered  me there,

even so far away.

I passed busy churches and wished I was inside.

I was surrounded by people and felt alone.

It was then I realized, that you cannot escape

why we celebrate Christmas.

We are home today.

Larry is at work on a big project.

Laundry is swirling


I am making a romantic Boxing Day dinner tonight.

Did you have a perfect Christmas?

Did you have a perfect Joyeux Noël ?

I hope and pray you did.

Love you beyond the torn wrapping paper



I am feeling sentimental today

and I am not sure why.

The lights and colors of the season have

touched me in the most unusual way

and tears seem to always be at the surface.

Personally, I am glad that 2017 is almost over.

It was filled with bad and good.

2018 is the promise of renewal for me.

Photo: Jamison with Dallas skyline at her left shoulder

Yesterday we met Jami at the Arboretum.

It was our Christmas with her.

I have other photos from the day,

but this one is the one I loved best.

Past the lake and over her shoulder, you can see Dallas.

She chose this spot, excited at the view.


As we jump headfirst into this busy weekend,

I wish you happy,

blessed moments with the people you love best.

Please take a moment to listen to someone

who might be lonely or unheard.

Listening is a wonderful gift.

{please leave a message here if you need me to listen}

Much love to you.