I Am Not The Only One Around

Yesterday was a strange day

and last night I woke around two o’clock

and could not go back to sleep.

I am tired of having a cold,

100 degree days,

eating  dinner out at restaurants,

missing Libby Pug Dog,

inconsiderate people,

and feeling sad.

Spicy list, huh?

Random fact: I love spices and spice jars,

I am not a fan of dramatic {spicy} days

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed and sad?

Thank you for listening.

You all are awesome,

I get notes from many of you,

sharing feelings, thoughts, ideas….

I love knowing that I am not the only sad~sac around.

Happy Wednesday fellow sad~sacs!

I love you more than candy.



Last  Saturday, Josh, Lauren and Matilda came for lunch.

The autograph tablecloth was on the table

{for Matilda to do a sketch next to her 4 year old signature}


BBQ was on the menu.

In the past few days, since this lunch party,

Larry and I have been  busy.

He loves his job,

I have been working on a Christmas gift for Lars,

 trying to get over two weeks of traveling


a bad cold.

I think that this might be the first normal Tuesday in 3 weeks….

Here is to NORMAL.

A Normal, BRAND NEW day……

Be happy …

Love you.





Brunch~Anniversary Cards~Sense and Sensibility

Yesterday was wonderful.

Larry and I went to brunch

where we sat in the cool restaurant enjoying each other.

Talking, laughing, crying.

We sat in our favorite booth,


the piano player played a song that was played at our wedding.

After brunch, we went to the garden center.


bought a few new plants for the entry area of The Cottage.

Each year we give each other the same card for our anniversary.

When it gets filled up, we buy another

and slip it under the ribbon.

I took pictures.

The first entry is from August 2007.

ten years of entries!

Thanks for letting me know that my math was wrong Dima.


Laundry is swirling.

I have cut out fabric


will soon be sewing while doing laundry.

The playlist for today is

Soundtrack from Sense and Sensibility.

{It is awesome for a Monday morning}

Be happy today dear hearts.

I love you more than chocolate.






Larry and I have been married, 40 years today.

I love My Larry. I love my life.

But, this has been the worst year of my life.

I thank  God every day, that Larry is my partner.

We can handle anything together.

Good or bad,

Larry has a way of helping me accept life

as we journey through.

Last Sunday, we were lucky enough

to visit the church where we were marred 40 years ago.

Richmond, VA~1977

It feels like yesterday.

Where has the time gone?


Photo taken at the Black Bass Hotel…by amber moralis


25th wedding ceremony, Cable Beach, Bahamas.


This is my favorite person in the world….

Happy Anniversary Larry.

Love you more than candy.




Just a Question

Good Morning.It is super quiet in the house…

and my brain has been a bit agitated.

Let me explain.

My love for history is well known

and because of this, I have one question. Maybe two.

When the time comes to tear down George Washington’s statue

{and it will happen, because he owned slaves}

will tearing it down, change history in any way?

The ARTist’s work will have been damaged beyond repair


after the immediate adrenaline  rush,

the persons who brought it down,

are going to have the same old history to contend with.

I was wondering if the destruction is worth it?

Where is all of this hate coming from?

Love you.





At Home In ~August

It is very early here at The Cottage.

It is raining and thunder is rattling the windows.

Our last two trips happened very close to each other.

London, home a couple of days, then off to Richmond, VA.

We are home now.

I have a bad cold.

So very glad to be home.

Being sick in your own bed is the best.

Love you.



High Tea

One week ago,

Larry and I were in London at Kensington Palace, having tea.

It was a lovely way to celebrate this time of our lives.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time

to support me and my journey.

Last week during tea,

we toasted EVERYONE.

Including you.

Beautiful, beautiful life…..

Love you more than candy.


Deflated, But Not For Long

I was taking to someone close yesterday and said:

Next week is our 40th wedding anniversary! Can you believe it?

The person I was talking to said:

Yes, you have mentioned that before.

It made me feel deflated and sad.

Perhaps I need to talk to people like that.

But, talking to someone like that makes me feel bad.

What do you do?

Do you let people insult you after you have been kind to them?

Are you rude back to them?

Do you stay away from them?

I am always hurt when someone is rude.

Being rude to anyone is discounting them, to make yourself feel better.


Thank you for listening.

Love you more than candy.




London Town

I remember Mother always called London,

London Town.

I wonder why?

In London, our flat was a few blocks from Paddington Station.

I LOVE Paddington Station.

Such energy and  colors.

AND, they have the REAL Paddington Bear Shop there.

We went into the store…to buy Matilda a Paddington Bear.

{do you know that the original Paddington Bear is there in a case?

He is absolutely amazing}

In the photo above, the bear on the right

is the bear we bought for Matilda.

I love him so much and If Matilda does not like him…

he can come live here at the  cottage.

Do you know how people put items next to money

so we can judge the scale or size of the item….

We put Matilda’s Paddington next to a wine bottle.

He is a big guy..

{Tomorrow is the last Camp Robi day for 2017.

Paddington will go live with Matilda tomorrow.}

After a short rest,

Larry and I made our way  across town

to the Prince Of Wales Pub,

where we drank pints and watched people.

It was so much fun….and then

we walked  a few blocks to the theater

to see one of my favorite plays.


The people seated around us at the play were so kind,

Not WICKED at all..

It was midnight when we got home.

We snuggled in bed and talked about our day.

Love you beyond the moon.