Maybe Time?

Yesterday, I was trying to straightening things up a bit and it occurred to me…maybe it is time to throw Libby’s pug dog bed away? It is still in the same spot where she slept, by the window in my work room. She could keep on eye out the window for visitors, she had toys around her if she got a burst of energy and she was near me. That is the most wonderful part. She always stayed close to me.

Maybe it is time? But, I am afraid that if I throw it away, I would regret it.

Photo: Libby’s dog bed

I am still missing my girl very much. Maybe it is not quite time yet.

Photo: Libby and Flag

When you lost a beloved pet, what was your experience?

Thank you for listening.

Love you.


Crock Pot~Bacon Corn Chowder~Chef Valentine

I had written down this recipe from the Internet months ago, leaving it out, reminding me to just try it!

I made the soup yesterday and was not disappointed. The taste profile in this soup is perfection if you follow the directions. It will become a “regular” at The Cottage.

Photo: Crock Pot Corn Chowder

Bacon Corn Chowder


1 pound of small red potatoes cut into 1″cubes

1/2 cup chopped onion

2 bags {12 oz each} frozen whole kernel corn

3 cups chicken broth

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

2 cups half and half

2 Tablespoons cornstarch

1/2 pound bacon-cooked crispy and crumbled

*** In a 4 quart Crock Pot, mix potatoes, onion, corn, broth, salt and pepper. Cover and cook on high for 4 hours till potatoes are tender.

*** In a small bowl, beat half&half and cornstarch with a whisk till smooth, Stir half&half mixture and bacon into the corn mixture that is in the Crock Pot and cover. Cook another 15-30 min till slightly thickened.

We had turkey sandwiches and diet ginger ale with the Corn Chowder.

Hope you enjoy.

Till next time….

Chef Valentine

We All Know Someone

Photo: Gift from my dear friend Rosemary

OK. Lets be honest.When you are having a stinky day, go out to get the mail and find a package, just for YOU. It can really make you smile. This happened to me on Tuesday. Rosemary {a dear friend} sent a gift. A PARIS gift! I have hung it in the work room and it does make me smile. Often. Rosemary, thank you. A real note is in the mail to you, but I wanted to share your thoughtfulness here. I hope that you do not mind. We all know someone who is having a few blue days. It happens to all of us and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Being sad or upset is just part of life.

I have noticed that my blue days are so much different since breast cancer treatment. The good thing is that I am cancer free. Being blue is not so bad. I can handle this.

Keeping busy is another good thing…..I started knitting a poncho, embroidering a dish towel and Chef Valentine is trying a new recipe today.

What do you do to keep busy when you are blue?

If you need someone to talk to, I am always here…and my email is

Love you beyond all of the projects.


Tuesdays, Ships and Dreams

Yesterday was Tuesday, the last day of winter. Our back patio door was open and the sounds of the neighborhood distracted me constantly.

I heard the definite click of the mailbox and hurried out to get the mail before dressing for dinner.

As I walked to the mailbox, I looked over at our neighbor, Lew’s house. You must remember me talking about Lew, he had a birthday a few weeks ago. What I did not tell you is, Lew is a shipbuilder or a shipwright. He worked building big ships before he retired and now….he builds them in his garage.

Photo: Our neighbor is a shipwright

I ran back in the house for the camera and took this photo, hoping that Lew or his daughter Debbie did not see me and think I was stalking them. I wanted to go over and touch the sail….better yet, look at the beautiful colors on the ship.( boat?) I was in awe. How amazing is it to see something like this in a small Texas neighborhood?

I found this quote and it made me think of Lew…

“Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made.”

~Robert N. Rose~

Happy First Day of Spring.

Love you.


A Blog About Nothing

I honestly have nothing much to say today. My yesterday was BLA, spending it doing laundry and not feeling quite well. I finished a gift (it is in the washer right now) I read (the book club book) and I went to Matilda’s softball game (her team won).

The gift in the washer is for a dear person. I will not say much because she reads blog often…..but…..I can say, she is a peach. The gift is for no occasion. Matilda, Larry and I chose the fiber for the gift. It took me a week to make it. It will be clean, dried and blocked. Then I will box it up and take it to our little mailing shop and then ship it far away. I love the mailing part. It is then, when the gift takes on a life of its own

Photo: Internet photo of the sweetest earrings

I found a web site, with the sweetest earrings. They are recycled and made of tin. I do not know the owner….just thought I would share (because I plan to order gifts soon) Link below.

Have a lovely day. Today is a gift just for us.

Love you.


St Patrick’s Day Weekend

Photo: We Dashed Down Greenville! A traditional 5K

It was a good weekend. Larry had a busy week last week and did not even mention WORK over the weekend. It was kind of awesome.

We dashed down Greenville on Saturday, we grocery shopped, we exercised. On Sunday we went to church. After church we went to McKinney Trade days and walked….a lot!

Photo: Trade Day Sign. {I love this}
Photo: A Favorite drink

We found a fun tablecloth for Sunday Dinner and Movie….$17.00. But, to be honest,there were dog breeders there. English Bulldogs, 2 Boston Terriers and other breeds I was not interested in. I will never own another dog, but if I ever happened to, it would be a rescue.

Larry stayed far from the dogs. He would not get near the cages. I did. I wanted to be near a puppy heart beating. That is what I miss about My Libby Girl. Feeling her little heart beat under her pug skin…..the puppies made Larry a bit sad. So we went to the antiquing side of the “Trade Days”.

When came home where I made Sunday dinner. The movie we wanted to watch was not available, so we watched …are you ready?

Photo: Our St Patrick’s Sunday Movie
Photo: I made sausage and mushroom pizza
Photo: Chocolate cake for dessert

It was a good weekend and a beautiful Monday. Larry hopes to conclude a big business deal today and if all goes well, we will see Matilda play softball at 6:00! Fingers crossed and spit into the wind……

Love you.


Each And Every One Of Us

It is Friday morning. The birds are singing and the sun is out. Larry is back in his home-office, slaving away. (He has 2 huge conference calls today) I am sitting at my work table, rather distracted.

I am not on Facebook much. I reopened my account so I could post a link here and there. My “feed” is almost never looked at and I miss a lot of great comments by good friends.

Last week, I kept getting notified that someone had left me a Facebook message. I logged on to look, I also looked through my “feed”…..and saw that someone whom I absolutely ADORE. Posted a video (animated) of an abortion. It was really awful. Awful. This person posts many political things. Not nice political things (in my opinion) but I just ignore them. We all have the right to our opinion. Each and every one of us has the right to feel a certain way. Even me. But at a weak moment, I commented on the persons abortion video. I said I wish you had not posted this. It is not appropriate. ( I was so sad that this amazing person was posting such graphic, violent content) It was MY opinion. I was wrong to say it out loud and I am sorry. Well, I did not expect what happened next. I was berated and bullied from many of her contacts. I guess I do not have the right to my opinion after all. Is an abortion video on FB appropriate and I did not know it?

When has tolerance been at such a low? Why do we judge and hate? Granted, if you treat me badly I will go far away but if you worship differently or belong to a different political party, it will never effect our relationship. Social media has given a voice to the voiceless and they want to convert us all.

I cannot control anyone but myself. I respect your opinion even if it is different than mine….Just because a person says something on Facebook, does NOT MAKE IT SO.

So….how is your day going? Share any opinions lately?

Love you.


Our Sunday Movie After Matilda

After Matilda went home on Sunday, My Larry and I watched our Sunday movie. Alone In Berlin is one of my Netflix finds {Emma Thompson!} and is a true story. Even though it was sad and dark, I loved this movie. I loved the end of this movie. Promise to watch it till the very end…..

Love you.


And The Book For May Is……….The Southerners

My book group meets every other month. Our next meeting will be in May and it was my turn to choose May’s book. I love when it is my turn to pick out the book, is there anything better than sharing a good book with a good friend?

I have chosen one of my all time favorite books, ever.

About 1970, my Grandmother gave me her copy of The Southerners. {I have read it numerous times and adore it} I still have it, although rather torn up. It was published in 1953 and is 65 years old this year. On my To Read List, The Southerners is in the top ten books for this year, because I will be 65 in June too.

  So dear readers, I am sharing my birthday book with you.

   I bought a used copy on Amazon for $1.99 plus $3.00 shipping.

  ABE Books also has a few copies or check you local library.

  If you have trouble finding or buying The Southerners, I would be glad to help.

Do you have a list of favorite books? Please share one or two of them?

Love you.


Team Believe Shirts, Donations and More

Team Believe supports Komen Race For The Cure and early detection. Each year, our family participates in the North Texas race. I would not be alive if it were not for early detection.

I designed this years TEAM BELIEVE shirts and they have arrived! Matilda modeled hers for me this weekend.

Photo: Matilda modeling the 2019 Team Believe shirt
Photo: Team Believe shirt. Back

TEAM BELIEVE shirts were designed by me. You can purchase them at… Big Frog Custom T Shirts and More.

972-941-3641 or

No proceeds from the purchase of the T- shirts goes to Komen or me.

Ask for The Robin Tolbert- Team Believe 2019 shirt. They run around $30.00 OR you can go to my Komen site and make a donation ….read more about the give away at the link below.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this. If you are not interested in donations, t-shirts or give-aways, there is still something that you can do for me. Perhaps it is the most important thing of all. Please remind the loved ones in your life to have an annual mammogram. Early detection saves lives.

Love you.


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