Komen Race For The Cure

We walked the Komen Race For The Cure on Saturday. It was an overcast day. I had a piece of paper with the names of special people next to my heart and I felt as if I could cry during the entire morning. Year lucky 7 is a sentimental one for me. {I am 7 years into this remarkable journey} Next year, there will be ART raffled. I am inspired. Below is my favorite shot from the day.

Photo: TEAM BELIEVE ~Declaration board for Komen website

My experience this year has been different than the past 6 years. Some people feel that my cancer threat is gone and I do not need their support. I must be honest, each day that passes, my anxiety about a recurrence gets worse.

This past year, some “people” have been interesting. A friend even tried to hijack my Komen fund-raising account and make it her own.{you do not want to know} I did not raise as much $$$ this year as in past years but the funds were donated from the heart. That means the world to me. Thank you all.

Today, I am thankful and proud. I would like to thank you for the support and love given to me. I send you each virtual hugs and as much love as I can muster on this page. You know who you are.

Today is beautiful and joy fills my heart.

Love you beyond the moon.


Team Believe 2019

These are the names who will be carried next to my heart during the Komen Race For The Cure,

I will be adding: Larry Tolbert, Jami and Jared, Lauren Josh and Matilda to this list. There are not enough words to thank you all. I do not know what I would do without you.

Pink surrounded us

and strength grew with each breath.

You are the pink that stirred

the positive karma that restored health.

Healing comes in all forms,

rejoice in the journey.

Love you beyond the moon.


Missing Mitzu

Three years ago today, Lauren’s pug dog passed. She was the sweetest girl ever and I miss her so very much.

Photo: Mitzu smiling

Mitzu was always filled with energy and sweetness. She was younger than Libby Pug and her sudden death came as a surprise. I had always thought that when Libby would leave us in her old age, Mitzu would be here to comfort us.

Mitzu died almost one year before Libby and having them both gone is difficult for me.

Both Jami and Lauren have wonderful dogs now and I love visiting with them….but I do not think I want another dog now.

Mitzu was smart and she did a little dance when I would be putting her dog food bowl down. I called her Tiny Dancer.

Today, in honor of Mitzu, I will whisper prayers and send love out into the void. Rest well Tiny Dancer. I love you.

Love you beyond the moon.


Mother and Daughter

Photo: Matilda & Lauren Mothers Day 2019 The Modern Museum-Ft Worth, TX

I took the photo above on Mothers Day. I love how Matilda and Lars are looking at each other. Mothers and daughters have a special bond. It is a secret society. It is a gift from God.

Early this morning, I received an email from France, from a very good friend telling me that her Mother had passed. Madame was 93 years old..She was a renaissance woman. Her husband had been in the French Resistance, she drove race cars. When she was in the states, we would always plan dinner parties. She made the best couscous I ever had. She raised two children alone during very difficult times….and most of all, she was Anne-Marie’s Mother.

During my walk this morning, I was thinking about the special bond mothers and daughters have. There are almost no words to describe the relationship. I miss my Mother often. I am her legacy. {Hope I am doing OK}

Love you beyond the moon.


We Visited For A Second

Many people will walk in and out of your life

but only a true friend will leave

their footprint on your heart.

~Eleanor Roosevelt~

My Life has been wonderful. I am married to my best friend. Lauren and Jamison are the joys of my life and my granddaughter Matilda inspires me every day to be positive and creative. There is one more aspect in my life that is important. Friendship.

I know many friends come and go. Some are fakes and ego driven but, then, there are the certain few that come into our lives. they make a difference just by saying hello.

They are the earnest, sincere friends, who touch your life in an unexpected way. They support you and recognize the bumps in your life and each visit is a treasure.

Last Friday, while Larry kept working, we drove to Austin, TX. A friend of mine was visiting from California. Larry and I met Rosemary, her husband David and daughter Whitney for lunch at the sweetest cafe in Austin. The Launderette. We visited for a second. Wait! It was three hours. Time flew by. Larry and I were honored that they took the time to visit with us on their busy Mothers Day weekend!

Photo: from left: Whitney, David, Rosemary, Larry and me

Please note, the flowers on the table. Whitney handed them to me after a hug and wished me Happy Mothers day. They are so beautiful. I held them all the way home. {From Austin to Plano}

Larry and I had the BEST Mothers Day weekend ever.

Thankfulness is a part of each day for me. Rosemary, I am so very thankful for you.

Dear readers, have you thanked a friend recently? Have you just taken a moment to say hi? Rosemary is my example to try to be a better friend…..

Love you.


And The Winner Is….

On Saturday evening, the winner of Komen Race For The Cure Raffle was chosen. Jamison and Jared invited us to their house for dinner and together, they picked the name out of a crystal bowl. We had pizza, salad and over dessert, Jami and Jared picked the winning name.

Congratulations Kathy Anderson! Team Believe appreciates your support of EARLY DETECTION.

PHOTO: Jami and Jared, picking the winning name

Next Saturday, May 18 th, is the Race For The Cure. I will have each name of TEAM BELIEVE 2019 members on a piece of paper close to my heart. Thank each and every one of you for being so supportive !

Photo: The winner is Kathy Anderson!

The photo is blurry, My new camera was focusing on something other than Kathy’s name…But you can see it…

Jami was tired and not very well while we were there. We had a lovely visit, celebrated Mothers Day and we laughed a lot.

Jared gave me a beautiful begonia plant and a new LODGE cast iron skillet. {I am sooo excited about it} Jamison, gave me ART. It is a phrase from the song, Wonderful World and designed beautifully. But honestly, just being there was gift enough for me.

AND the winner is….ME! And Kathy. It was a perfect evening. My cup runneth over.

Tomorrow’s post will be “Mothers Day, part two.”

Love you beyond the moon.


Errands and Poop

Photo: Thursday Morning

The sun is out! I am happy! But….my day is filled with many errands that conflict with each other. When that happens, I always feel uneasy. Does that mean I am OCD or just a grumpy old lady? One of the wonderful errands today is, planning CAMP ROBI! Yes, my friends, it is that time of year. I am planning days together with fun, learning and of course earning patches. The catalog above is from the best company I have worked with. I use the catalog to plan, and then order online. Great service and products.

Photo: Camp Bag

This is our camp bag….made by Big Frog, but personality given to it by our Matilda.

I must go, walking a few miles is first on my list today….

Have a wonderful, day.

Love you.


One funny errand today is to buy fake poop. Matilda asked me to buy it so she can PRANK Larry during Camp this summer. It is going to be an awesome summer.

Four Days Until Raffle For A Cure

In four days, all the names of Team Believe 2019 members and their respective numbers of chances, will be in a bowl. (But you still have time to be part of the fun!) From there one name will be picked out and that will be this years winner of a $100.00 dollar gift card from Williams Sonoma and a hand embroidered dish towel. If you would like to find out more about the give away, please go to this link:

I would like to thank everyone involved in my annual efforts to support early detection. You all mean the world to me.

Love you.


Raffle in FIVE days!

Photo: Team Believe 2019

There are five days to enter the Team Believe Raffle. The winner will receive a had embroidered dish towel and a $100.00 gift card to Williams Sonoma.

The donations go to Komen Race For The Cure. Larry and I support early detection, and by donationg to Komen, that is what you will be doing too.

To donate, please go to my Komen page:

To read more about the raffle and prizes gp to my survivor page:

If you have any questions please email me at robin@robintolbert.com

Thank you to my dear friends and supporters. You mean the world to me.

Love you.



Six Days To Go!

There are 6 days till the Team Believe Raffle drawing!

Did you know that….  A woman has about a one in eight chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, according to the National Cancer Institute. 

If you would like to enter the raffle {Please!!} go to this link:

If you would like to go directly to my Komen page Go to this link;

Please know how much I appreciate the love, prayers and support for early detection. Each day this week, I will be posting a fact about breast cancer. The TEAM BELIEVE Raffle is this Saturday, May 11. The Komen walk is on May 18th, You still have time to get in on the fun!

If you have any questions, please email me at robin@robintolbert.com.

Have a wonderful Monday! XOX

Love you.


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