We Cannot Stop The Winter

Photo: Broken Bow, OK

We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming. We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than they are. They are gifts from the universe that we cannot refuse. But we can choose what we will contribute to life when each arrives.

~Gary Zukav~

Love you.


The Doll House

Photo: Matilda’s Doll house here at The Cottage, is my old Doll House.

This past Sunday while at The Cottage,

Matilda sat at her work table


played/worked at the doll house.

Photo: I believe that she was having a party in the doll house.

She sat quietly playing alone for a long time.

Photo: Close-up of the “party” in the doll house.

After she went home with her Mom and Dad,

I went to the doll house and took photos.

It gave me the a wonderful, sweet feeling.

That Matilda has spots in my home that she loves

and feels comfortable with.

Granted, we do not live in a house with 5 bedrooms

and a three car garage,

{are people really THAT greedy?}

Our life is very simple.

It is not cluttered,

Unlike Matilda’s doll house.

It makes me smile….

Have a lovely day,  Stay warm and dry.

{it is 23 degrees outside here right now}

Love you beyond the clutter.


The Cottage Designer~Haute Couture? Not quite

On Sunday,

when the family was here for lunch,

Jamison had her first fitting.

{for the coat that is her Christmas gift}

Photo: First fitting. {no hems no buttons}

Photo: First fitting. Lining

Today I will hem the sleeves and bottom.

Then, there will be a second fitting.

We will check the hem


shop for buttons.

I will make the buttonholes, sew buttons on

and very last

I will sew in my label.

I LOVE making custom garments.

What special thing do you do that

makes you happy?

Have a perfect Tuesday.

Love you.


Happy In My Heart

The weekend was lovely.

It stared on Friday, dinner date with Larry at a brew-pub.

On Saturday, Larry hosted a dinner party in Dallas

for the executives at one of his accounts.

It was so much fun….great restaurant, people and wine.

Then, on Sunday, the Family came to the cottage

for one last Christmas.

We had lunch, conversation and gifts.

Photo: Luncheon with family

It felt special.

It felt real and not cluttered with HOLIDAY,

If you know what I  mean.

Photo: Matilda and Jamison with the painting Matilda painted for Jimmers

Photo:Lauren with dog sculpture

Photo: Josh with new mug

Photo: Thank you for the Champagne AGGIE! It was perfection! Is this photo blurry?

So, now, Christmas is over

and I had a very wonderful weekend

filled with special moments and people.

I feel happy in my heart.

Love you.


Working POST-HASTE This Friday



with great speed or immediacy:
“she would go posthaste to England”
synonyms: as quickly as possible · without delay · (very) quickly 
I am working as fast as I can.
There is one Christmas gift {sweater}

Photo: Josh’s late Christmas gift

And second:
A birthday painting for an old friend.
{I never give my ART away, unless someone asks}


Photo: Painting in progress

Then, someone whom I adore
is celebrating her half birthday next week.
She will get the book  GRANDMA.

Photo: Grandma book for Matilda

Yes, it is for Matilda!
Today is Friday!
I will be in the studio all morning.
I work on gifts differently
than I work on my personal pieces.
It is bright and cold outside in Texas.
I listen to a radio station out of Dublin Ireland
each morning.
I never do anything until I post the weekeday blog
then, let the creativity begin!
I feel happy and content.
I hope your day is a good one,
filled with joy.
Love you.

French Trifle~Chef Valentine

I had  many requests for this recipe.

Forgive the delay….

I made the trifle recipe up as I went


only had my notes.

So, today with notes in hand

and photos, here we go!





Lady Fingers~ 1-2 packages

Instant Chocolate Mousse- Dr Oerker, 2 boxes

Cherry pie filling- Lucky Leaf 1 can

Cool Whip-8 ounces thawed

Amaretto-2-4 teaspoons- or to taste


Make the chocolate mousse and set aside

Open pie filling and set aside

Leaving Cool Whip in container, add Amaretto to taste, mix well

{I am not a Cool Whip fan, so I add amaretto and it is wonderful!}


Now it is time to layer the trifle.

Play with the layers so the look pretty from the side.

Next time, I will make mine prettier.

Layer 1~  1/2 of the lady fingers {hold a few aside for decoration}

Layer 2~ 1/2 Chocolate mousse

Layer 3~1/2 Cool Whip

Layer 4~ 1/2  Pie filling

Layer 5~Lady fingers

Layer 6~ Chocolate Mousse

Layer 7~ Cool Whip

Layer 8~  Pie filling

Decorate and refrigerate for a few hours.

It held up for about 3 days in the fridge.

Larry ate it ever day, he loved it.

Please enjoy.

Till next time.


Jumping On The Bed

I have been cleaning out the cottage.

Starting with the guest room and closet.

I threw 1/3 of the stuff away

donated 1/3 rd


1/3 is organized  and happy.

It has been interesting how people react to this purge.

It is stinky job.

 I should have done it last year but put it off.

One of the things I am not parting with is

this photo of the UGLY sweater contest, 2017.

Photo: Ugly Sweater Contest 2017

left to right:

Lauren, Josh, Matilda Dima, Salma,  Ayah, Levi,

Robin & Larry holding Ellie puppy.

Larry and I did not put up any decorations this year

but we LOVE this holiday. Christmas.

Maybe the UGLY sweater is our decoration of choice.

{the idea of that makes me laugh}

Photo: Ayah and Matilda jumping on my bed.

After the ugly sweater contest

the little girls jumped on the bed.

Jumping on a bed is one of the joys of childhood.

How long has it been since you jumped on a bed?

Love you.



Gladys Kravitz

{remember her from the TV show, Bewitched?}

lives across the street from us.

She has watched and

gossiped about us for 20 years.

Yesterday, she stood on her driveway,

smoking a cigarette.

Wearing mens hunting clothes and boots.

She said:

You put your garbage down by the street early.

Why aren’t you out of town?

I said:

There is a dead,  stinky rodent in there

and wanted  it away from the house.

She sneered and went into her house.

People are wonderful.

We are all  different and colorful.

But, I wish some of us would mind our own business.


Photo: french onion soup. Slices of Gruyere and croutons.

For dinner last night,

I made French Onion Soup

and small ham sandwiches.

It was the perfect ending

for a day filled with

Cleaning, donating and  reorganizing.

Love you.


Yesterday and Today’s Post

Below you will find the post I wrote yesterday.

I am just adding a note to it for today…..

I am doing laundry


cleaning out the guest bedroom  closet.

{Piles: Throw away. Donate and keep!}

Have a lovely Monday.

Love you.


Photo: My Paris view while drinking hot chocolate. November 27th 2017

I am beyond blessed.

I know this.

My days are spent









This  list could go on for days.


I have a question for you.

You are in a situation where someone is disrespecting you.

Do you stay quiet while feeling like a simpering idiot


do you speak up, empowering yourself

and feeling a badly for falling into the pit

of bad manners while defending yourself?

Just asking.


I am blessed and loved BEYOND the moon.

Please do not make me  feel guilty

because you are unhappy and angry.

People that do that cannot be in my life.



Happy Friday!


I went  to book club.


It was a lovely lunch, with wonderful ladies.

Conversation was lively


the food was delicious.


This morning, I slept in.

And…..I made the funkiest stack of pancakes.

I ate almost 1/2 of the stack.

They were not so good. {Bisquick mix. BLA!}

It is a beautiful morning


I must work on Jamison’s coat.

{it is progressing well!}

Photo: Jami’s coat and lining.

and tonight I have a dinner date with the man.

I think that I love Fridays.

Tonight is Twelfth Night.

That always makes me smile.

Maybe I will buy a Kings Cake for dessert tonight?

Time for me to get busy.

Love you beyond the moon.