Beyond The Happy

It is Friday and I am feeling  really down.

So, in combat with the blues, today I will knit a scarf.

Using the beautiful blue yarn that I bought in France.

When it is finished, I will sew pearls on it.

Perhaps I will make a dress to match.

Happy Friday.

Love you beyond all things that make us happy.




  • Rosemary Grossman

    Hello dear friend…so sorry you’re having “one of those days”. But look what’s going to come out of it…a beautiful scarf! Someone told me once that the ground has to be covered in merde (they used the English word) in order to produce beautiful flowers!
    Thinking of you today,
    Rosemary and David (ntg)😍

  • Sandy

    Sorry your feeling blue. This too shall pass.
    The scarf will warm your heart the pearls can represent the tears in a beautiful way.
    We all have days like this. Its human.
    You are loved my friend. Prayers for peace.

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