Gladys Kravitz

{remember her from the TV show, Bewitched?}

lives across the street from us.

She has watched and

gossiped about us for 20 years.

Yesterday, she stood on her driveway,

smoking a cigarette.

Wearing mens hunting clothes and boots.

She said:

You put your garbage down by the street early.

Why aren’t you out of town?

I said:

There is a dead,  stinky rodent in there

and wanted  it away from the house.

She sneered and went into her house.

People are wonderful.

We are all  different and colorful.

But, I wish some of us would mind our own business.


Photo: french onion soup. Slices of Gruyere and croutons.

For dinner last night,

I made French Onion Soup

and small ham sandwiches.

It was the perfect ending

for a day filled with

Cleaning, donating and  reorganizing.

Love you.


8 thoughts on “Bewitched

    1. robin Post author

      Judy, YES! Last year she stood in her driveway, smoking, and snorted…yea, yea, my mom got the breast cancer. She told me while smoking a cigarette! She throws the buts down and the wind brings them to our lawn. GRRRRR,


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