Pugcasso Says Happy Halloween

I have always loved Halloween. It was that one holiday where I could become someone different than who I was in reality.

When my sweet Libby pug was alive, I made costumes for her. She would pose, I would photograph her and both enjoyed the process. You might see her photos other places. Some of the photos are leased and many people have stolen them, BUT I own the copyrights.

Photo: Libby as Pugcasso

Pugcasso has always been one of my favorite costumes that Libby wore. When Libby was alive, we would attend the annual Pug-O-Ween for the Dallas Ft Worth Pug Rescue and would compete in the costume contest. It was a wonderful event and they still have it each year. I miss Libby so much, it makes me sad to attend to Pug-O-Ween.

BUT……Larry and I have a few plans for this weekend….it should be very interesting!

Larry and I wish you a happy Halloween weekend. Please stay safe and enjoy the special moments of the holiday.

Love you beyond the moon.


Birthday Wishes

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel had Charlize Theron on his show. She had hired Michael Bolton to sing Happy Birthday to a friend at the celebration party. Jimmy asked her, who would SHE like to sing at her birthday and she said Patsy Cline. I loved her choice.

It made me think…who would I like to sing to me on my birthday? Without a doubt I would like Peter Nero to play happy birthday to me on the piano. I have been aware of Peter Nero since I was a child. Mother had a few of his LP’s and his music fascinated me. I still adore his music. He is my favorite Jazz Man. The Best Of Peter Nero1965 is below. Please enjoy. There is about 40 min of music, the entire session is amazing……. *excuse the space below to the music..

Peter Nero is about 80 years old now…and has continued performing and is a talent whom I admire…

Who would YOU like to sing (or play) Happy birthday to you?

Love you beyond the moon.


A 1984 Recipe

I have noticed that many people want to “re-do” things right now. Recipes included. I have a very old Banana Nut Bread recipe that is our favorite…and I wanted to share it on blog before the holidays. It is a wonderful gift/treat. I love it toasted and buttered, Larry likes it with whipped cream, it is good sliced thin made into a turkey sandwich or eaten all alone, as banana bread is meant to be.

Please get your printer ready, you are going to want to print this one up!

Photo: The Banana Bread

Banana Nut Bread

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Makes one loaf.

Cream together:

1 stick margarine softened

2 eggs slightly beaten

1 cup sugar

3 bananas, mashed

Sift together:

2 cups flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 cup nuts

Blend ingredients together.

Line loaf pan with parchment paper. OR just grease loaf pan. (I use parchment as the loaf is easier to remove)

Pour batter into loaf pan.

Bake at 350 degrees for 45 min to 1 hour till toothpick comes out clean.

Cool in loaf pan for 15 minutes before removing to cool completely.

I make this loaf, cool it, slice it put into a zip loc bag for the freezer. It freezes like a dream.


Please enjoy this bread or share it with a friend. It is shared with much love.

Love you beyond the moon.


Patiently Waiting

I wrote a blog this morning about school shootings and when I read it, it was so dark and heavy…I scrapped it. I also said a few strong things about our governor here in Texas. Some feelings are best unshared.

So Instead, I would like to say….


I was boycotting Adidas for awhile because of their client affiliations, but now am so proud of them for taking a stand against antisemitism.

With so much happening in this world, one thing will never change. RIGHT and WRONG. I am patiently waiting for the day when people start being honest with themselves and others.

Thank you for listening….

Love you beyond the moon.


Grey And Ready To Play

Photo: Program for the DSO

Yesterday, after church, Larry and I went to an afternoon symphony. The guest conductor was amazing and the performance was perfection. Haydn was played also, it was our favorite.

We had not been to the Sunday afternoon symphony before, the afternoon symphony is VERY different, attendance wise, than the evening concerts. There were retirement home busses arriving, people on first dates, (you can just tell can’t you?) and many people like Larry and myself. It was a beautiful day to be in downtown Dallas and be part of a lovely concert.

There were many older people who looked like they were on dates. They were not being affectionate but talked. Talked a lot. Larry and I decided that these people met online…and we wondered what a senior online dating service would be called. Then it came to us. GREY AND READY TO PLAY.

OK, we laughed for awhile at that.

When we go to the symphony, half the fun are the people. There is a game that Larry and I play, it is rated on the person who is sitting next to you. If you get a pain in the ass person, you lose. If your seat next to you is open, you automatically win. See what I mean? OH! The talkers are the worst and the gum chewers and candy nibblers are just mildly annoying.

Yesterday, the seat next to me was empty and Larry had a phone person.

Photo: Larry next to a phone person

Larry lost! ( but is she secretly flipping me off for taking her picture?)

I always try to be still and not annoying at the symphony. It is hard for me, as i get Ants In My Pants. Larry is much better at staying still than I am.

And how was YOUR weekend?

Love you beyond the moon.


Breast Cancer Free!

It has been a long week. I just cannot seem to get past DRs appointments and tests. My phone just beeped with a reminder about an appointment, NEXT Friday. (It drives me MAD!)

This week I had a diagnostic mammogram. It is an extensive mammogram for people like me. Each year I am nervous as a cat getting breast cancer tests. Being diagnosed twice is enough…The anxiety during this time, is off the charts.

Photo: Nervous cat

During and after my surgeries and treatments….no one ever suggested a Breast Cancer Group to me. I found out recently that that every patient should be informed of “groups” where you can share difficult things that you have in common. I believe that every woman going through this needs someone to talk to. ( I found a DR on my own and went to see her often)

The good news is, I am breast cancer free. The mammograms from this week have been read and I am done for ONE YEAR! (Remission is a happy word) I am happy, but still nervous, not sure the dread will ever go away completely.

The point of sharing all of this is..

  1. Please get your mammogram, for me.
  2. If you know someone who has gone through breast cancer treatment, is going through treatment or just in remission, reach out? It would mean the world to both of you.

I would like to thank the friends who stuck by me and supported me when I was struggling. It meant so much to me then and means the world now.

Have a wonderful day.

Love you beyond the moon.


A Zoom Wedding

Yesterday, I received a fun text message from one of my favorite cousins. She asked how we were doing and then asked if she could send me an email. (she did not have my address as they were “out of town”…The email was for a zoom meeting…. a zoom wedding!)

I love the idea of a wedding for immediate family and zoom in others. I would have considered it in 1977 if it was available.

Photo: Jami dressed in the ladies room of the Rockwall Courthouse on her wedding day.

Many years ago, I managed a flower shop in Tennessee. When a bride came in, I always sat with her for hours as we prepared her order. I was also the wedding director for the shop. That meant that I would go to rehearsal, then follow up on the delivered flowers and stay for ceremony. Managing a wedding party was not an easy thing then. From watching TV shows now, it looks even worse.

Weddings are very personal and says so much about the bride and groom and their families. I still adore weddings, everything about them. I’m not sure if that is a woman thing, a floral designer thing or just a Robin thing……I love how weddings are unpredictable and filled with joy.

Photo: Lauren’s veil flew away during the ceremony

Larry and I are thrilled to be included today via ZOOM…we cannot wait to experience our first zoom wedding….now what to wear? (JK)

Love you beyond the moon.


Full Circle

Last night, Larry and I had the pleasure of going to our granddaughter Matilda’s first band concert. We travel about an hour to where Matilda lives….and it was simply a beautiful day and drive to North Texas.

Photo: Matilda and clarinet

We had wonderful seats for the concert and how amazing it was to be sitting there as these middle school kiddos performed.

My mind kept going back to our daughters first concerts. Lauren played the trumpet and Jamison played the clarinet like Matilda does. My parents, Lauren and Jamison’s grandparents always came to their concerts, just like Larry and I did last night. I almost felt them there with us.

It was the most amazing full circle moment for me….and I loved every moment of it. Good job Matilda. You are awesome.

Love you beyond the moon.