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Some Days

Matilda spent the night at The Cottage on Saturday night.

We swam, ate ribs and played board games.

Some days are just perfect.

Love you.


A Last Tango

Over the past couple of months, I watched a little TV.

It is mainly because I fell in love with a certain PBS show.


Above is the link…and with that comes my recommendation.

I have watched every episode and I plan to re-watch it again this summer.

{we watched the last episode last night} SAD face.

If you are looking for a funky British show, PBS worthy…here it is.

Now, I have to find something else to watch.

Love you.





Wicked Wednesday Tip

On Sunday, for dinner and movie, I made dessert.

Don’t get excited, all I did was add milk, but holy moly it was good.

I am not creating in the kitchen these days,

but if this is available to you, you might want to try it.

{I found ours at Kroger}

Godiva instant pudding. it makes 4 servings

and comes in white chocolate too.

The flavor is perfection and I cannot wait to serve it again.

Wicked Wednesday tips.

So glad this week is half over.

Love you.



Instead Of A Frown

On Sunday, we had dinner and a movie.

I do not cook very much right now since I lost my appetite.

But, on Sunday I cooked…and we enjoyed the meal.

Pasta, with veggies, wheat bread and wine.

Our movie, was SUDDENLY.

We liked this old movie. It was very different from what we usually watch.

Today I read a blog that I like very much.

It was about change and how difficult  {and important} it is.

I wish that I wrote like that.

To write a blog about change, bravery

and accepting life with a smile instead of a frown.

Yes, well shoot me. I am grouchy today and  just cannot shake it.

Don’t you hate when that happens? A case of the grouchies….

Have a good day…..I hope you are smiling….

Love you.




Komen Race For The Cure

I cannot believe that that the North Texas Komen Race For The Cure is over for this year. (2018)

With the help of my friends, I raised $1,302.08.

Rosemary G. won the donation quilt. (congratulations!)

I walked the 5K holding Larry’s hand….oh yes,

and Matilda’s hand too.

Larry asked me what ART I will donate/auction off next year. Who knows?

All suggestions are  welcome.

Thank you dear friends, for the support, prayers, love and friendship.

Life is so much better with you part of my life.

Love you.



Sharing An Angel


Mother and Norman (my father) Wedding Day

She stood very tall and  could smile when she was sad.

She loved the play and music from CAMELOT.

Grace flowed out of her fingertips like water

{interesting because her name was Grace}


she had the ability to make you feel very special

when you might be feeling small.

I am sorry for anyone who might not have known her.

To know my Mother was a joy.

To love my Mother was a privilege.

She could make any moment fun


I have seen her start tap dancing in the middle of a grocery store

just to make my daughters laugh.

Dear God, Thank you for sharing such an angel with me.

I love you and miss you beyond the moon Mother.



Brand New

Thank you.

So many messages and love sent to Larry and me yesterday.

Larry did wonderful.

Surgery went well


Dr M said that everything looked great.

Last evening,

Larry felt well enough to go to Matilda’s softball game.

{it lasts 1 hour}

Today is a brand new, cancer free day.

Thank You God.

Love you.


Melanoma Is An Ugly Word


Photo: Matilda and Larry

It is almost 6:00 am.

Larry and I are dressed and ready to go.

Today he will have skin cancer surgery,

for an early stage melanoma that will be removed


lots of extra cells taken for biopsy.

Larry is definitely a child of the ’60-70’s.

Sunburns, tan and no SPF.

Now, Larry is a Man, Father, Grandfather of the 2000’s.

He is being pro-active and accountable.

I cannot tell you how attractive that is.

Melanoma is an ugly word, don’t you think?

Please take care of you for the people who love you.

It means the world.

Love you beyond the stitches.


Donation Quilt Update

To have a chance to win this hand-made quilt, {Made by me}

go to the Komen website below

and donate at least $25.00 (or more!)

then please email me {Komen informs me too}


I will put your name on the Roll Call and your name in the bowl.



Robin’s Komen Donation

Out of 30 available. 12 spots left.

Drawing will be May 18th, 2018. Friday

Thank you to the wonderful people who have donated so far!


Lisa A

Dima K

Karen C

Rosemary G

Kim & Gordon

Amanda C

Leslie M

Judy D

Lauren H

Denise P

Megan K

Michael K

Linda P

Rita L


Lynn S

Lorie B

Dwight and Betty H

Only 12 spots are left…please consider being part of this wonderful group of supporters.

Or you might want to join us for  the 5K?

Matilda and Lauren are designing the TEAM BELIEVE shirts this year!

If have any questions,email me.

Have the best day….

love you.