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Heading North

Yesterday I headed North during a storm.

I was frightened and amazed at the same time

Photo: Driving North from Dallas in a storm

The beauty and complete  power of the storms



Sometimes it is good to be reminded that we

need to slow down, appreciate the beauty


tell the people around us that we  love them.

Love you.


Simple Pleasures


When we are in Paris, I love walking through the Tuileries Garden.

Sometimes we have a picnic or just sit

and visit, while people watching.

 Photo: A new garden planter

Photo: New garden planter

This past weekend, we went to the garden center

and I saw this planter.

I fell in love instantly.

{she is much like the statues in Paris!}

She is on the dining room table right now

while I decide where to put her on the patio.


I am so glad that it is Wednesday.

Half of this week is over.

On Saturday, we are having two

of our favorite people over for dinner.

I am enjoying creating a menu…..

Simple pleasures, oui?

I wish you a nice day, filled with moments of joy.

Love you.


The Meaning of My Quilt


Photo: My favorite quilt design, Mariners Compass. I made this by hand, 20 years ago.

“Mariner’s Compass is the name quilters use to refer to star designs that radiate from the center of a circle as opposed to the star designs that grow from a square, like Ohio Star or Sawtooth Star. If you are going to call your design a Mariner’s Compass it should probably have 16 or 32 points like the compass card on a magnetic compass or a map.

It’s not surprising that the Mariner’s Compass pattern is one of the earliest quilt patterns. The design is a very old one. Before the compass was available early mariners depended on a wind chart called the wind rose. Though not always reliable it was the best that could be done before the magnetic compass came into use in the late 13th century.

For some time after sailors still depended on the winds, as they didn’t completely trust the magnetic compass. During this time the wind rose gradually evolved into the compass rose on nautical maps. The compass rose continued to be a useful decorative feature on charts and maps for the next few centuries. It’s likely that quilters were inspired by the varied designs used to depict the compass rose over time. The first known quilt to use the Mariner’s Compass design was made in 1726 in England.

As I  am working on  my current quilt,”Love & Joy”

I reflect on the meanings of these quilts and the love that goes into them… I need strength and direction…..

I am struggling today,

and will walk my laps either at the lake or the Rec Center if it is raining.

My playlist is ready…

Love you.



Sunday, Dinner and Movie

It is a foggy Monday Morning.

I have been tired and sad.

Such is life, oui?

Yesterday, Larry took me to the Dallas Arboretum for an “airing”…..

It was perfection.

We came home and I made dinner.

Whole roasted chicken, rice, salad and cake for dessert

Photo: Half chicken and rice

Photo: Salad

Photo: Angel Food cake and strawberries

The movie for Sunday was PICNIC.

A 1955 classic.


I would like to thank the awesome people who

have donated to Komen Race For The Cure in my name.

I will be writing to you personally, but till then,

I send crushing hugs.

I am honored to be remembered  in such a way.

Love you,




Off To The Gym

I am sad that Valentines Day is over.

Since Larry and I celebrate for a week,

It is just now hitting me that

it is over.


Last night, Chef Valentine was in the kitchen.

Dinner was amazing.

Stuffed acorn squash and grapes.

It was delicious.

Confession: I ate a little piece of chocolate cake for dessert.

It was a SLIVER.

After such a good meal, how could a little cake hurt?

This morning, when pricked my finger, used the diabetic monitor,

my numbers were back in the danger zone!


I have to say bye now…..I am off to the gym.

Gotta work off that cake.

I have come to the conclusion, that growing old sucks.

Love you.






The Garcia’s, Fridays and Quilts

I do not know why this week has been stressful.

My days are busy. Filled with Love & Joy.

I keep track of my days with…the quilt calendar.

Each year Mr and Mrs Garcia {dear friends}  send me a calendar for Christmas.

It rests front and center on my Grandfathers desk

with a “Person” Paperweight on the weeks as they pass.

{paperweight by Lauren}

Photo: Calendar from Mr and Mrs Garcia

It is a “quilt” calendar and inspires me daily

not to mention, I think of the Garcia’s too.

What do you use to track your days?


My Larry has taken my car to have the recalled airbag exchanged.

How long does  THAT take?

It is very stormy and foggy outside.

Today is another day of quilt making.

Photo: Thursday, piecing quilt. Orchid holds down large sections as they are completed.

Friday is around the corner!

I am looking forward to this weekend….

Love you beyond  quilt fabric.



It Is That Time

My friends and family know the story.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer, June 2012.

This past year,  2017, was the end of 5 years of treatment!

My journey does not stop there.

We found my cancer by EARLY DETECTION


Larry and I support any organization who funds Mammograms

for women who cannot afford a screening.

So, it is that time.

I would love your support .

Donation,  Joining Larry and myself at the race {we walk},

We have the BEST time….

Photo: My girls at the KOMEN race for the cure

prayers, or just by being a good friend.

A quilt, will be auctioned  with all proceeds going to Komen…. stay tuned.

Or support me by getting your mammogram.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart….

as my friends and family never fail to amaze me.

My Komen page is HERE

Thank you again…love you.



AUCTION QUILT UPDATE……and Happy Tuesday.

Good morning.

Before you read today’s post….

There is an update on the Auction page.

Link—>  Update on auction quilt


Photo: Tulips from Lauren, Josh & Matilda

The house is filled with sweet energy today.

Tulips welcomed me this morning and I went out on the patio.

And guess what?

The chives have grown 2 inches since last week.

Photo: Chives reaching for spring

The Cottage is ready for spring!

Photo: quilt squares, numbered and ready

My studio is cluttered with quilt pieces. Lovely.

Have a happy, happy day.

Love you.


This Brand New Week

On Friday,

we picked Matilda up and took her on an adventure.

We saw the movie, Paddington Bear and then played the

afternoon away at  Dave and Busters

Photo: Matilda at Dave & Busters

She spent the night at The Cottage.

The next day, Saturday,  she helped Larry feed the birds.

Photo: Matilda in the garden

Photo: Matilda reading a book sent to us from my friend, the author, Ingmar Gregorzewski

The book is in German. Now we must translate it!

Photo: Matilda working on the dollhouse

Matilda was a  perfect guest and our time went to fast.

Sunday, My Larry scrubbed the kitchen floor.

How wonderful is that?

Photo: Old Cottage floor, sparkling clean!

Today is rainy. I will work on the auction quilt…..and make soup.

Photo: Bounty for today’s Crock Pot soup

Last week, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

I take medicine and test my hemoglobin numbers every .

I have been walking 3 miles 5 times a week….and  eating better.

Larry threw the M&M’s that were in the candy jar…..into the trash

and he is behind me 100%.

It had been a long eventful week.

I am looking forward to quiet time piecing the special auction quilt,

and exercising at the  indoor track.

May your day be one filled with quiet, reflecting  moments too.

{and exercise!}

Ok, now  I must go dice up that acorn squash!

Love you.