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Dusty Collections

I have been cleaning the house.

Dusting little treasures

that mean the world only to me.

I have a passion for bitters bottles


old spice cabinets.

Have you ever thought about why people collect certain things?

My friend, Sally Jo, loves guns


Amanda collects books.

I wonder why they collect certain things?

I wonder what my collections say about me?

{I am not a hoarder}

Is a collection a comfort or a distraction?

I am not sure which it is…but I love colors and shapes….

There is a calmness about keeping what you love around you.

It is better than a glass of wine.

{ please don’t tell Larry I said that}

Love you.


Thank You Kim

{the tree above is at the entry of the museum. I LOVED it}

Last month,

I spent a few days in Richmond, VA.

I lived there with my parents in the ’70’s.

Larry and I were married in Richmond.

The history of the city is perfection


The Museum Of Fine Arts is lovely.

I spent two days at the museum.

How could there be anything better?

Lauren’s friend Kim was a perfect hostess.

I have not written her a thank you note yet….

so, why not here?

Dear Kim,

Thank you being so wonderful while I was in Richmond.

Our day at the museum keeps running through my mind

as if it happened yesterday.

The discussions of life and love,

art, politics and the pursuit of happiness,

was wonderful.

{double Dutch in front of Kim’s favorite sculpture, Chloe}

The joy of that day will stay in my heart forever.

What is it about someone giving you

the gift of their time?

It is priceless.

{Kim and I discussed this house while sitting in the museum}

Merci dear Kim.

Much Love, Robin

Looking At The World Through Lead Glass

When I woke this morning,

Larry was already in his office, working.

I peered out the window at the garbage men…

but Larry informed me that they were the recycle men.


I have been informed

{by spammers who leave messages here}

that this blog only has personal content.

Well, duh.

This online journal is only for me…

and I invite you to share the moments if you wish.

I would never presume  to tell you what clothes to wear


how to treat a man.


Is that what people truly want?

Someone to tell them about, clothes,

the opposite sex


how to be happy?

Do people know themselves so little that they do not know these things?


I can tell you this.

I am going to put on yoga pants & t-shirt


clean the house.

Iron  table linens


go over the menu….

because on Saturday night

we are having company for dinner.

How is THAT for content?


Today’s playlist:

Brahms Concerto #2 in B flat -OP.83


The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. ~ Thackeray ~

Have the best Tuesday that you can image.

Be yourself. You are wonderful.

Love you.


Sixteen Years Ago Today

Sixteen years ago, on this day,

we adopted Libby Luna Pug Dog.

She was the sweetest puppy!

Now, when we are out and shopping,

we see the Halloween card that AVANTI Press

produces with her unicorn face,

and it always makes me cry.

It feels like yesterday when I made her unicorn costume


went to the local greenhouse to take the shots.

A friend said: you are still struggling with Libby’s death?

Why, yes, I am.

She was with me when my family turned their backs on me.

Libby was my family, she was with me during family times


dealing with my breast cancer.

Libby, today I toast you!

You perfect pug dog


pink unicorn.

I love you so much.


Larry and I had colds and the flu this weekend.

Sunday, dinner and a movie was cancelled.

It looks beautiful outside today,

It might be a perfect day to start a painting.

Love you beyond the Pink Unicorn Pug.






Super Speed

Last night, I slept in my own bed.

Larry  and I are both exhausted

from our 24 hours in Atlanta.

BUT…..looking back……

on Wednesday night, in Atlanta,

we met Karen and John for dinner.

These two. 

When we are with Karen & John…

life goes at super speed.

so much sharing, laughter, fun, family


memories of the last time we were together,

Now we have one more evening to add to the memories.


John asked Larry to pick the wine.

{it was perfection}

We dined at BONES….in Atlanta.

Now, along with good friends,

we have a favorite restaurant in Atlanta.

I was once again blessed  with special moments

with special people.

Love you beyond the BONES shortbread cookies.





Thursday In Atlanta


Larry has a meeting in Atlanta this morning.

We flew in yesterday, had dinner with

some of our favorite people last night


will fly home today.

Isn’t life wonderful?


 Atlanta is one of two cities in the world to be home to two Nobel Peace Prize winners:

Martin Luther King Jr. & President Jimmy Carter.

Love you.


Lily Of The Valley

Last week, I was feeling down  and missing Libby Dog.

Larry said: Do something that

will make you feel better and remember her.

I went to one of my favorite “shopping” places….

Piggy and Dirt

Where I picked out a special STAR.

It is one of their new designs,

now, we have one for “remembrance”.

Kurt and Becky package the stars in such a wonderful way


the STARS are totally amazing.

The new star has lily of the valley on it….I love it.

All of our stars hang at the dining room window

making us smile daily.

What do you do to cheer up?

I wish you smiles, stars and remembrance.

Love you.


Days Of September

Yesterday was odd.

I worked on Christmas gifts,

Prayed for the victims of 9/11,

Reminisced about adopting Libby Pug Dog

the week after the Twin Tower disaster.

{16 years ago}

{Libby’s AKC name is 

Elizabeth’s Stormy Liberty}

I am tired of odd days….

I am looking forward to

halloween decorations,

the Texas State fair,

dinner at the fire pit


you know….

that happy feeling that comes in Autumn.

I shall be patient.


I forgot to post about Sunday dinner.

We had it on Saturday last weekend,

because Grandparents Day was on Sunday.

I made a chicken pot pie.

Awesome baking dish from Aggie!

It was delicious.


Off I go, in to Tuesday morning.

It is absolutely beautiful outside this morning.

I am inspired  and humbled.

Lionel Richie is singing – YOU ARE

Looks like it is going to be a great day.


Love you.



What is it  that attracts rudeness in people?

Do they do it on purpose or is it in reaction to something?

Is rudeness born in people or do they acquire it?

How much effort does it take to be kind?

I apologize  if I precipitated their rudeness,

I did not do it on purpose… but if they have a bee up the butt,

please do not take it out on me.

That feels awesome to say instead of holding it in.


Love you.




So Glad

Yesterday was book club.

The group met at a local tea room.

We discussed life, this past summer

and the book, Radio Girls.

My lunch was glorious.

After lunch, I went to Farmersville, TX.

In Farmersville, there is am amazing yarn shop.

The Fiber Circle.

I am making a Christmas gift…and needed supplies.

It has been an interesting week.

I am so glad that it is Friday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Love you.