The Mitten Adventure

It has been a month since I was sick


now I am free!

Exercise, Weight Watchers, Yoga, painting


just my regular “stuff”.

Look out, I intend to feel 100% soon.


Now on to current events.

To celebrate my recuperation,

Lauren had a treat box sent  to me,

It is called

The Mitten Adventure

{a box of goodies from Michigan}

This box was filled with amazing gifts from Michigan.

I love each one of them.

Rosemary Mint Soap!

{I adore goat’s milk soap}

A charming adventure mug.

{with the Mitten Adventure logo on it}

Note cards with Michigan as the design.

{by my favorite ARTist}

Oh my and a Mackinac Fudge candle!

{I wish that you could smell this}


I love these and plan to wear them to dinner this weekend.

{they look like stardust}

And an awesome lanyard.

{I need one for my back pack speaker}

If you are interested in a box for you or a friend,

here is the web site for a Mitten Adventure:

The Mitten Adventure

Thank you Lauren. I love my box

and your thoughtfulness.


Please share  your lovely day with someone…

Love you.


Sunday Movie and Popcorn

Sunday, our traditional “dinner and movie” day,

took place at our movie theater.

Months ago, Larry bought us tickets

for the large screen showing of

North By Northwest.

A 1956 movie in today’s theater.

I sat in the recliner and watched a favorite movie.

We had

for dinner, while we watched

I was in heaven.


I am working today….so this will be short.

Be happy and follow your heart.

No one else is responsible for our happiness.

We must find what happiness means to us

and make it a reality.

Did you know that I have a passion for…

Mt Rushmore?

My birthday 2011. Rapid City, SD


One year,  Larry took me there for my birthday…

Happiness. It comes in all shapes and sizes.

Love you beyond Teddy Roosevelt.




Giant Worms

It was a good weekend.

We celebrated Lauren’s birthday

with a picnic and helping her build a butterfly garden.

To be honest, I did not feel really well,

so I sat at the entry of their shop


watched, took photos and commentated on the activity.

They all planted,

Josh and Larry carried the flag stones.

Matilda and Jami played that slap game.

Ma Cherie, was in awe of the giant worms in the garden

There were selfies taken.

And birthday cake!

Now that it is all over,

I feel sad.

It was so much fun for me to watch the family work together.

It is a brand new week. We can fill it with whatever makes us happy.

I wish you all a lovely week, filled with all things wonderful.

Love you.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Many moments of my life are golden.

Lovely, golden moments of joy and love.

Today we celebrate the birth of Lauren Judith Tolbert Miller.

Born April 2, on a sunny afternoon in Memphis, Tennessee.

She was a good baby, kind child, headstrong teenager and is an amazing adult.

I thank God every day for her.

Lauren Paris

For her birthday, I wish her only days filled with positive energy


to be surrounded by people who adore her.

Happy birthday Lars. I Love you beyond the moon.


On April 2nd, we also celebrate the marriage of Lars and Josh.

In 2005 we all met in Mexico.

{30 of us!)

to witness as they promised to love each other forever.

This is my favorite photo from the ceremony.


Happy Anniversary Lars and Josh.

The two of you are a great team


so very important in my life.

Love you.


Pink Sister

The soundtrack to Little Women is playing in the studio

{by Thomas Newman}


Larry is away. Meetings and then a lunch out.

I have a lot of work to do in the next few days.

{I will return to the blog next week}

Projects are piled up on my desk


I shall listen to my favorite music and work.


I am worried about my Pink Sister, Judy.

Might you keep her in your prayers

and thoughts as you go through your day?

She has had a set back in her breast cancer recovery.

Dear God, In Jesus name I pray.

Please hold my Pink Sister close.


Love you.




Fern and Fence

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the oncologist,

got a few Lauren birthday chores done



{why am I still  tired?}

I worked on the “Big Girl” sweater.

Front and back are done…now time for sleeves.

Cooked dinner, started a new book and fell into bed.

I slept well, till around 2:30-3:00 am storms.

Storm warnings were all around us.

This morning, I checked around the house

and all is well.

We are some of the few who have electricity,


nothing was blown over in the high winds.

Wreath and rosemary made it fine

as did

Fern and fence.

The  patio door is open and birds are singing.

I am sorry for the families who did not fare as well as we did.


Love you beyond the rain puddles in the driveway.



Yesterday was awesome-ish.

I got laundry done, walked three miles


made Larry dinner.

Libby pug dog was not having a good day, so no matter what I did,

I worried the entire time.


I saw this quote today… touched me

Health is the greatest gift,

contentment the greatest wealth,

faithfulness the best relationship.



Larry bought me an atomic clock

that has temperature and a barometer on it.

It hangs on the wall in the studio….

and today, the barometer is dropping by the second.

Look out Texas, here come more storms.

Know where your safe place is


have a family meeting plan in case of emergency.

Love you.



Not For My Sake

It was a beautiful weekend.

The long days gave me time to putz around The Cottage,

getting chores


ART/reading/sewing/needlework/knitting done.

My Larry has been a little over-protective,

frightened to leave my side.

I hope that passes soon, for his sake,

not for my sake,

because I kind of like him being around all of the time.

On Saturday, I rested, watched a documentary and basketball

because we were meeting friends for dinner.

This sweet Italian restaurant is in Hurst, Texas


the couple we met for dinner are wonderful.

We laughed and talked a lot….it was a nice evening.

The kind of evening that fills your soul.

Tippi and Paul, you both are wonderful, good friends.


Sunday was dinner and movie.

I had dinner planned but no movie so….

we ended up watching “As Good As It Gets”. Again.

Salmon, potatoes and green beans.

Larry insisted on Champagne to make it a celebration.


As I look back over this weekend, one thing stands out.

How blessed Larry and I are.

Our little cottage, good friends, health



Blessings abound.

Love you.


Paprika Pot Roast~ Chef Valentine


Friday “date night” at the dining room table was a hit.

(My Larry set the table!)

Life has been bumpy lately


trying out a few new spice tricks


serving it on a table and not a  bed tray sounded perfect.



1 (3 pound) chuck roast

2 Tablespoons vegetable oil

1/2 tablespoon salt

1/2 tablespoom pepper

4 cups carrots sliced in 2″ pieces

2 cups yellow onions rough chop

1 cup celery rough chop

1 (10.75 oz) can beef consomme

1/2 teaspoon cumin

1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika

1/2  chili powder


Heat oil in skillet over high heat.

Rub both sides of roast with salt and pepper.

Cook in skillet 3-4 minutes each side till browned.

Place roast into  large Crock Pot.

Add carrots, onion, celery and tomatoes.

In a bowl, add consomme, cumin, paprika and chili powder.

Cook on low for 8 hours, till meat is tender.

Serve with mashed potatoes and lemonade.


Till next time.


Sounds Cozy

I am home and it is raining.

Soon there will be a pot roast in the crock pot.

That sounds cozy to me today.

Yesterday I spent a few hours at Dr L’s office.

{he is our GP}

I had not seen him in awhile, I see so many specialists,

that he only gets notes about me.

He is checking my liver enzymes, again,

declares my skin cancer surgery a success


took X-rays of my finger.

I tripped over Libby the day before MOHs surgery.

{Libby was not hurt at all}

My finger hurt but it was not important at the time.

So, two and one half weeks after the fall, X-rays showed

that my finger is fractured.

I have to wear this beautiful, snaggy, splint and go see DR L in one week.

AND OMG! When did my hands turn into my Mother’s hands????

And that was just my yesterday morning.

Last night,

Larry took me to dinner at Gloria’s and was delicious.

I ate as much as I could…

and then we went to Prosper, TX for Matilda’s soccer game.

We took her an Easter card…{and a chocolate bunny}

It was an amazing game last night.

Sometimes, God just has to show us what is important in our lives.

Who cares about a broken finger when I can watch Matilda play soccer?

Dear God,

Thank you for reminding me what is important.


Love you.