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Happy Is

On St Patrick’s Day, we had brunch at a favorite restaurant

before  going to the museum.

I love this picture of Larry pouring the Champagne.

It makes me smile.

Love you.




Last week, during spring break,

Matilda came to town for a hair cut with Miss Amanda.

She arrived at The Cottage with a drawing for the fridge

saying that she wanted her hair cut like the picture.

Photo: Self portrait of Matilda with new hair cut

I am not sure if you can see her hair,

but is is almost exactly like the picture that she drew.

Photo: Matilda with hair cut off.

My Granddaughter is brilliant.

You know that I am smiling.

Love you.


A Jar Of Rocks

Last week, on Instagram, I posted a photo of The Cottage orchid.

It is reblooming again and beautiful.

Yesterday a friend asked about it

and I thought that I would post today’s


Photo: The Cottage Orchid


Last week, Matilda gave Larry and me a gift.

A jar of rocks, hand picked for us

to make us happy.

This is a gift, a true gift, from the heart.

Sometimes, people touch us in the most wonderful way

and do not even realize it.

Like a six year old girl, named Matilda.

Have you ever given someone a gift similar to a jar of rocks?

Love you.




Even Though I am Scottish

I LOVE St Patricks Day!

{Even though I am Scottish}

We had a perfect Patrick’s Day.

Photo: Card from Matilda

Our card from Matilda makes me smile each time I look at it

{I love  matilda so much,  my heart could burst}


on THE day, {St Pats day}

we had brunch in Wataga, Texas

then went to the Kimbell Museum to see the new exhibit.

Larry was happy and content.

Sunday, dinner and movie was a kind of bust.

Photo: Individual beef wellington and boiled potatoes

I cooked even though I was not hungry.

We had beef Wellington, potatoes and a salad.

Our  movie was GIRLS TRIP.

I was a bit down and thought it would cheer me up.


I love the actresses in the movie,

but  GEEZE.

What a mess that movie is.

We watched about 30 min of the movie.


I have been struggling.

My medicine has lots of side affects

and frustration is setting

in with the basic eb and flow of what seems to be

what we know as diabetes.

In a few minuets, I will call Dr L’s office and make an appointment.

I WILL figure this out!

Love you.


Brackets & Blankets

Photo: my brackets are filled out

It is March Madness at The Cottage.

Larry is happy.

We both have our brackets filled out

and each night, updates are made.

{stars for winners-scratch off losers}

Larry always wins our bet.


The Raffle quilt is almost complete.

12 tickets are in the bowl….

there are 18 raffle tickets remaining.  There are only 30 tickets total.

If you are interested in a raffle chance….link is below.

Link to quilt rules

Thank you so much!

Photo: Love & Joy a raffle quilt {twin size}

It is a beautiful morning.

I have a picnic planned…. will kidnap my Larry


escape to the Arboretum for lunch.

He works so hard, I love to share his lunch with him.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Love you.


Three Miles Of Course

Five days a week, I walk laps.

I walk outside if it is pretty


walk at the track at the rec-center

if the weather is bad.

Photo: taken during one of my daily walks.

It has been beautiful in Texas


my walks sometimes  include

music, new friends, ducks and Larry.

Oh and three miles of course.

I have hidden the bathroom scales

but I think that I might have lost a few pounds.

When I go to the DR next, I will find out.

{I have been feeling like merde}

It is Thursday. My favorite day of the week.

Happy almost Friday!

Love you.



The Companion

Last weekend, I received a gift.

It is a walking stick, made by my son in law, Josh.

It is a lovely, beautiful gift

made from a branch that fell on their property.

It is a meaningful gift in so many ways.

Photo: Walking stick

It is balanced and dense.

I love it. Thank you Josh.


I am off to walk my laps.

Love you.


Fire Pit Fun


Photo: Best s’more in the universe!

Last week, we had guests for dinner.

Larry got the firepit going


Jared & Jami {and dogs!} came over

for hot dogs cooked over the fire.

Jared brought the makings for his famous s’mores.

They were so good that

I thought I died and went to heaven.

I cannot share his secret recipe , but, YUMMM.

We had the nicest visit with J&J.

My cup runneth over.

Love you beyond the moon.


Wherever You Are

When my father betrayed and denied me,

His brother, my uncle, came into my life.

My uncle did not have a relationship with his brother either.

Photo: My Uncle Bruce

Together he and Larry supported me when things looked grim.

The funny thing is, his presence felt as natural as if he had always been in my life.

I survived. Everything was/is ok.

{thanks to two special men in my life}

I cannot believe that Bruce has been gone 8 years.

That awful day {March 10},  feels like yesterday

and I miss him every day.

Uncle Bruce, wherever you are

Thank you for being you.

I love you.