I am posting from the car this morning. Larry has taken the day off and we are going on an adventure. He needed to get away. Four hours from Dallas away. Yay!

Jamison gave this framed poster to me. It is in my studio and every day, when I see it, I am inspired and feel loved. Perhaps today it will make you smile.

Have a happy, wonderful day. See you after the adventure.

Love you beyond the moon an stars.


Meet The Quilt Winner

Meet Amanda. Amanda is the winner of the Komen 2020 More Than Pink raffle quilt. Matilda, Larry and I delivered the quilt to Amanda on Saturday afternoon.

Amanda sent this photo to me on Saturday night, saying that she loved the quilt already.

I am sad this years quilt is delivered because I am not sure if I will ever make another. Time will tell.

I would like to thank everyone who donated to this years raffle. It means the world to me. EARLY DETECTION saves lives.

TEAM BELIEVE is alive and supports all of us touched by breast cancer.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.



I am working today. My away sign is up. Thank you for being considerate.

Today’s quote is….

Bid my love, and

I will give

A loving heart to thee.

~Robert Herrick~

Love you beyond the stars and moon.


Interesting Proposition

Photo: Saturday morning photo

On Saturday, we picked Matilda up early to celebrate Grandparents Day. (a day early). When we arrived to the town where they live, fog was thick in the air. I felt Autumn in that foggy air. It was beautiful in a surreal way.

Sweet Matilda was waiting outside for us….excited for the day.

Larry and I always love our time with Matilda. Our relationship with her is special and she brings so much spirit into our lives. My life would not be the same without her.

I adored my Grandmother. I share memories of her often and wonder if she thinks that I am doing a good job?

The Cottage is quiet today. My day started early and my laundry was finished at 8:00 am. Hopefully, I will get a new painting started today and I need to hem the jumper I made last week.

It is another Monday of another week. Larry and I have reservations to go to Philadelphia soon and Paris in November. We just keep holding on to the dates and daydreaming. Perhaps it is time to cancel everything…. and wish for the best in 2021? Oh well. I will think about it another day.

What will you do differently today than the past 20 mondays we have been living through? Interesting proposition though, yes?

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Happy Grandparents Day

Yesterday, our favorite girl spent the day with us (the day before) Grandparents Day! We spent the day at the Dallas Zoo and raffled off the Komen Quilt. (more about that this week)

Happy Grandparents Day to all of you who share this experience. Have a wonderful day celebrating the joy and love of being a grandparent! Below is the “card” that Matilda made for us….

I love Matilda so much and my time with her is simply amazing. I wish you the same such wonderfulness.

Love you beyond the stars and moon.


Last Year

Last year, with tears in my eyes, I wrote a blog about surviving 9/11. Link below….. (click on continue reading)

Today, I feel stunned. I try so hard to blog/journal about positive and truth but today I am empty. I hope that you forgive me and look for a hoppin’ update of the weekend on Monday?

Please have an awesome weekend.

You know I love all blog readers beyond the moon and stars.


Why You Are Amazing

Yesterday, Larry worked like crazy all day and I sewed. (then we went out to Mi Cocina for dinner) The new jumper I am making is almost finished…with a few extra touches I added myself. Designing garments is an amazing creative outlet…I cannot wait to start #2 Jumper.

During the night, it rained and got cooler. It is 62 degrees on our front porch. That is 40 degrees cooler than it was in out back garden a few weeks ago. Are you ready?

Ready for another season (Autumn) of the craziness that is our world today? This morning, Larry and I talked about it (the craziness) before we got out of bed. We worry about so many of our friends. Friends who are alone or struggling with unhappiness. How do we negotiate friendship in days like this?

Do you have someone/ anyone that you are worried about? Have you checked on them or written them a real note? That is one of my GOALS for today. Get a couple notes written to long lost friends. There are two women who have dropped out of my life in the past months. Today I will write to them and hope to hear from them soon.

I keep this book out all the time….

Photo: Book, written for me by Matilda, Granddaughter

It reminds me, that my ART matters and that I am a good person. It also reminds me that my Granddaughter loves me a lot. (and the inside of the book is amazing)

Today is a busy day…..I’d best get busy.

Love you beyond the stars and moon.


Yesterday Was Difficult

Yesterday, was difficult. As I struggled and tried to sort things out, I received the most wonderful notification from Komen Breast Cancer Events. A donation had been made to TEAM BELIEVE. It made my day.

I was thrilled to see that my cousin Kathy made a generous donation and had the pleasure of filling out raffle tickets in her name.

Photo: Raffle tickets

Kathy, if you are reading this, please know how much it meant to me. Thank you so, so much. To receive a donation this close to the event is rare. The drawing will be held, on September 12, noon central time.

Photo: New Look Pattern 6866 All sizes in pattern

I am sewing today. A denim jumper for the cooler weather. (I am making the view to the far right. Short red.) I like this pattern very much. The long version is my mumu “go to” for Hawaii and the shorter views are for jumpers with a turtle neck and tights for winter.

The past month, I have been cleaning out my closet. I make one garment and donate two or three things. It is working! The closet is looking good.

It seems like every time I have cancer/radiation, my body changes and my wardrobe is somewhat “off”… is a good excuse to fix it.

Have a good day. Try to accept your day with whatever obstacles come your way.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Chicken Divan, Trolls and Peach Pie

This past weekend, we had a guest. She is 9 years old and was the most wonderful guest imaginable.

On Friday she baked Chicken Divan for dinner…..and it was marvelous!

On Saturday, we went to Canton Texas and found treasures and visited with the Waddle family. (Jami husband’s family) Jared’s family has a shop at Canton.

Photo: I loved these parfait glasses. BUT I left them at Canton.

Larry and Matilda both love Canton. We have good friends who live in Canton. Could you imagine living there???

We ate junk all day on Saturday. It was heaven. Especially the pretzels and lemonade.

On Sunday, we got up, had the best morning and baked a peach pie.

The pie looked amazing but my corn starch must have been old because it ran all over the place!

We had Sunday Dinner and a Movie with Matilda. She made a salad, Larry picked up pizza and wings then had peach pie for dessert.

Our Movie was…..

And our dinner together was fabulous.

We are looking forward to Matilda coming to spend another weekend very soon.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.