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Day One-Camp Robi Recap and Things

Photo: Matilda said bye to her Mother

Photo: Matilda started the day with “Pen-Pal Time”

Photo: Matilda mailing her Pen-Pal letter

Photo: We went fishing!

Photo: After Lunch, we had sketch time.

Photo: After swimming at the rec center, we went at Soul Mans BBQ for ribs!

Photo: Evening, bath, journal time and reading.

In all honesty, I had so much fun at Camp Robi.

Time with Matilda is a treasure to Larry and me.

Lauren & Josh are very generous with sharing their special girl


I cannot thank them enough.


Photo: Sunday Dinner and Movie. I grilled pork chops and fresh veggies

It was a long weekend.

Saying good bye to Matilda and sending her home was difficult.

{but looking forward to Camp 2019!}

On Friday, we did have a family emergency. Perhaps one day I will share the story,

but for today,  will you do me a favor?

Please tell the people in your life, how much they mean to you,


Please, please….consider giving blood. It saves lives

I saw it first hand this past weekend.

Thank you to a few dear friends {you know who you are}

for your prayers and friendship.

Larry looked at me last night and said:

We don’t have many friends, but the ones we do have are amazing.

Since I have stopped taking the chemo, and radiation is over….

Tomorrow, I will be trying to give blood…..

I am off to do laundry and work on an old painting that I pulled out of the closet….

Love you, more than you know.



2018 Fin

Camp Robi is over for another year!

We had the absolute best time ever.

Matilda was a great camper and  joy all week at the cottage.

This morning, I walked 4 miles….and then grocery shopped,

making it back home to watch the World Cup.


Have a wonderful day,

Love you.


Camp Updates

Our camper is still asleep, {it is 7:15 am}

but will wake soon for today’s adventure.

She has been so busy and happy.

When camp slows down for a moment, I will post some pictures…

{or take a nap, whichever comes first}

I send joy and love.

May your week be as wonderful as mine {and Larry’s} is.

Love you.


Happy Week

Last week, I wrote about a box I sent away.

The box got stuck in the post office mailing drawer


I was worried about its journey to Pittsburgh.

So many of you wrote, asking if the box made it to the destination.

I am glad to tell you all that it arrived in one piece!

You see, I had made a shawl for my mothers first cousin, Ruth.

I have not seen Ruth in so  very long and wanted to send a hug of sorts to her.

With yarn from Paris and a charming pattern

I worked knitting the shawl for weeks…enjoying the creative process,

knowing that I would send it to Ruth after it was finished.

This past Friday evening, I received an email from Kathy, Ruth’s daughter.

With the email, was a photo.

It was a photo of beautiful Ruth with the shawl on. She looked gorgeous.

And she loved it!

Ruth, if you by chance are reading this post, please know that you are thought of daily

and  Larry and I hope to see you soon.  Consider the shawl a hug from us.

Much love to you and Kathy. Family is the best. Love you.


I am not sure how often I will be posting this week, because…..

CAMP ROBI starts tomorrow!

I will update when I can

but our schedule  is crazy and Matilda is going to keep me busy!

I designed our new 2018 bags….with patches added!

Stay tuned for Camp Robi updates!


Ruth’s box arrived safe and sound


Camp Robi starts.

This is going to be the best  week!

Love you beyond yarn from Paris….

beautiful women in shawls


Camp Robi patches.


Organic And Happy

Today, while walking my laps/miles….I realized that I had not shared something.

Perhaps I think that I might jinx myself… but…oh well.

Larry and I are getting ready for our 41st anniversary and I am not wearing my rings.

We are still together and  happier than ever.

It  appears that I have lost a few pounds and the rings fall off of my finger now.

In the spring, a few months ago, I had a major health episode.

Sick, could not stand very well and lost my vision.

The {diabetic} medicine seems to have made me very ill.

{please note, I felt sick for months after I stopped taking meds}

I called our family DR  ASAP and told him that I was stopping all meds. {4 of them}

The next week, I went to my endocrinologist.

She agreed with me about the meds


put a Free Style Libre  (a blood glucose reader) on my under arm.

The Libre thingie reads my BG for 2 weeks.

During that time, I poked my finger 7 times a day

and kept a food journal.

Then when 2 weeks charting was up, I had the libre removed

and met with my DR.

She read all my numbers, my A1C estimate and food journal.

Evidently, I am NOT Type 2 diabetic.


I had been on a chemo pill for 5 years and just stopped taking it in December.

The weight gain  and side effects from the Cancer meds…played a huge part

in my misdiagnosis.

Sooo, sweet readers. I am cancer free, not a diabetic

and as of today I have lost 28 pounds.

I am not on any meds and call myself ORGANIC.

I am working very hard to get healthier and stay healthy.

But I wanted to share that my health is my responsibility.

Along with being organic, I am empowered.

When I get down to my fighting weight, I will get my rings re-sized.

Love you


Pink Perwinkles

Yesterday, I had the occasion to say:

Love like there is no tomorrow….

and always follow your heart.

Sometimes, life is that simple, yes?

Love you beyond the pink periwinkles.


Happy, Safe 4th Of July

Today while I walked my laps, {it was 6:40 am}

I kept thinking of a picture…of Libby.

It was her 4th of July picture years ago.

It made me quite sentimental….and tearful.

When I came home from working out, I cleaned up


kept thinking of the picture, went to look for it….and I found it.

Here she is. Giving us that Libby look that I miss so much!

Larry and I  {and Libby} wish you a Happy, safe 4th of July.

Love you beyond the fireworks.


Happy July!

Happy July!

Flags, fireworks, picnics!

I love this holiday. It makes my heart fill with pride.


Yesterday, Sunday, started with church and a pot luck lunch.

At church, they even planned a patriotic  sing along.

The fellowship and food was wonderful,

and the songs were perfect.

After church, Larry and I did  a lot of  chores, then came home to a light dinner.

He made one of his great cheese plates.

Dinner and movie.

Movie was  Mamma Mia. Yes, yes, I know that I just saw the play….

But I just needed to hear some ABBA yesterday.

And eat cheese. Lots of my favorite cheese.


The post office was empty this morning.

I mailed a box to a beloved cousin in Pittsburgh.

Have you ever used the US Mail kiosk to mail a box?

Well, is it super easy, till you  put it in the big drawer thing.

My  box  got stuck.

I mean so stuck, the drawer would not open at all

because the box was stuck sideways…..

then a mystery voice behind the wall said: hold on, hold on a minute.

I heard some noise, worried that the box would be torn up…

but the mystery voice assured me that it was OK, and going off to be mailed.

I sighed a sigh of relief.

Have a happy Day!

Love you.


LOVE The Patches

Yesterday I spent a lot of time preparing for

Camp Robi.

Shirts and bags are made….

but I  must admit, I LOVE, LOVE  the patches.

The schedule is complete and the patches are paired with each activity.

There are ten patches this year and I will sew them onto the new Camp Robi bag.

It is sooo exciting!

{OK, so I LOVE patches}


I have walked 4 miles this morning


even though I felt tired and cranky, I did it, I am glad I did it.

Now, on with my day.

I wish YOU a happy day and lovely weekend.

Maybe there should be a GOOD WEEKEND patch?

I would love to get that one.

Love you.






Good To Be Home

I spent the last  couple of days in Austin, Texas.

Our hotel was charming, Larry worked, we had dinner with friends.

Somethings are just to good to over analyze.

Enjoying THE moment is what life is about.

Yesterday while driving back to Dallas,

Larry was on conference calls and I finished a project.

It will be dry-cleaned and shipped off far away.

{finishing a project is always bittersweet}

For  our “coming home”  meal,

I made dinner using  a recipe from a French Friend.

Photo: Omelette with chives and potato chips.

It was sooo good that my mouth is watering just looking at these photos.

I have a hair style appointment this morning….better run.

It is good to be home.

Love you.