Queen Nefertari And Me

A few days ago, Larry and I got away. It was just to Ft Worth for an ART exhibit, but it was fun to get away for a few hours. The day was gloomy with very strange clouds. The clouds made the 45 minute trip west, interesting.

The Kimbell ART Museum has the NEFERTARI Exhibit until March. (I hope to see it again!)

The museum let only a few people in the exhibit space at a time, we all wore masks and social distanced. It was not terribly busy and I felt amazingly safe.

As an ARTist, I was amazed at the pieces (230 of them!) in this exhibit. They were well preserved and if painted, the paint colors were spectacular. I was in awe. Queen Nefertari died in 1250 BC.

This is the first exhibit I have been to in a year. It was different and somewhat distracting. I enjoyed every moment.

After looking at each piece of Nefertari’s life twice, we went to the gift shop. There was a beautiful leather purse by an Italian ARTist, I liked it very much but could not justify spending $190.00 on something I did not need. BUT…..Larry did buy me a needle felted Lamb in a pink dress. Her ears are crooked and wears a cross body bag. I fell in love with her instantly. Her name is Amy.

Photo: Meet Amy

I’m not sure when I will go to an ART exhibit again, so this one will have to live in my heart awhile.

Happy Friday! Please stay safe and happy.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Lisa A.~ Year Of The Grinch

My in box was a happy place yesterday……I had a message from Lisa, with pictures! Please enjoy thoughts from this sweet lady.

Photo: Lisa’s Grandchildren

Lisa says: Hmmmm. Experiences of love and joy…I really try to find the joy in every day. Even the yuckiest of days there is joy if you just look. But the two things that ALWAYS bring me joy and love are biking especially with my husband and my grandchildren. Never fails those two bring me huge smiles! I hope you find joy in each day!

Photo: Lisa and her husband, Bruce

Thank you Lisa, you shared your heart today.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Matilda M.~Year Of The Grinch

Yesterday I received this DM with a photo AND self portrait! … from Matilda…..

Matilda says: My heart feels full when I edit photos on my tablet and people enjoy my  ART. Matilda M.

My (as any Grandmother’s would!) heart was full when I saw her self portrait!

Thank you Matilda. You shared your heart today.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


PS: If you would like to share what makes your heart feel full, please email me and I will be glad to post your happy thoughts here on the blog. XOX

A Month Of Heart

Hello December 1st, 2020. It is a bright Tuesday morning here and chilly.

Last month, Matilda (my granddaughter) and I were talking about The Grinch. He is such a grouchy fellow, but his heart grew 3 sizes because he experienced love and joy from others.

In honor of Mr Grinch, this month, you are welcome to share your experiences of love and joy here on Robin Toujours Blog. Please email me your “heart” at robin@robintolbert.com

I will post your story with your fist name only. What is it about this year that makes your heart feel full?


My heart grows by watching my Larry laugh and smile at the nature in our back garden. Basic, organic love and joy. ~Robin

Happy December, be happy today. There is so much love around us.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


The Unselfish Moon

I was cuddled under a blanket last evening, working on a Christmas gift when Larry said, come out back for a moment. I really hated getting out from under the warm, cozy afghan but Larry’s suggestions always intrigue me.

I put on my slippers and followed him onto the back patio.

He said: Look at that moon.

Photo: November, 29, 2020 moon.

It was sooooo worth getting up to see the sky. This shot was taken as the moon rose in the East sky.

Larry kissed me and we went inside. Seeing the moon last night, has stayed with me, till even now.

I found this quote…and thought, how utterly unselfish.

“And if you are to love, love as the moon loves. It does not steal the night, it only unveils the beauty of the dark”

Here is to letting the people and world around us shine in their original beauty.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Positive For My Soul

This morning, I am dressed for church. Larry and I are two of eleven people attending service in person this morning. We will be social distancing, using masks and hand sanitizer. It is the first Sunday of advent and the first Sunday I have gone to services in person since February.

Right now I am at my work desk. The soundtrack to Cider House Rules is playing from my playlist. (Rachael Portman) I am ready to post a few photos I took this morning of the cabbages in the garden and I feel very sentimental. Past, holidays, past Advents, past years…..there is so much I have taken for granted. The music is feeding my mood and I find moving forward in a deliberate way of joy and kindness, positive for my soul.

Photo: Sunday morning in the garden

Have a good day. Make a difference if you can. Life is truly wonderful.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.



Larry and I had a lovely day yesterday and hope that you did too.

I find myself very thankful for many things in my life. With gratitude and prayer, I lift my thanks to the Lord and wish you the same glorious mindset.

Have a good weekend.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


Happy Thanksgiving!

What an absolutely beautiful day it is. After thunder storms last night, today is calm and wonderful. Larry and I have Arboretum plans this afternoon. It is a perfect day to be thankful.

Last night, we started signing our Thankful Cards. I made them a month or two ago and now signing them is the last step. Signing them is my favorite part. It is the personal part that means so much. To me at least.

Traditions are important. No matter how big or how small, old or new……they are important.

What important traditions will you be experiencing this weekend? OH! And then there is this quote by one of my favorite authors.

Happy Thanksgiving! Larry and I send love and best wishes to you.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


The Original~YOU

Photo: Gnome at the dinosaur park this week.

I went back in time yesterday! Do you remember when I carried a gnome around with me all the time? Before Gnome, I carried a Kewpie, these were props for my FlickR photos. I stopped after awhile, because it was not so original any more.

I once I videoed “Word Of The Day”…very often. Then I discovered that someone close to me, decided to follow my design and format for the words. I told her that I saw it. She has vanished from my life. (I think that she was embarrassed)

Being the original YOU is a gift that you can give the people around you. They can thrive in your spirit and trust you. How can anyone enjoy or trust you if you are a copy cat?

Being creative, gives me the best feeling in the world. All people are creative in some way. The gift is there, in you to discover and use. What will you create today?

Love you beyond the moon and stars.


The Weekend Before Thanksgiving

Yesterday for Sunday dinner and a movie, we ate healthy. Turkey bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, Cauliflower, potatoes and a small salad. The marinade was Dijon mustard and honey. The plate was blonde, but dinner was very good and flavorful.

Our Sunday movie was ELF. Enough said, right?

Matilda spent the night on Friday night. We went to a Holiday Light Show and had the BEST time! We drove through the maze, listened to Christmas music and the lights were fantastic. I would love to do it again.

Photo: Holiday Lights in Frisco, TX

I give thanks every day for so many blessings in my life. My heart is filled with amazement at these gifts that I have been given. The single fact that JOY can be found in bits and pieces, during a pandemic is something to be thankful for. But to be honest, I feel guilty for feeling happy at times.

The days are getting close to Thanksgiving. THREE days till the day. Are YOU ready? What are you planning for dinner? What are you thankful for?

Have a happy Monday. I am thankful for you.

Love you beyond the moon and stars.