At Shipwrecks Beach, Kaua’i

Last week, Larry and I took one of our favorite hikes.

It is along the cliffs at Shipwrecks on Kaua’i and is very beautiful.

After our hike, we found a log and sat.

Larry, not being one who sitsĀ  still for any length of time, was antsy.

I said : If I was braver, I would find my way to that caveĀ  in the cliff.

He said: what cave?

I pointed, and off he went. {men}

Here he is making his way to the cave in the cliff.

I was kind of scared for him and jealous.

I was more jealous after he made it to the cave

Just look at him waving. Show off.

I could not resist a close up…..When he came back to where I was sitting,

I asked him what the cave was like?

He said that it was sandy and had a nice view.

I think that next year, I will plan a picnic in that cave.

Imagine that.

And he can take MY picture while I am in the cave.


Thank you for all of the kind birthday wishes.

It has been a wonderful birthday!

Love you.


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