And The Winner Is….

On Saturday evening, the winner of Komen Race For The Cure Raffle was chosen. Jamison and Jared invited us to their house for dinner and together, they picked the name out of a crystal bowl. We had pizza, salad and over dessert, Jami and Jared picked the winning name.

Congratulations Kathy Anderson! Team Believe appreciates your support of EARLY DETECTION.

PHOTO: Jami and Jared, picking the winning name

Next Saturday, May 18 th, is the Race For The Cure. I will have each name of TEAM BELIEVE 2019 members on a piece of paper close to my heart. Thank each and every one of you for being so supportive !

Photo: The winner is Kathy Anderson!

The photo is blurry, My new camera was focusing on something other than Kathy’s name…But you can see it…

Jami was tired and not very well while we were there. We had a lovely visit, celebrated Mothers Day and we laughed a lot.

Jared gave me a beautiful begonia plant and a new LODGE cast iron skillet. {I am sooo excited about it} Jamison, gave me ART. It is a phrase from the song, Wonderful World and designed beautifully. But honestly, just being there was gift enough for me.

AND the winner is….ME! And Kathy. It was a perfect evening. My cup runneth over.

Tomorrow’s post will be “Mothers Day, part two.”

Love you beyond the moon.


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