And The Book For May Is……….The Southerners

My book group meets every other month. Our next meeting will be in May and it was my turn to choose May’s book. I love when it is my turn to pick out the book, is there anything better than sharing a good book with a good friend?

I have chosen one of my all time favorite books, ever.

About 1970, my Grandmother gave me her copy of The Southerners. {I have read it numerous times and adore it} I still have it, although rather torn up. It was published in 1953 and is 65 years old this year. On my To Read List, The Southerners is in the top ten books for this year, because I will be 65 in June too.

  So dear readers, I am sharing my birthday book with you.

   I bought a used copy on Amazon for $1.99 plus $3.00 shipping.

  ABE Books also has a few copies or check you local library.

  If you have trouble finding or buying The Southerners, I would be glad to help.

Do you have a list of favorite books? Please share one or two of them?

Love you.


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  • Bobbie Severance-Roach

    Wow, another comment from Michigan !!!!
    I am also turning 65, but a month before you in May. Medicare, here we come. I sometimes wonder how I got to be this age, but then I see line & wrinkles that just seemed to appear lately. Anyway in my heart & in my mind I am not a day over 40. How about you?
    PS: I’ve been thinking about a French Bull Dog birthday gift lately, but then my heart gets sad and I know I can’t do it. A friend of mine recently got a sweet Pug puppy, she named her Miss Yum Yum. How cute is that?

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