Alice’s Rose

Larry and I had a busy but quiet weekend. If that makes sense.

On Friday, we went to the Meyerson and saw the Dallas Symphony perform. We heard the Symphonic Dances by Rachmanioff. The history behind this work is interesting but it is not my favorite of his works.

I did like the guest conductor. He looked like Larry! Look at that hair! Now you know why Larry has a pony tail.

Photo: Guest conductor at the DSO

On Saturday, we did chores, exercised (walked 2 miles!) and watched a movie in the afternoon before going out to dinner. We watched Sixteen Candles. Larry had never seen it….it is epic but I don’t think he liked it very much. (then we went out to dinner at Cappuccino’s)

Photo:: Cappuccino’s

Cappuccino’s Bistro is “Our Place” We go often and it is always wonderful. Cappuccino’s is a neighborhood restaurant. It is always busy, the food is perfection, drinks are wonderful and the wine list filled with all good Italian wines. Frank, the owner welcomes us with handshakes and smiles.

Yesterday, Sunday we went to church. We have a new minister and he started this week. The flowers yesterday were in honor of a wonderful woman named Alice. Alice passed away about 6 months ago and today is her birthday. Her husband wanted everyone to take a rose home for Alice’s birthday. (I loved Alice. She was a mainstay at this church and very kind. I miss her and today I am thinking of her as I see her rose each time I step into the front room)

Photo: Alice’s Rose

Laundry is swirling. Larry is back in his office and I am starting a new dress. The sewing machine is threaded and ready to go…..

Have a great day.

Love you beyond the moon.


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