A Simple Little Blog

This is a simple blog. It is my journal {I DO have a handwritten journal}, my coffee {I don’t drink coffee}, my cigarette {I don’t smoke} and my breakfast {I don’t eat breakfast}.

It must frustrate some people {huge web masters, etc} that I am happy with my simple little blog.

Yesterday in my mail, there was a note from someone promising to get thousands of hits for me, upgraded format and ads. They promised success.

I was thinking about that last night. What truly is success? How can someone who has never met me, know what success means to me?

The only thing that I would like is….more comments. I have asked before but my sweet readers are the quiet sort. It is true, I love hearing your thoughts here. In the comment section. Where we can all read the opinions as long as Blog lives. This morning, I was looking on line and look what I found.

How creepy is that? At least it confirms that others like comments too! I am not crazy!

Love you.


3 thoughts on “A Simple Little Blog

  1. Sandy says:

    I enjoy reading your thoughts. Looking at your Instagram and seeing your daily life.
    They make me feel closer to you like we spent time together. Truly love you guys and am always wishing you the best day.

  2. Judy says:

    I drink coffee (decaf), I eat breakfast (leftover Chinese this morning) and I do not keep a journal or blog. However, I look forward to your blog everyday! Love, Judy

  3. Dot says:

    No coffee or cigarettes for me. I do enjoy breakfast now. Used to skip it all the time. Trying to live healthier. Not a blogger but do enjoy yours now that you are back. Loved the letter. I will do better replying in the future. I am buried in paperwork now. Taxes, papers to get through settlement next week and family things. Sending good thoughts to you and Larry.

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