A Lost American

I’ve been working on a few projects. Keeping busy is a good thing right now.

The news is interesting. Social media has been even more interesting. Have you been watching? There are many opinions. So many people changing their opinions back and forth. People being bullies because they think if they holler loud enough, they can change your mind.

I have a political opinion. I have been an avid voter since 1973. I watch politics and enjoy seeing how the “game” works out.

Right now, today, I feel like a lost American. Every TV channel has opinions. Every broadcaster is sharing what they think. It is like a carnival with barkers trying to bring us in.

Where do people like me fit in today? People who are accountable for each moment of our lives? (while watching others get away with horrendous things) I have never been an observer in my own life, but feel like one now.

There is hope for the future. I know it. My faith mandates it.

Today’s prayer is for HOPE. I plan to keep busy and not watch news.

Larry and I send you good wishes of HOPE….and calm days.

Love you beyond the moon.


One thought on “A Lost American

  1. Jamison Waddle says:

    I gave 10 years of service to this country, Mom. We are all feeling betrayed by everything, this, at our greatest hour of need. Hold fast, feel strength in your faith and in your family! It is time to compartmentalize what’s happening and stand our ground! Love you!

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