A Crazy Summer Is A Good Thing

It is  an obnoxious  Tuesday morning in Texas.

The heat is rising from the street already


I have  fallen into the black hole of website design.

{I am sorry that I keep changing the site “look”}

I am going for a walk soon,

there are projects to finish,


clean clothes to put away.

I am feeling frustrated and anxious today.


do not know exactly why.

Life is good,

my daughters are happy

and Larry is excellent.

Something odd did happen this spring.

Perhaps it has happened to you at some point also?

An old friend {whom I moved away from}

Kept sending emails that I would not answer.

She wrote every week….for weeks.

I finally wrote her back, a short note, telling her that we were all fine.

Then…she never wrote back.

For three months…till yesterday.

{Larry suspects that she wants to travel with us

and that is a complete other story and NO WAY}

Whats up with that?

I believe that this summer is just plain kooky.

A crazy summer is a good thing….it keeps us occupied.

Love you more than candy.







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