THE Anniversary Card

Photo: THE Anniversary card {card one}

Larry and I love greeting cards so much that for a very long time we did not exchange them. {we did not like throwing them away} Then….one year I gave him a card. The one above. That was in 2005. He loved the card so much that we just kept re-signing it each year till it was full of notes.

I told him that I would buy a ribbon and add a card and we could treat it as one card. That is what we have done all of these years.

Photo: THE Anniversary card {card two}
Photo: THE Anniversary card {card three}

At our anniversary dinner this year, after reading all of the sweet messages, Larry announced that THE Anniversary card was full. Again. I agreed that it was full and to be honest, I hated thinking about finding number four card to be inserted in the anniversary card. But then, Larry said it. Lets use Aggies card!

In the mail on our anniversary, there was the BEST card from Aggie. {Aggie is Mothers first cousin}

Aggie always remembers us. She is a prolific card sender/letter writer. I adore her so much and her communications always make me smile and feel family.

Below is Aggies anniversary card …and now it is part of THE Anniversary card. I love it!

Photo: THE Anniversary card. Aggies card makes number four.

It is becoming our anniversary mini book. The notes to each other span quite a few years. It always makes me happy. Now it will be put away till next August.

Aggie, thank you for the wonderful card and now being part of the tradition. Your card fit perfectly into the ribbon.

Next year, Larry and I celebrate year 43. I love him so much. Why is time going by so fast?


Then on Sunday. We had chores to do, visited Jamison and took her dogs to the dog park. It was the best day…

Sunday dinner and a movie conisisted of….Jimmy Johns Frenchie sandwiches. I had made pizza dough but did not feel like making the pizzas. So Frenchies! Larry aggreed.

Photo: Sunday Dinner and a Movie
Photo: Sunday movie

We had sandwiches, chips and watched HOUSE BOAT. I love that movie so much, we own it. To love and be loved……

I hope that your weekend was nice. Oh yes, now it is good old Monday….frown face. {Laundry is swirling} Please have a good Monday. I am trying too.

Love you beyond the moon.


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    Cheers to many more
    Love notes ๐Ÿฅ‚๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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