Dirty Laundry

Today, Larry walked {exercised} with me. It is warm and humid outside. I was angry today and walked very fast. We walked 4 miles in 55 minutes. The question of the day was: How much dirty laundry am I allowed to share on the blog?

The answer {for today} is zero. Everyone goes through merde, but we do not want to hear all about it. {do we?} Oh well. It is Monday. I have today’s exercise calculated into the week {Thank you FitBit} and the real laundry is half finished. {and I have only 2 dryer sheets left till grocery day, that’s good isn’t it?}


Sunday dinner and a movie came on the heels of the annual 4th of July pot luck at church. {where I ate one hot dog, three different salads and 4 of the most wonderful cookies I have ever had in my life} We came home from church and walked a few laps at Willow Bend Mall. My back was hurting, so we did not do our usual miles.

Sunday dinner and a movie……

Photo: Sunday Dinner and Movie

Dinner consisted of quiche {more about that later} a sweet salad, Champagne {an interesting find of Larry’s} and our movie was Paris Blues.

I think that Larry loves Paris Blues so much because it was filmed entirely in Paris. I just like seeing Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward make goo goo eyes at each other. Not to mention the other dynamics that come into play in this complex movie. It was a perfect movie for last evening.

BIG NEWS: Larry bought me a new clock to replace the old one that the battery leaked all over last week.

Photo: The new clock

Yes, look in the middle at the bottom. There is the time. I think he liked that it is a weather station! It is perfect. Thank you Larry. I love you.

Happy July! May this new month be filled with only clean laundry and happy hearts.

Love you.


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