The Hawaiian Schefflera

Photo: Bonsai Hawaiian Schefflera

Yesterday, was gloomy. The effects of a Dr visit on Tuesday was hitting reality {everything is ok} and I dragged Larry {at his lunch hour} to the mall where we both walked 4 miles.

To continue my lazy day, we came home and I worked on a sweater as Larry finished a big project that he is working on. Then….he had a meeting to go to and I tagged along, opting to go to shopping center with my Kindle while he made contact with the regional guys from an international restaurant chain.

I sat in a food court and read the next book for Book Club. {Ten Years Gone By Jonathan Dunsky} I must admit that the smoothies and pretzels were a bit distracting but I fell deep into my book, holding out for the dinner that Larry promised me.

So I read, met up with Larry, went to Gloria’s {Latin Cuisine} for dinner and visited. We talked so much you would have thought that we had been apart a few days instead of hours.

Today’s photo, of the schefflera, Well it is there because I watered my Hawaiian Schefflera today. Small errands getting done are ok too, right?

I must finish my shopping list. It is Friday after all….

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love you.


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