Happy Week

Last week, I wrote about a box I sent away.

The box got stuck in the post office mailing drawer


I was worried about its journey to Pittsburgh.

So many of you wrote, asking if the box made it to the destination.

I am glad to tell you all that it arrived in one piece!

You see, I had made a shawl for my mothers first cousin, Ruth.

I have not seen Ruth in so  very long and wanted to send a hug of sorts to her.

With yarn from Paris and a charming pattern

I worked knitting the shawl for weeks…enjoying the creative process,

knowing that I would send it to Ruth after it was finished.

This past Friday evening, I received an email from Kathy, Ruth’s daughter.

With the email, was a photo.

It was a photo of beautiful Ruth with the shawl on. She looked gorgeous.

And she loved it!

Ruth, if you by chance are reading this post, please know that you are thought of daily

and  Larry and I hope to see you soon.  Consider the shawl a hug from us.

Much love to you and Kathy. Family is the best. Love you.


I am not sure how often I will be posting this week, because…..

CAMP ROBI starts tomorrow!

I will update when I can

but our schedule  is crazy and Matilda is going to keep me busy!

I designed our new 2018 bags….with patches added!

Stay tuned for Camp Robi updates!


Ruth’s box arrived safe and sound


Camp Robi starts.

This is going to be the best  week!

Love you beyond yarn from Paris….

beautiful women in shawls


Camp Robi patches.


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