Working POST-HASTE This Friday



with great speed or immediacy:
“she would go posthaste to England”
synonyms: as quickly as possible · without delay · (very) quickly 
I am working as fast as I can.
There is one Christmas gift {sweater}
Photo: Josh’s late Christmas gift
And second:
A birthday painting for an old friend.
{I never give my ART away, unless someone asks}


Photo: Painting in progress
Then, someone whom I adore
is celebrating her half birthday next week.
She will get the book  GRANDMA.
Photo: Grandma book for Matilda
Yes, it is for Matilda!
Today is Friday!
I will be in the studio all morning.
I work on gifts differently
than I work on my personal pieces.
It is bright and cold outside in Texas.
I listen to a radio station out of Dublin Ireland
each morning.
I never do anything until I post the weekeday blog
then, let the creativity begin!
I feel happy and content.
I hope your day is a good one,
filled with joy.
Love you.

2 thoughts on “Working POST-HASTE This Friday

  1. Anne says:

    Good luck with all your projects today! I know they will be beautiful and very creative!

    1. robin says:

      Thank you Anne! I bet you have some great projects in the making too! XOX

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