Halloween was over much to quickly this year.

We celebrated in the country last Sunday.

While the kiddos traveled to houses via hay rides,

Lauren served us goodies and Champagne at her house

while she handed out candy.

The Millers came to life as Little Red Riding Hood.

I wore a dress, with a knife through my head.

BUT…..Matilda stole my knife.


Red Riding Hood, slashed?

Jamison had to work and we missed her very much.

Maybe next year, Jami?

I have been really sick.

Is it a cold? The flu?

I give myself one more day

then off to the DR.

Have you had YOUR flu shot yet this year?

{I had mine  weeks ago….go figure}

Happy November.

It is the month of gratitude.

What are you grateful for?

Love you.