Valentine Weekend

Valentines Day was wonderful. Larry insisted on celebrating on February the 13th. We had dinner at a favorite restaurant. The piano player played Unforgettable for us. That has been “our” song for 30 years now…SECRET: Whenever we would host a dinner party, holiday party, etc. I would always have hours of music planned. Larry and I had an agreement. Whenever Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable would play….no matter where we were in the house or what we were doing, we would excuse ourselves and meet on the back patio. And dance. A quiet moment in the midst of wonderful moments with our guests. Unforgettable is our song.

On Friday, the 14th, Larry and I went to the Dallas Symphony. Ruth Reinhardt, a new conductor is amazing. The Symphony performed Romeo and Juliet. {Tchaikovsky}

On Saturday, we went to Granddaughter Matilda’s basket ball game. It was her teams last game and they had plans to go out to lunch. Larry and I were invited. So much positive engery was contagious. I loved being with the team.

On Sunday Larry and I picked Matilda up at her house and took her to the Heard Museum.

Photo: Matilda at the Heard Museum Exhibit

We wanted her to see the Dinosaur exhibit before it closed. We spent the entire afternoon at the Nature Museum. It was glorious.

Sunday dinner and a movie was postponed till today…

Love you beyond the moon.