A Sweet Stack In My Grandfathers Desk

Photo: Pablo{the mentor} sits at the entry to our cottage

The rain is still coming down. I cannot paint because the lighting is soooo bad. Larry is dressed and will venture into Dallas for his Wednesday meetings. Rain is standing in most of the roads and I am creeped out beyond belief.

A few weeks ago, Lauren and Matilda, posted on Facebook that I might be a bit “down” and that cards would be appreciated. They had blocked me from the post and I knew nothing….then so many wonderful cards and messages started arriving. I honestly could not figure out why I was getting so much mail. I know some of the people who have sent messages. I have met some wonderful people because they reached out to me, to encourage and cheer me up. It certainly has helped. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to write to me or send a card. It means so much. {forgive me if I repeat. I feel thankful and overwhelmed}

I love to write real notes and I know what it takes to accomplish it. Each card that I have received, I appreciate very much… I have them in a sweet stack, in my Grandfathers desk. I look at them often and feel thankful.

Larry is ready to leave for his meetings. There is an Internet project that I am working on {stay tuned} that so far has been fun and easy. Don’t you LOVE easy projects?

Thank you for listening. Have the best day.

Love you beyond the moon.