For Now And Evermore

Yesterday, I did not mean to be mysterious about our plans for the day…to be honest I was not ready to talk about it. Now I am.

On Wednesday, Larry and I had word that 21 Veterans were being buried at DFW National Cemetery, alone. No loved ones or friends were with them when they died or would be with them at burial.

It was cold yesterday. Larry was worried about me standing in the cold for a long time but we both felt that we needed to be there. We bundled up and made our way to South Dallas…it was a beautiful day.

I found a video of the service online…

To be alone at any time of your life has to be awful…these men fought for our country. I respect and morn for them. I will add all their names below. If you could, would you please whisper a prayer for them? Or say a kind word to your heaven? Then they will not be alone. The Veterans are…..

  1. Carl Hunt, Army (Vietnam)
  2. Jon Ulrey, Marine Corps, 1958
  3. Michael Mattox, Air Force (Vietnam)
  4. Christopher Kirk, Navy, (Vietnam)
  5. Jose Mireles, Army, ’79-’82
  6. David Butler, Army (Vietnam)
  7. Howard Wright, Army (Vietnam)
  8. David Hocutt, Army (Vietnam)
  9. Mark Parra, Marine Corps (Vietnam)
  10. Dennis Baker, Air Force, (Vietnam/Persian Gulf)
  11. James McCormick, Army (Vietnam)
  12. John Burford, Army (Vietnam)
  13. Hal Thomas, Marine Corps (Vietnam)
  14. Arthur Matts, Army (Korea)
  15. Kenneth Floyd, Air Force (Korea)
  16. Scotty Priddy, Army (Vietnam)
  17. Russell Williams, Army (Vietnam)
  18. Kenneth Embree, Air Force (Vietnam)
  19. Rufus Griffin, Army (Vietnam)
  20. Brian Kirkbride, Army (Vietnam)
  21. Roger Middleton, Army ’76 – ’83

Love you.