Make It Real

Photo: Flowers from our next door neighbors

Yesterday was a “Blue Thursday”. I have noticed that on any “Blue” day, blessings come from nowhere to support and remind me of what is important.

Yesterday I tried to keep busy. I walked two miles. {that is all I can manage right now} I worked on a baby gift for a dear friend in Germany, am planning a new quilt project and cooked a fun, late dinner. Oh and we went to Costco and bought a bunch of STUFF.

Photo:Beef and cheese Frittata

Photo: Frittata, salad and toast

Larry worked all day and I took advantage of stealing him away on his lunch hour. I did get a lot done yesterday but it does not feel like it at all.

My new project is still in the works. I have so many ideas about it, that it gets confusing.

Photo: New Project

Happy Friday. Happy February tomorrow, happy weekend and don’t forget to make it real.

Love you beyond the moon.


Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnn

Last year, Larry and I “happened” to be at our Granddaughters school during ART Show. I took the photo below while Matilda was having fun with friends. I have been going through old photos and old memories…

Photo: My favorite girl

The image makes me happy. You can see Matilda’s fingers at the side of the painting…and it reminds me of the silly, spooky kids TV shows from years ago, where someone would hide behind a masterpiece painting and their eyes would follow you around the room. The music would be dun, dun, dunnnnn.

Have a wonderful day.

Love you beyond the moon.


Just Dinner Together

Yesterday was another gloomy day. I tried to create a new rice pudding recipe for the Crock pot. FAIL! Because of the milk/rice/starch ratio. I tried to work on the oil painting. FAIL! Because of the bad lighting in my work room.

I rested all afternoon. {and knitted while I watched TV}

Last evening, around sunset, we went to dinner with the executive chef for one of Larry’s clients. It is always fun to go to dinner with Chefs. They have so much knowledge. It is VERY unlike visiting with someone who thinks that they are a chef/foodie, just because they like to eat.

Photo: Sunset in Plano

We picked Chef Raul up at his hotel and drove the short distance to our favorite Italian restaurant. Traffic was crazy, the streets were wet and dinner? Dinner was delicious.

Raul is in town to perfect a new menu for the restaurant. I loved hearing about process, and ingredients. It was like talking to an ARTist about a new creation.

Photo: Larry and Chef Raul

It was not a late evening. Everyone was tired. Dinner was perfect and the conversation was lively. How does a medium ARTist be inspired by a Food ARTist like Chef Raul? Just have dinner together.

What inspires you?

Love you beyond the moon.


Quilts and Things

Someone once said……A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars. I believe it. Each bed in The Cottage has a quilt.

Pboto: Prairie Crocus Quilt. Hand pieced and hand quilted by robin

Last week, I bought a small bit of fabric to make a quilt to either auction or to raffle off for the KOMEN More Than Pink 5K.

To be honest, I am not sure if there is much interest in my money makers for the annual Komen Race. {Paintings, Quilts, Gift cards, etc}

Perhaps it is just me? Maybe I should try a different something? My mind is blank. The inspiration I have enjoyed is taking a break these days.

On to a brighter note… far my life is status quo. The days are filled with mediocrity and putting one foot in front of the other. I appreciate the friends who have circled me with love and care. I am afraid that I understand why some of my friends have moved away from Larry and me. It is completely ok.

When something so overwhelmingly negative takes over your life, you are not very fun to be around….I understand. I just go cuddle under a quilt and read. Books cannot hurt your feelings.

Love you beyond the moon.


A Late Birthday Gift

I usually buy Larry’s birthday while we are away for thanksgiving each year. This year, since the trip was postponed, I never gave him a proper gift.

Until yesterday. Our Sunday dinner was planned, dessert was made and in the freezer but I was feeling restless and suggested that we go to one of my favorite Antique Malls in Dallas to just stroll through. Larry thought that it was a good idea. We bundled up and off we went.

I found Larry’s late birthday gift there. It is a painting, by a French ARTist, dated 1975 and it is a painting of Paris. Montmarte to be exact. It is old, charming and Larry loved it.

Photo: Larry propped his birthday painting on the chess board.

The ARTist signed the canvas back and dated it. Charming.

I am not sure where he is going to hang it. {in his office?} But he loves it and finally he has a birthday gift.

Birthdays are always so special, but getting a late gift keeps the celebration going. When is your favorite persons birthday?

Love you beyond the moon.


A Rodeo Hangover

Yesterday, was our annual, family Ft Worth Stock Show Day. I look forward to the day each year. The Stock Show is amazing.

Jami and Jared could not make it this year and I was not 100% yet due to health issues. Lauren, Josh and Matilda made it and in fact, they made a week end out of it!

The day was beautiful, busy and wonderful. Next year will be even better.

I am so tired today. I feel like I have a hangover but I don’t. {I am not drinking right now. Maybe I should start?}

I am dressed and at my work table. We are going to church today but not Sunday School. I must also go to the market, because I promised Larry that I will make Sunday dinner .

Photo: My daily Devotionals

I have done my devotionals and now must run to the market. I am making Larry’s favorite Ice cream Pie for dessert today.

I never knew how many people read the blog. Thank you for the emails and notes, but please don’t send me gifts. I do not deserve anything…..{Thank you for being in my life}

I must run. The ingredients for Ice Cream Pie await.

Love you beyond the local Kroger.


Hey Rosemary…

Have I ever told you that Larry’s favorite ice cream pie is the one the cookbook that you gave me last year? {we have other favorites too, but I am making the pie today and wanted to share.}

Photo: Vintage cookbook from Rosemary, because it is one of her favorite cookbooks and now it is one of mine too.
Photo: Making dessert for tomorrow

Life is so wonderful. You gave me a copy of one of your favorite cookbooks and when I use it, it is almost like we are visiting.

Your friendship means so much to me and I am thrilled that we get to visit in person soon. {making reservations, etc made my day yesterday}

Have a perfect day!

Love you beyond the moon.


My Side Of The Bed

Larry has been in Austin for a few days. He was attending a presidents meeting for one of his favorite clients.

We have not been apart since October. I ate poorly yesterday, got almost nothing done and did not sleep worth a darn.

This morning, when Larry called to say good morning, I asked : how did you sleep?

He said that he missed me so much, he slept on MY {robin’s} SIDE of the bed in his hotel room. Larry is OCD and for him to do that is huge.

Photo: The Big Bed

In honor of Larry sleeping on my side of the bed in the hotel, I changed the sheets this morning. {it is a job that wears me out} I will not put all the pretty pillows on the bed this morning because I will be naping in a few hours.

I have a sweet dinner planned for when he returns. It is going to be a good day.

Love you beyond the big bed.


To See Larry Happy

Photo: Paris 2018 Space Invader Sighting by robintolbert

Last night, Larry and I went out to dinner and came home and cuddled into bed. We spent our time daydreaming about a trip.

Last years {2019} trip to France was postponed. Larry re-booked everything before my surgery…and now we are daydreaming about new adventures. The funny thing is, we get to go on our annual trip twice this year! I must admit, Larry is happy. He hates what we have been going through but, he loves a diversion.

I love to see Larry happy. It makes me feel wonderful.

Love you beyond the Eiffel Tower.