He Served Tea

The wild duck soars and then circles

Over my orchard.

The fruit has fallen, ripe and ready to pick.

I yearn for flowers that bend with the wind and rain.

In my mind, I write a play about TEA.

And the wind sighs amongst the pots and cauldrons.

~Tso Ssu~


Photo: On Thanksgiving Day, Larry served me Tea.

Thanksgiving day this year was different, but wonderful. Larry cooked and served. He is my hero. I was 3 days out of surgery, not feeling very well and he took over. And look, he made butternut squash soup.

Photo: Heart shaped sandwiches

Tea, Champagne, heart shaped sandwiches….and for dessert…

Photo: Godiva Truffles

My favorite dessert of all, Godiva Truffles. {forgive the poor photography. I was a little loopy}

I am thankful for so very much this year….

Love you beyond the moon.