Photo: Plants in wine crate. Thank you Kathy and my wonderful Pittsburgh cousins.

The soundtrack from the play Camelot is playing while I work today.

Larry is away at meetings. It is the first time he has left me since surgery. The Cottage is extremely quiet.


Photo: My Knitting

Knitting takes up much of my recuperating time. This project is for a dear one….not a Christmas gift. It is just an I love you gift.


Photo: Last Friday, the family came over for lunch….it was memorable.

These holiday moments feel so special. Is it because I appreciate them more this year than ever before?


Photo: Flowers from Rosemary and David

Yesterday, I exercised. It was only 2 miles but I felt awful and had a migraine along with other things. I took an Excedrin Migraine and darn, I was up all night.


Photo: My daily devotionals

Each morning, I read my devotionals. Right now I have many questions. Not about my faith, but how I negotiate these days in the best way possible.


Photo: Blooming Christmas Cactus

I must close for now. The mornings are my best time and I try to fill them with as many errands/projects as possible!

Enjoy this Tuesday, it is a beautiful day. { if you have never listened to Camelot…it might make you smile.}

Love you beyond the moon.