The Day Before

Photo: By Larry Tolbert

The day before surgery, {last Sunday, 7 days ago!} Larry called me to the back door. This amazing creature was sitting on the fence looking at us. Well, ok, he was looking at the little birds drinking at the bird bath AND us.

Larry took this image and look at the claws. We live close enough to a lake to see river otters, heron, gulls, geese ducks, fox and other wild life. Our neighborhood is older, has character and I love what the environment brings to us.

I am at The Cottage and recovering. {it was difficult} I am thankful for today. So many of you have contacted me, wishing me well. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. I adore knowing that I am being thought of in the most wonderful way. My cup runneth over.

It is Cyber Monday, I think perhaps I will hop over to the Macy’s web site and see what they have for a certain someone’s birthday! {Larry’s day is next week!}

Have a happy day.

Love you beyond the moon.