Love Is Something

SWAN: a large waterbird with a long flexible neck, short legs, webbed feet, a broad bill, and typically all-white plumage.

I wear a sterling silver swan necklace every day. Larry bought it for me, one beautiful night while we were in Pennsylvania.

We were walking to dinner, a lovely stroll along the the Delaware River. A swan family made themselves known to us in a sweet, charming way.

After meeting the swans, we took a detour before dinner, to a jewelry boutique…where Larry bought me a medallion that a antique swan stamp had been pressed into the silver. I wear it most days.

Photo: My swan necklace. About 8 years old.

It reminds me of a wonderful evening, the love of my life and that in some odd way, that swans represent many good things to me.

Larry also bought a swan for our house. It sits on the mantle…

Photo: The Mantle swan

Yesterday, while I was making a gift {quilt} and Larry was straightening up, he brought the big swan to me. He asked if I remembered that he had written on the bottom of the swan. I cannot believe that I had forgotten….

Photo: This is written on the bottom of the swan. Annie Sullivan is the woman who was Helen Keller’s teacher.

I love this quote. I love that life can be seen in such a positive way no matter what is happening in our life. I love that swans mate for life and protect their familys with every ounce of their being.

Photo: I found this quote online….

If gracefulness is an expression of our soul…. I believe that I have some work to do.

I wish you a day filled with grace and devotion.

Love you BEYOND the moon.