November Odds and Ends

In my mind, I cannot believe that it is November. I love November. It is the beautiful transition between Autumn and Winter.

It is the month where you are TOLD to be thankful, when in reality we should be this thankful all year long.

The soundtrack for November, {in my mind} is the soundtrack to Cider House Rules by Rachel Portman. I just added it on music of the week. {on the side bar}

Larry and I have postponed our French trip for this year. It was a difficult decision, for personal reasons, it is for the best. {The best part of this is….we will go to Paris in 2020, in the spring time. Can you hear me sigh?}

I flipped one of my calendars this week….I love it!

Photo: Novembers calendar

My favorite quote is…”Manners Maketh The Man”… That means take your hat off indoors gentlemen!

So, Larry and I will be home. No Paris. No London. {this is the second time in 24 years that we have missed our trip} Thanksgiving and black Friday are my most un-favorite holidays of all. {We need to be thankful all year!!! Not just one day.}

What do you do to make a holiday of greed, one of special moments and content hearts?

Love you beyond the turkey.