Hello wonderful readers. I wanted to let you know that I am taking time off from The Blog. It is a temporary absence and as soon as I feel well, will be back.

I am leaving for surgery and treatment of breast cancer. I have been through this before and honestly do not remember how long it took me to feel better. I will take things one day at a time.

Please look me up on Instagram. Robin Tolbert or Pastelred is my name ( I am going to try to post a photo daily} . You can also email me at robin@robintolbert.com

Thank you.

Love you BEYOND the moon.


Team Believe Lives

One week in October, I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in my life and a few days later, a tree fell into our house.

Because of these things, we postponed our trip to France to stay home, have the house fixed, have surgery and start cancer treatment.

I feel deflated. I could not go on blogging / journaling without sharing the things happening in our life.

Sharing this news is always difficult. It is 2019 and people still gossip about cancer. I dread so many things over the next months, so, please if there is a crazy post on Blog, forgive me and we can blame it on the meds.


Love you beyond the pink ribbons.


The Hole In The Roof

The hole in the roof is being fixed. It has been almost 4 weeks since the tree limb came through the roof into the house. The roofers are making noise and it is driving me crazy.

My granddaughter Matilda is home from school today with a cold. She face-timed with me for 45 min and taught me how to make “slime”……

Photo: Face-timing with Matilda.

Do you know about slime? Matilda makes it without a recipe or directions. I am in awe of her.

While visiting with Matilda this morning, she told me about a “short” movie that she watched last evening. She is recommending it to the readers of Robi’s Blog. The movie is called PURL. Just google Purl movie and Pixar will let you watch it for free. It is 8 min and 48 seconds. I just watched it and need to say, no spoilers here!

Photo: The roofers truck is backed up to the house.

There is so much banging around on the roof, I cannot think. BUT, the roof will be fixed and no more tarp! I keep thinking, It will be fixed. It will be fixed. It will be fixed.

I have had some emails from blog readers about our trip to France and why we postponed this year. People are so kind. Thank you so much for the positive thoughts and love coming our way. Thank you also, for asking about us and yes. We are fine. We will be fine.

Photo: Titled: Eiffel Towers on a dusty shelf. I guess I need to dust the house.

Larry and I always have our “Paris” November. It is going to be so different this year. Different but wonderful just the same. Oui? I have not had Thanksgiving with my daughters in years, because we are staying home, we will have the holiday together. This will be a good year.

Thank you everyone. All is well.

Love you BEYOND the moon.


Who Will

Photo: Jamison and Larry on veterans Day 2019

Veterans Day was wonderful. Here is one more photo I found on the camera. It has been quite a year and we are all here to smile and enjoy the day.

As 2019 begins to wind down, what will you reflect on? Change? Who will you contact? Who will you Love? Who will you reach out to lend a helping hand to? Who will you pray for? This is my “to-do” list for the holidays. What does your to-do list look like?

Love you BEYOND the moon.


Veterans Day 2019

Yesterday, was a good day. We had the chance to thank the veterans in our life, who have helped shape this country.

Our granddaughter Matilda, invited us to her school program. It was outstanding.

Photo: Matilda at her schools veterans Day Program

Matilda’s aunt Jamison was also invited to speak….it was so sweet.

Photo: Jamison sharing Air Force stories

The third grade, made “floats” and presented a great program honoring our servicemen over the years.

Photo: Third grade Veterans Day Program

Then….the family went out to lunch. It was perfection.

Photo: Lunch with the family.

Love you BEYOND the moon.


Love Is Something

SWAN: a large waterbird with a long flexible neck, short legs, webbed feet, a broad bill, and typically all-white plumage.

I wear a sterling silver swan necklace every day. Larry bought it for me, one beautiful night while we were in Pennsylvania.

We were walking to dinner, a lovely stroll along the the Delaware River. A swan family made themselves known to us in a sweet, charming way.

After meeting the swans, we took a detour before dinner, to a jewelry boutique…where Larry bought me a medallion that a antique swan stamp had been pressed into the silver. I wear it most days.

Photo: My swan necklace. About 8 years old.

It reminds me of a wonderful evening, the love of my life and that in some odd way, that swans represent many good things to me.

Larry also bought a swan for our house. It sits on the mantle…

Photo: The Mantle swan

Yesterday, while I was making a gift {quilt} and Larry was straightening up, he brought the big swan to me. He asked if I remembered that he had written on the bottom of the swan. I cannot believe that I had forgotten….

Photo: This is written on the bottom of the swan. Annie Sullivan is the woman who was Helen Keller’s teacher.

I love this quote. I love that life can be seen in such a positive way no matter what is happening in our life. I love that swans mate for life and protect their familys with every ounce of their being.

Photo: I found this quote online….

If gracefulness is an expression of our soul…. I believe that I have some work to do.

I wish you a day filled with grace and devotion.

Love you BEYOND the moon.


B J Thomas

Many years ago, Larry and I were invited to a private party hosted by a restaurant group here in Dallas. It was in 1990 and my daughters were so young, Mother babysat while we went to a party! ( such a rare event!}

The party was very special, very fancy and very Texan. One hundred of us enjoyed dinner, wine and music. The opening musician was B J Thomas. He was opening for….get this Willie Nelson. In a small Dallas dining room Larry and I saw, B J Thomas.

It is no secret that I am not particularly a Willie fan, but B J Thomas……can you hear me sigh?

Ever since that night so long ago, I looked for B J in concert. Till this week, I never saw anything. So last night guess who we saw?

Photo: Treasured tickets

Before the concert, Larry and I went to dinner….it was lovely to spend this time with him.

We talked a lot about things happening in our life… had a wonderful dinner and then….it was concert time.

Photo: Mr B J Thomas is 77 years old now and has been married for 50 years!

Mr Thomas did not disappoint. He sang all of the songs that he is known for and many extra from his time while recording in Memphis. It was a wonderful evening. I will remember it for a very long time.

I guess another bucket list item has been checked off my list. How awesome is that?

Love you beyond Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head


Looking Up

Yesterday, I started a painting. It felt good opening tubes of oil paints and putting pigment on canvas. When a person starts a painting, it is unknown how important the painting will be.

Just like when I woke up today. Who knows what today will hold. Will it be a day to remember, or just one of the many that make up the tapestry of who we are.

Photo: London 2019

What inspires you? What do you “do” when inspired?

Love you beyond the moon.


November Odds and Ends

In my mind, I cannot believe that it is November. I love November. It is the beautiful transition between Autumn and Winter.

It is the month where you are TOLD to be thankful, when in reality we should be this thankful all year long.

The soundtrack for November, {in my mind} is the soundtrack to Cider House Rules by Rachel Portman. I just added it on music of the week. {on the side bar}

Larry and I have postponed our French trip for this year. It was a difficult decision, for personal reasons, it is for the best. {The best part of this is….we will go to Paris in 2020, in the spring time. Can you hear me sigh?}

I flipped one of my calendars this week….I love it!

Photo: Novembers calendar

My favorite quote is…”Manners Maketh The Man”… That means take your hat off indoors gentlemen!

So, Larry and I will be home. No Paris. No London. {this is the second time in 24 years that we have missed our trip} Thanksgiving and black Friday are my most un-favorite holidays of all. {We need to be thankful all year!!! Not just one day.}

What do you do to make a holiday of greed, one of special moments and content hearts?

Love you beyond the turkey.


What Else Is There?

Photo: We cheated and ate chocolate cake.

On Sunday, after a lovely morning, I prepared Sunday dinner and a movie…yesterday, I forgot to share about dessert. YES! Oh yes. The Chocolate cake.

What is it about chocolate cake that makes a moment a celebration?

We toasted to a few imporant things on Sunday. Life, love, great food. What else is there? {let me know?}

Love you beyond the “Turtle Cake” from Whole Foods.