Pink And Me~Getting A Mammogram

Breast Cancer fact: 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.

Photo: Yesterday, Pink went across town


Yesterday was Mammogram Day. For seven years, I have had more mammograms than I could count, at my breast surgeons office. I would have the exam and the results would be back in about 20 minutes.

My breast surgeon is retired now and I decided to have my mammo at the imaging center who first diagnosed me. The staff is so kind and handled me with care, but. I left the office without a result to my mammogram. The tech told me, if there was a problem, I would get a call. That typicaly means that they put my X-rays on a pile to be read when the radiologist gets to it.

At first I was pissed that I had to wait a few days. I had anxiety for days prior to the mammo and now I had to wait?

Good grief. How spoiled is that? I took a deep breath and said a prayer. How lucky am I to live where I can have screenings this good?

Of course I will sleep like merde until the results come in. Of course {and thank goodness} I no longer get the “Breast Cancer Treatment”….and thank goodness I am alive to have mammograms. The sad thing is, I am still that one in eight who got it in the first place. One in eight?! Thats pretty good odds!

Larry, I know that you are reading this…lets get our Texas Lottery tickets today!

Love you beyond the Mega Millions.